20 Tips for Your Mental Health & Wellbeing

Focus on yourself at this time 

Set aside time to become aware of your mind and your thoughts.

Our mental health and wellbeing are areas that have been pushed to the limit both individually and collectively.

After a year in the surreal reality of lockdown around the world, now is a good time to ask ourselves this question.

How am I really doing?

We are all experiencing the lockdown around the globe in different ways, some are finding it a quiet time, in solitude or with loved ones, a time to reflect, go slow and reassess life. Others are finding it traumatic, separation, serious financial concerns, anxiety and fear.If you already suffer with mental health issues, anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD or have a serious health condition, its likely this has been exacerbated for you over the past months.

My mental health in the past, often made life a living nightmare. Severe anxiety, panic attacks, depression, addiction issues and post-traumatic stress made every day a battle. But I did slowly heal and now I am free of those more serious and debilitating problems .

It can be a battle to get well and to find peace and we all manage life in different ways, but I hope that my journey can inspire you to trust that there is a way out.

I took the long way round and life didn’t transform for me overnight, there isn’t always a quick fix. But we can take steps everyday towards wellness, a little gentle relief and a feeling of peace, a slither of Light that chinks into your being, gives you hope, lets you know that there is another way.
Read more about my personal story here.

Here are just a few tips tiny steps you could  try to move towards a happier place, today:
  1. Start to notice your thoughts, are they always negative? Do you judge yourself critically all the time? Do you feel that others judge you the same way?
  2. Once you become aware of the thoughts, start to focus on new, positive thoughts throughout the day.
  3. Create ‘Positive Affirmations’ write them down, put them on post its around your house. Try “I am perfect just as I am”, “I deserve to be loved”, “Everything will be ok, we are all safe and well”.
  4. Find your own affirmation that feels right, repeat to yourself EVERY time you notice yourself going deeply into negative, worrying or scared thinking.
  5. Practise meditation daily. Try an app like Headspace, Calm, Smiling Mind. Or go to Youtube and search forone that resonates.
  6. Try my Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation for free here, or buy the full version here for £4.99
  7. Don’t give up
  8. Allow emotions and feelings to come up, don’t push them away or they become repressed.
  9. Talk to someone, if you can’t see a counsellor now, talk to a friend or loved one, don’t keep it in. Lots of counsellor are seeing clients virtually online, so you might be able to find one.
  10. Let the tears come, tears are cleansers for the heart, let them flow, be as vocal as you need to be!
  11. Get out in nature. We know this one don’t we? But still we need reminding how vital this is to our mental health.
  12. ‘Earth’ yourself for at least 10 minutes a day, bare foot, or if possible lie face down on bare earth, grass, sand. Sit in the roots of a tree, hug it too!
  13. Practise yoga daily, just a few minutes. Yoga helps to release old, stagnant, toxic energy from our bodies. When the body is stuck in the past, we can’t move forward, release that by moving through poses, deeply stretching and you will feel a change, often straight away. Yoga feels good! It saved me!
  14. Think of what you allow into your mind, in the same way as what you allow into your body. Go on a cleanse for the mind, a diet! Only put in the good stuff, the positive.
  15. Turn off the news, its as bad for you as that McDonalds burger! Fill your space with inspiring audio books, beautiful music, read spiritual books and watch or listen to spiritual teachers.
  16. Don’t beat yourself up. If we are trying to get well and all we do is critize ourselves for not doing it fast enough, or telling ourselves we’re not good enough, judging our ability to meditate or do yoga or stay mindful, its just more negativity. You’re doing your best, it will come in time.
  17. You’re doing your best. Life is hard sometimes, everyone struggles and has ups and downs, anyone who tells you different is probably lying! Don’t expect miracles (but do too as they can happen!) becoming mentally well won’t make life perfect, but it will help you deal with the challenges as they come.
  18. Stay strong. Become a Warrior, believe in yourself and your ability to get through this, have your bad days but keep telling yourself that you will pull through, if you believe life can be better, you will draw that happier future towards you.
  19. Use your mind for what its best at, making things up! Rather than allowing the mind to make up all kinds of negative and tragic scenarios, use it to imagine wonderful, beautiful, happy situations. It might seem silly and woo-woo to think that way, but whats more silly and futile? It is all made up after all isn’t it, the mind makes up stories, fairytales that are entirely fantasy, we don’t know whats coming, we have no idea at all, so instead get creative and think about love, joy, picnics on the beach, dancing with loved ones, smiling, contentment, stunning landscapes, laughter, you feeling well, being amazing and  the imperfect perfection that you are.
  20. Listen to the silence, in between the noise, there you will find the answers, the wisdom, the guidance that you need to carry on.

