Autumn Equinox Live & Free Online Healing


Live & Free Light Healing Meditation
on Facebook
Autumn Equinox 22nd September 7pm

I will be going ‘live’ on the Mellulah Therapy and Yoga Retreats page Tuesday 22nd in the evening at 7.00pm GMT. Please like the page to be notified and reminded to join!

The Autumn Equinox in the Uk is at 14.30pm on the 22nd

This healing meditation will help you to assimilate the energy of moving into Autumn, a time to reflect, consider and harvest the seeds sown at Spring Equinox on the 20th March, just after lockdown began the UK.
So much as happened in the past 6 months, our lives have been turned upside down, we adapted, we grew, we evolved, we are learning and we are awakening together as one.
The journey from Equinox to Winter Solstice in December is one of moving into the Darkness, the shadow, time to go deeper i and do the inner work that is needed now.

What have you learnt the past 6 months?
Are you and others around waking up?
Does the world seem like a different place than before?
Are you feeling the need to heal and soothe?
Do you need to remember to stay in the Light, in the Love and full of Hope for our planet and all humanity?

Join me for this live healing, to work together to bring about a new world vision full of hope, peace and joy XX

This Live session will guide you into a deep healing meditation where I will send beautiful energy to you as well as guiding you into setting clear intentions for this powerful time, both individually and collectively we must work together to focus our awareness on Peace, Love, Light, Healing, Equality, Justice & Transformation. The time has come for us all to work in bringing about this Great Change.
Bring Yourself, your Light, your Spirit, your Presence and your Heart

I will also play you my Crystal Singing Bowl and lull you into rest to finish xx

I send healing daily to everyone in the private FB group
Mellulah Angelic Light Daily Distant Healing Group
Please join the group if you’d like to.

I’d love you to join this Live session and sit with me if you can, the session will be available to watch anytime afterwards too.
Love Saira xx


How to find me Live on Facebook!

Finding me on a desktop:

Make sure you like my page on Facebook see links above
Log into Facebook about 6.55pm, if you are connected to my Mellulah page you should get notified that I am going Live.Check the notifications bar
If you don’t get notified go to the navigation bar down the left hand side of your screen and click WATCH
If you still don’t see me broadcasting, use the search bar at the top left and search MELLULAH
It should then show you the Live broadcast from 7pm exactly!

Finding me on a mobile device:

Log into the Facebook app at 6.55pm
If you are already connected to my page you should get notified that I am going live, check the notifications bar, if not-
At the bottom of the app screen tap the bottom right 3 bars icon
Scroll down and click VIDEOS ON WATCH
Top left click LIVE
I should be there if it is 7pm exactly, if not-
Top right click the SEARCH icon and type MELLULAH

Hope to see you there!
Once I’m live I can’t help with any tech sorry but I hope these instructions will help you – also try this link:


Conscious Women’s Circle this week

conscious women


A Monthly Conscious Women’s Circle

Friday 18th September

A Circle for Conscious Women, searching for their tribe to share openly and spiritually with like mined souls, open to all conscious women, of all ages, anywhere!

Our theme this month is Worthiness

An opportunity to come together and share sacred space. Holding the Divine Feminine energies to support us, empower us, heal us and connect us.

My name is Saira Francis and I’ve been holding a ‘sister circle’ space in Dorset since September 2019. The beauty of coming together in this way has been so healing for all involved and it is now my wish to open this opportunity up to more women with another open/public circle for all.
I am a yoga & meditation teacher, I also practice as a healer, massage therapist and retreat facilitator, I am based in Milton Abbas, Dorset.

Monthly Conscious Women’s Circle Space

Our next circle on Friday 18th September will be held on Zoom. The circle will look a little like this:

  • Opening space and meditation
  • Sharing circle, each participant will have an opportunity to share
  • Healing meditation, I will send you Angelic Healing Light
  • Closing goodbyes

I am asking for donations, please pay what you can from £10-15pp

The session will run for 2 hours.

Please book your space with confirmation to and your donation to or Mellulah 82611963 51-81-01 with gratitude.

I will then send you a link to zoom to join this women’s circle .

Once you are booked you might like to join our WhatsApp group to stay in touch in between sessions.