I hope you find these helpful. Love from Saira xx


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Live Stream Vinyasa Flow from £6 per household 

Hope to see you at a class soon xx

Spring Equinox Yin Yoga Celebration 20/3/21

Spring Equinox Yoga

Let’s celebrate Spring xx

Join me this Saturday 20th March from 10-11am for a celebration with Spring Equinox Yoga!

£6 per household – sharing a screen, just book once!

A gorgeous Yin Yoga Practice on the morning of th e Spring Equinox here in the UK.
A beautiful time to celebrate the coming of the new season, a time to plant seeds for the rest of the year, letting go of the Winter months and finding hope in renewal and rebirth.

What to bring to this Yin Yoga Class

Bring a cushion or bolster, blanket and eye bag. A really restorative practice for all abilities.
This sessions replaces our regular Saturday morning class that usually runs for 45 mins, I am giving us a little longer this week so we can also meditate on the change in seasons and all it brings energetically at this highly charged time.

How to book this Spring Equinox Yoga Celebration

Please book online via my booking system or if you prefer book via Paypal below or Mellulah 82611963 51-81-01 and contact me with your email address for a link to join via zoom.
If booking through my booking system , just sign up, use your existing credits for Saturday classes or if you are a Member or BUY a SPRING YIN CLASS  Credit from the STORE then book the class date xx

Book Now


Follow this event on Facebook if you use social media here 

Spring Equinox Yoga

New Saturday Zoom Class Starts 10/1/21

vinyasa flow

New Saturday Online Vinyasa Flow starts this week with Saira


I am hearing you and hope that this new vinyasa flow zoom class on a Saturday will help you balance out and energise for the weekend during Lockdown III

10-10.45am for an Energising Flow

Vinyasa Flow, a good stretch, a lovely relaxation and some breath work – all in a quick 45 minute session!

£6 for a drop in, £4 per class if you buy a 6 pack online in the booking system

Book this class on the booking system – log in or sign up buy 45 minute Live Stream credits from the ‘Store’ and book the Saturdays you’d like to attend.

You’ll receive a link to join via Zoom just before the class starts.

This class is for All abilities, beginners included, its’ll be fun….feel free to join with your family, feel free to stay in PJ’s, feel free to have just got out of bed…feel free!!

Lots of love and hope to see you soon Saira xxx

ps – credits – if you already have normal credits you can’t book this class with them, this class is cheaper, buy the new credits or contact me if you want to swap, I can do this super easily xx


Live Stream Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class Schedule

Monday 7 – 8.15pm Mixed Ability
Tuesday 9.30-10.45am Mixed Ability
Thursday 6-7.15pm Beginners
Friday 9.30-10.45am Mixed Ability
NEW CLASS Saturday 10-10.45am Mixed Ability Energising Flow Yoga (just for lockdown III)

All classes are recorded, you will receive a link after the class to a replay which is valid for 24 hours.


Watch out for news in a few days for some Live Healing Meditations coming for you online soon!! Check your inbox!


FREE Live Stream UK/Morocco Yoga!

**We LOVED sharing yoga with you so much in November we are offering you more freebies in December too!**

Saturday 5th Dec 9.30-10.30am with Sally streaming online from Azul roof terrace in Morocco!
Sunday 8th Dec 5-6.15pm with Saira streaming online from the cosy cottage in Dorset, Uk


Join Saira Francis & Sally Kirby next weekend for two live stream yoga classes.

Saturday 5th Dec 9.30-10.30am with Sally streaming online from Azul roof terrace in Morocco!
Sunday 8th Dec 5-6.15pm with Saira streaming online from the cosy cottage in Dorset, Uk

(both classes GMT Uk time)
Zoom links will be on this page on before the event for those of you who don’t want to sign up on the system 
To book the classes please sign up and book online via Saira’s booking system, you do not need a credit and it takes 2 mins to sign up. You will then receive links to join the classes via Zoom.
Both classes are FREE! BUT We are asking for donations to support at this difficult time.
For Saira’s class please donate to PayPal.me/sairafrancis and all proceeds will go to our local Blandford Food Bank.
For Sally class please donate to PayPal.me/kirbysally and all proceeds will go to Azul Guesthouse in Morocco who are in need due to having no tourist guests this year and we do need them to be ok as they are such amazing people!