Love & blessings, Saira xxx

I hope to welcome all
Conscious Women to circle soon!

conscious women

Reiki Course in Dorset


Reiki II Course this week with Saira Francis.

The day will run 9.30-6pm from my home at Luccombe Farm in Milton Abbas, the cost is £150, please bring your own lunch and I’ll provide tea and vegan cake from Feed the Soul Cafe…delicious!

On Reiki Level II we will begin connecting deeply to the angels and our guides to open up and begin to channel this sacred energy and learning the reiki symbols. We will work to cut the negative ties with the past so you are a clearer channel for the healing energy, we will learn how to send distant healing using the symbols and how to send healing energy to the Earth.

After this workshop you will be able to freely practise reiki on others as a practitioner, getting insurance etc, once you have completed the 21 day cleansing process that occurs after this workshop.

Please contact me to find out more or have a chat.

See all the other courses I am running for all levels to Reiki Master Teacher 

I am so excited to be back to teaching Reiki Healing Workshops in Dorset after a long 5 year break! I stopped teaching back in 2015 as I just felt so busy running retreats that I didn’t feel I had the energy to offer enough to the Reiki teaching. One of my students who trained with me then, asked me about a year ago if I would teach her the next level Reiki II, I said absolutely no! “I’m too busy and its been too long, I just can’t fit it in anywhere” I said, over and over again. But Jessie wore me down and flattered me with lovely compliments until I said ok just this once!

We booked a date in for January 2020 and I said a prayer to the universe. “If I am meant to start teaching again, then send me the students and I promise I will take it seriously and begin to share the healing energy whole heartedly once more”, of course what happened?! January was full with the maximum I would teach at the moment, 4 lovely students very keen to take their Reiki journeys further. Since then I have been adding in and filling up dates over the coming months.

So that is the story of how I am back to teaching, I surrender to whatever I am meant to be offering others, in full and humble service to the healing Light and wherever it takes me, always listening to guidance and trusting that I am being shown where and how I can serve best.

Enough about me!

Ruth Jones enjoying yoga with Saira Francis

 Ruth Jones Yoga with Mellulah!

The lovely Ruth Jones, star of Gavin and Stacey and Stella,was on the BBC One Show last night, sharing how my yoga videos kept her going through lockdown!
Ruth has been joining my live streams and loving the YouTube videos and I feel so blessed that she gave me a mention last night. She was regularly doing the 20 minute yoga videos I’ve shared on my Youtube Channel and is now doing the zooms too.
Ruth was on the show, promoting her new book ‘Us Three’  which is available through Penguin and I look forward to having a read soon!
It was lovely hearing my name mentioned on prime time tv in front of millions of viewers, and lovely having Ruth and all of you, enjoy my yoga online.
Thanks Ruth, lots of love! xxx
Enjoy my yoga too!
Ruth Jones yoga

A Long Way Round

Read Part One – A Spiritual Journey & Part Two – A Spiritual Awakening.

Part Three

Sometimes we decide to take a Long Way Round

I’d love to start this third part of this insight into my spiritual journey, with something about how as I awakened, life just became a fairytale overnight and I never looked back. I’ve read a lot of books where that happens to people, they become healed, find themselves, start again and life is all great. 

That isn’t what happened to me, my life took a much longer way around to come to where I am today. There was no sudden healing or magic wand that made it all ok, but I am so grateful for every step, perhaps I could have sped things up by learning quicker or perhaps my life unfolded exactly as it should have, teaching me more than an easy ride might have.

How much of what we live through in our lives, is an unravelling of Karma? Do we simply have to go through everything we are here to find, as a way of healing and evolving? Is life one long healing process, perhaps it isn’t about having a goal to become enlightened and find peace, but about all the releasing and letting go that we do along the way?

I have a lot of Karma it seems! I’m sure many of us would say the same. I’m no Louise Hay or Gabbie Bernstein, I did not wake up one day and find my life healed and I would never pretend that was the case. I feel its really important to remember that we all have to go through life, the way we are destined to. We made a soul contract before we come into each life and we have to go through the experiences in order to evolve and to heal. There is no point in being a victim and saying its not fair! Sometimes it isn’t, but we must accept our journey and try to enjoy the process of unraveling our tight ball of karmic thread, that we carry with us as we reincarnate. We can’t hide from the process, well we could try, perhaps staying in bed forever might be a good way out, but we’d only have to do it all again next time.