Saira & Sally offer live online classes throughout the week:

Saira’s Live Stream Class Schedule for Lockdown#2 

Mondays 7 – 8.15pm Mixed Ability Vinyasa Flow
Tuesdays 9.30-10.45am Mixed Ability Vinyasa Flow 
Thursdays 6-7.30pm Beginners Vinyasa Flow
Saturdays  10-11.15am Beginners  Vinyasa Flow

Sally Live stream class schedule

Details of other classes coming soon xx
We look forward to seeing you this weekend.
Huge love, Saira & Sally xxx

24/7 Unlimited Yoga Video Online Portal


You can enjoy yoga with me anytime, anywhere by subscribing to my Unlimited Yoga Video Online Portal!

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There will never be a reason to miss getting on your yoga mat, ever again!

Grab your mat whenever you feel you need a good stretch, to calm down if you have had a hard day or to build up your strength if you’re feeling you want to get fit. Whether you are feeling the need for a physical boost, a emotional release, or a spiritual connection, my yoga style of teaching has something for each!




Get a 3 DAY FREE TRIAL to scroll through and check up some of the videos to ensure you like my teaching style and that Vinyasa Flow Yoga is for you. I add 2-4 new videos each week so you will never run out of practices to try!

The Portal is password protected, sign up via Paypal or with a monthly standing order to receive a password and get started straight away.



A list of all the yoga videos currently on the portal – all yours if you sign up today!

Shorter Exclusive Videos:

Beginners Videos
Yoga to help symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis
Yoga for the Rainy Day Blues!
Yoga For Back Pain
Yoga for the Menopause
Ease it all out – stretch and flow
Shake out the Fight or Flight
Zazen Meditation
Yoga to feel Calm & Empowered
Help with Insomnia & Associated Back/Neck Problems
Manipura – Removing Excess Energy from the Solar Plexus Chakra
Anahata – Heart Healing
Embracing Your Wobble!
Slo-Flo Sun Salutations
Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep) Guided Meditation

Mixed Ability Videos
Yoga for Deep Wound Healing and Worry
Power Up Yoga Burn!
25 Day Vinyasa Challenge!
Gratitude Flow on a Beautiful Sunny Day
Manipura – Removing Excess Energy from the
Solar Plexus Chakra II
Fast Fire Up
Muladhara Chakra – Grounding into our root
Morning Get Up and Go Flow

High Quality Full Length Yoga Practices for All  Abilities:

Up the Tempo!
Healing Yoga Flow
Yoga for Digital Overwhelm!
Somatic Movement for Conscious Release
Letting Go Deeply Inside and Out
Freeing ourselves by removing stress and
all its limitations
Vin & Yin Six
Full Spectrum Yoga Flow
Vin & Yin Five
Teaching ourselves to ‘Self-Soothe’
Body Connection Flow

Live Replays from Saira’s weekly Zoom classes

Beginners Level Classes

Yoga for Heart Healing
Chandra Namaskar/Mandala Flow
Yoga for Loneliness
Somatic Movement for Conscious Release
Thursday night Beginners Live Recording 18/9
Ease back in…
Full Spectrum Flow (gentler version)
New Moon Yoga Flow
VIN & YIN Four
Feeling gratitude & honouring our bodies! Appreciating our health & wellbeing
VIN & YIN Three
Vin & Yin Two!
Vin & Yin One!
Surrender & Gratitude Flow
Slow, Stretch & Release
Strengthening Flow
Soothing Flow to Ease & Release
Co-creating with the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon
Morning Wake Up & Go
Vinyasa & Mindful Meditation
Mental Wellbeing is as vital as Physical Wellbeing
Energise & Balance Out
Get your Prana Juice Flowing I
Vinyasa Flow with Restorative Yin
Vin & Yin – Yoga & Restorative Yoga
Yoga for Immune Strength

Mixed Level Classes

Stronger Yoga Flow!
Chandra Namaskar/Mandala Flow Intermediate
Cultivating an Energy of Kindness
Friday morning Mixed Ability 19/9
Ease back in…..with a bit more Oomph!
Seated Ashtanga Focus
Should you let go in those shoulders?!
Getting Deeper into those Hips & Thighs!
Modified Ashtanga & Yin
A Bit of a Burn Up!
Soulful Vinyasa Flow
Deep Hatha Flow
Get your Prana Juice Flowing II
The Practice of Gratitude
Fuelling the Fire Deep Core Practice
Moon Salutations/Chandra Namaskar
Dynamic Yoga Flow

The Forward Bend Series
The Balance & Wobble Series
The Arm Support Series
The Twist & Detox Series
The Hip Opener Series
The Back Bend Series





New Yoga Class Starting at Hazelbury Bryan Dorset

yoga class dorset

New Class Starting Tuesday October 13th at Hazelbury in Dorset

From October 13th I will be offering one class a week on a Tuesday 9.30am at Hazelbury Bryan Village Hall and two classes at Milborne St Andrew Sports Club.

NEW CLASS FROM 13/10/20 Tuesdays 9.30-11am Mixed Ability Vinyasa Flow
Book this class online using your old credits from pre-lockdown, your current live stream credits or buy ‘REAL LIFE’ credits from the Store on the booking system.

If you have credits worth less than £10 each from old pre-lockdown credit packs  you will need to top up to £10 with cash at the class or via BACS to Mellulah 82611963 51-81-01 (£6 credit bring £4 to class etc)


Thursdays 6-7.30pm Beginners Vinyasa Flow -full but please let me add you to the waiting list

Fridays 9.30-11am Mixed Ability Vinyasa Flow -full but please let me add you to the waiting list

I hope to see some of your lovely faces there!

These Dorset yoga classes will be held in a really clean space, 2m apart with lots of fresh air ventilation. At Hazelbury we will have lots of space for up to 12/13 yogis and at Milborne lovely views to the purbeck hills, only 8 yogis per class.

Thursday and Friday  classes will also be live streamed.

I’m just happy to be able to offer you this opportunity and hope that we can continue to ease in and open up all 4 classes each week eventually.

Lots of love and confirm soon if you’d like a spot! ❤️


(If for any reason these Dorset yoga classes have to be postponed due to any further restrictions your fees will be held for future classes unless you really need a refund)

yoga class dorset


Detailed instructions for the booking system:

  • Follow this link to create your account.
  • Need more credits? Go to the ‘Store’ to purchase your class package or drop in.  You need to buy from the Store before you can book classes, you can pay with a credit card online.
  • Book the classes that you wish to attend from the Class Calendar.
  • If a class is full, sign up and the waiting list part of the system will notify you when someone drops out, which nearly always happens so hang in there you’ll probably get a space!
  • You can also download the Studio Bookings App for your phone or pad.
  • Please sign the Waiver of Liability.
  • You can book into a class right up until it starts so long as it isn’t full.
  • You can cancel up to 12 hours before a class starts. Your place is then passed onto a waiting list if its full. If you need to cancel within 12 hours contact me direct please. It is not possible to refund any credits within 12 hours of the class start time..sorry!
  • Any problems AT ALL please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here to help you!

Call Saira now on 01258 880505 or email wellbeing@mellulah.co.uk with any problems.

yoga class dorset

Yoga for the Heart

Anahata – healing for the heart 

A yoga video for you to practice to bring healing to the heart. Yoga for the heart.

Click the link or pic above to go youtube, If you like the practice please like and share, also please subscribe to my channel thank you! XXX

All abilities

30 mins long

You will need a PILLOW/CUSHION/BOLSTER to fully enjoy this practise. A beautiful gentle but deep, practice for the Heart. Mantra, Pranayama, Asana to help a grieving, sad or lonely heart. Simple, gentle but hugely healing and transformative.

This practice is for stress and anxiety as well as deeper wounds of grief, loss, bereavement and loneliness. The mantra we use in this practise is Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung it translates to mean Ra means the sun and connecting with that frequency gives you energy.Ma means the moon and it aligns you with receptivity. Da is the the energy of the Earth, grounding you in your roots. Sa is Infinity and as you chant this, your energy rises upwards and outwards drawing in the healing the the Universe. Say is a way of honoring the all-encompassing Thou.  It is personal, like a secret name for God.(Universe) Hung is the Infinite, the vibrating real.  It is the essence of creation.  (So Hung together means, I am Thou.)

The service of the cosmic intelligence is within me.

Here is a link to buy a 108 Mala bead made by us on my online shop Lulah Loves

Here is a link to the mantra Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung on youtube

August Changes & Updates for Yoga

Yoga Class Schedule Update

I am making a small change to the yoga class schedule from the week starting Monday 10th August.

As Saturdays are now not such a popular slot for the live streams and now I am back to being super busy in my treatment and healing room, offering massage and reiki etc, plus teaching Reiki courses, the 10am class is going to change slightly.

From next Saturday 15th August, for this 10am class only, you will sign up and book with your credits is usual but rather than a live stream link, you will receive 2 links to replays, one for Beginners and one for Mixed Ability level. These links will be available from 9am Saturday until midnight on Sunday each weekend. The replays will either be from previous classes the same week, or classes from previous weeks, you will never receive the same replay more than once.

I hope this will still work for those of you who need Saturdays class as a life line from a busy week!

If you would rather swap over to the Online Video Portal Subscription where you have access to over 65 yoga videos from 10-90 minutes long, from £22 a month,please see more info here and enjoy a 3 day Free Trial to see if you enjoy it.

These changes DO NOT affect this Saturday 8th Augusts class, I will be there live this week

7-8.15pm Mixed Ability Live Stream Vinyasa Flow Yoga
9.30-10.45 am Mixed Ability Live Stream Vinyasa Flow Yoga
6-7.15 pm Beginners Vinyasa & Yin Yoga
9.30-11 amOUTDOOR/REAL LIFE Mixed Ability Vinyasa Flow Yoga throughout August – book online or turn up with cash £10pp
Milborne St Andrew Sports Pavilion, DT11 0JA
9am Sat – 12am Sun Beginners or Mixed Online Yoga Replay Link


Real live indoor classes starting first week in September, must be booked in blocks in advance so do let me know soon if you are keen.



ONE SPACE LEFT on my Deep Transfomational Healing Retreat weekend at
Middle Piccadilly Dorset
25-28 September £549 in the Rose single room
Yoga, Sound Healing, Meditation, Mindfulness, Vegan Meals, Smoothies, Peace & Stillness Guaranteed  

Our profound and healing Women’s Circle  next date Wednesday 19th August 7.30pm Donation based Online £10-15

Ever thought of working with Reiki Healing Energy?
My courses start up again this summer, join me and begin to connect to this sacred life giving energy from £135

Please let me know if you would like to reserve a space in a real class only 8 yogis in each session.
These classes will also be live streamed for those   who prefer to stay home xxx
Limited numbers £10pp book in advance only
Milborne St Andrew Sports Club
Thursday 6pm Beginners

Friday 9.30am Mixed Ability 

Watch this space and stay in touch for news!


Stay well, stay safe, stay strong and
get lots of fresh air and sunshine!

ONE SPACE LEFT on my Deep Transfomational Healing Retreat weekend at Middle Piccadilly Dorset
25-28 September £549 in the Rose single room
Yoga, Sound Healing, Meditation, Mindfulness, Vegan Meals, Smoothies, Peace & Stillness Guaranteed  ONE SPACE LEFT on my Deep Transfomational Healing Retreat weekend at Middle Piccadilly Dorset
25-28 September £549 in the Rose single room
Yoga, Sound Healing, Meditation, Mindfulness, Vegan Meals, Smoothies, Peace & Stillness Guaranteed  

Yoga Portal Special Offer July 2020


I believe that yoga can heal your life, yoga can help you to spiritually awaken, yoga can relieve your suffering and yoga can bring you to a place of peace. It is my only personal experience and so I wish to share that experience with you all. Love Saira x


The Mellulah Online Yoga Video Portal is a way for you to enjoy UNLIMITED online yoga videos to watch in your own time at your own pace, all made for you to keep you working with your yoga practice where ever you are, what ever your schedule 24/7!

Feedback from recent
Online Yoga Video Portal Users!

“I’m finding having joined your portal very rewarding because I can pick up things to do in my own time as well as the Tuesday and Saturday classes.” Val Downes, Dorset, July 2020 Read more 

“Just wanted to tell you that I’m loving my subscription! Thank you.” Paula Wise, Scotland, May 2020. Read more 

“Your online classes are truly inspirational and I cannot thank you enough for them.  I don’t manage to practice as often as I would like, or need, but when I do I feel they are doing me some good!” Jill R, Dorset, June 2020 Read more 



Sign up to enjoy Unlimited Yoga Videos AND Unlimited Live Streams via Zoom for £32 a month for your first month then £39 going onwards.
For this option please continue to scroll, sign up via Paypal or with a Standing Order for  and you will sent a password to get started straight away on the portal, you will then receive Unlimited Credits on my booking system and links to join any class each week.

  • You will get another 3 day FREE TRIAL just to be sure you love the portal!
  • Please note this offer is for new users only.
  • Don’t do Paypal? No problem scroll down for other subscription payment options.

Portal & Live Stream Offer



If you don’t want the live streams but just want the videos, take this second option! Just £22 a month enjoy Unlimited Yoga Videos whenever you choose.
You will be sent a password straight away to enjoy the portal.

Portal Subscription – Videos Only


There are lots of online yoga videos to choose from for varying levels of ability, some challenging, some more gentle and all including Vinyasa Flow Yoga as well as meditation, mantra, pranayama breath work, often including yoga poetry and inspiration as well as long Savasana relaxations.

The majority of videos will be full 75 minute classes, some will be shorter but all will be well rounded and offer a variety of poses and energy work.

Most videos are recordings from my online live stream yoga classes  but new, extra, specially made videos will be added regularly for your exclusive access.

Approximately 2-4 new online yoga videos will be added each week, so you won’t run out of yoga practices to try. None of the videos will be removed so you can keep enjoying the same ones if you find one you really love.

Cancel anytime, full tech support with any problems you might have accessing videos, we recommend a good wifi connection to be able to enjoy these videos at their best.

  • PLUS You also get regular, exclusive Zoom Q&A chat opportunities with me and anyone else who is a portal member to talk through the videos, the mantras, pranayamas, poses and meditation and how yoga can help you in general.
  • Exclusive access to our Facebook group page that is for Mellulah Yogis only
  • Portal only access to my Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation MP3


We are using PayPal to handle your regular subscription payments, please click below to be taking to the Paypal website where you can enter your payment details.

Paypal will then take a recurring payment each month from your bank account or credit card.

Don’t do Paypal? Please contact us for details to set up a monthly Direct Debit and still receive your free trial – Set up to Mellulah 82611963 51-81-01

Any problems please contact  us or contact Paypal direct if you prefer.


What happens once I’ve signed up?

I will send you an email with the password to access the vides, the password will change once a week to ensure security. Check your inbox every Sunday for the new password to access.

I ask you not to share the password to the portal with anyone else as sharing these videos with you all is now my only source of income during the lockdown, do feel free to pass friends onto my Mellulah Yoga Youtube Channel where I will continue to offer shorter, 10-20 minute videos regularly as well as the occasional replay of a live stream recording.

I will also give you access to all the links and passwords for all the Live Stream classes no need to book, just pop on when you fancy! It will be lovely to see you there!

Why choose my subscription channel over another, perhaps less expensive online option?

The wonderful part of choosing a monthly unlimited subscription with me is that I am here for you! We can all go to Youtube and watch countless videos for free, or sign up, as I do, to any number of online channels that offer huge numbers of videos from teachers all over the world. But one thing you don’t get from any of those options, is a real teacher who is available for you to contact anytime you like, to just check in and say hi, to explain health conditions and/or limitations to, to receive guidance over email, phone or video chat, all as part of your £19 a month.

Many of you will already know me, so you know how I structure my classes and what to expect, some of you won’t be either way I am here personally for you to contact anytime you need me.

Contact me today and I’ll be happy to schedule in a video call or chat over the phone for us to discuss your yoga needs and which videos might work best for you, which poses are suitable or best to avoid and how to handle any limitations you might have.






Yoga in Isolation Part 2 Chair Yoga

 chair yoga

Part 2 – Chair Yoga


Not everyone is able to practise full yoga poses but yoga is for everyone, so here we work with some chair yoga, lovely yoga stretches and twists to release out, relax and find an awareness of the body, all sat in a chair.

Enjoy this video on YouTube by following this link


As we deal with the global challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, I wanted to make a series of short yoga videos to help guide you through ways to cope with this situation.

You don’t need a lot of space or time, just an open heart and mind to move through yoga practices.

See also Part 1 – The Breath – Pranayama Breath Work, Yoga Postures, Chair Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation Techniques. I hope you enjoy. Find out more on my full yoga and retreats website www.mellulah.co.uk

chair yoga

Coming Soon:

Part 3 – a stronger Asana practice to burn off excess fire energy, anger, frustration, fear etc.
Part 4 – relaxation and meditation techniques

Let me know what else you’d like to see in this series?


Subscribe to my Youtube Channel to be the first to hear of when each Yoga in Isolation video comes out.

chair yoga

Join one of my Live Stream Vinyasa Flow Classes, 4 a week, 75 minutes long with a chance to chat at end if you’d like to.

I hope you enjoy this Yoga in Isolation video series, do let me know with your feedback.

Saira x


chair yoga


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