Life’s Challenges

From 2004 until 2017, I lived alone and brought up my three children. My two girls had the same father from my first marriage and my son, had a father from a relationship I had about a year after my divorce that did not survive, despite all our trying.

From 2004 to 2011 we moved house four times, we had no money, we were days away from council temporary accommodation on two occasions and throughout these years, until around 2015, I continued to have to deal with my highly abusive ex-husband threats and court proceedings. Eventually we found calmer waters and never once in all this time did my angels and guides leave my side. 

As we moved each time, we got further out into the Dorset countryside. I was guided by dreams and messages to know if we needed to make a step. From the agent repeating the same words to describe a gorgeous cottage in Happy Bottom, with the words used by a lady who read my tea-leaves in 1990, to a lucid dream during a healing session where I saw a long cream cottage full of happy children on a hill, that brought me to Luccombe Farm where we remain today. Both were moves that meant a brave leap, a move to an area and new schools for the children, new friends and moving further into the rural landscape, I had the resources I needed from spirit to support me in knowing it was the right move and thankfully each time we were on the verge of homelessness, fate stepped in and showed us the way.

The first courageous move to what I now call, our healing house, in Happy Bottom nr Wimborne in 2006, gave me the space I needed to start to heal. I became quite reclusive, focused on the children, gave up my work in fashion and started my re-training in healing and therapies. As I worked more with Reiki healing energy and then with holistic therapies, the connection I felt with spirit intensified. 

I started to remember past lives, having visions of flying over flooded Atlantis in a Vimana, an ancient aircraft that used free energy, recorded in texts from over 4000 years ago. I saw myself in Ancient Egyptian temples, working with sacred oils, sound and massage to help people move through the karmic lessons with more ease and gain insight into the mysteries of life and the heavens.

It was here in my healing house that I first met the Earth Priests, they held my hand tightly as I had to let go of the cottage in the woods and move on. They told me that even though the next move seemed sad, there was an  adventure to be had there and that my connection with the Earth Energies was going to begin and intensify.

Our next home in Spetisbury lasted for just over three years, from October 2007 to January 2011 I have happy memories of this time. We made lots of new friends, I was qualified as a therapist and started seeing clients from home, the children were really happy at school and although I was still a single parent with the same challenges as before, life started to feel like a spiritual exploration every day.

Earth Energy & Connection

I began to feel very drawn to the earth and nature in the area, I dreamt of Druids and pagans, ancient ceremonies and sacred sites. My quest and thirst for knowledge drew me to read and search the web, fascinated by the areas leylines and stone circles, the rings at Spetisbury, Badbury, Maiden Castle and Hambeldon Hill. I spent hours and hours in churches, feeling the energy strongly and finding the silence and sacred space very healing. I’d sit in Tarrant Crawford church all afternoon and as my children were still then seeing their fathers, or my parents supported me with helping me find a balance and time to myself, I had a double life of busy Mum and then complete freedom, almost every other weekend. 

By this time I was regularly seeing Denise Brown in Wells, Somerset and working with Angel Healing, training as a Archangel Healer, I had delicious weekends spent with her and the energies and I was literally spinning with spiritual awakening and rememberings, I could write a book about all the guidance and wisdom that was coming to me in those years!

I went through most of this alone, with just one or two friends that I could share with. Now my life is full of friends and groups where I can be me, without fear of ridicule or being labelled a crazy. The feeling of being different and alone then, was very strong. The isolation was intense at times. I know this can be hard for a lot of people, as we all begin to collectively awaken, there are more ways to reach out. Joining a yoga or meditation class, a women’s circle or going on a retreat, these are ways we can begin to connect with like minded souls, but the isolation that can come from beginning to remember, in a world that has forgotten, can be agonising at times. Thank goodness there are now so many more of us!

2008 was a year of incredible experiences and karmic connections. I dreamt of people who then found their way into my life, sometimes I literally threw myself into theirs when I realised the psychic connection! Looking back, I was so excited and this was all so new, I was not practising surrender and going with the flow, which is now my default, I was jumping around like a child in a sweet shop, grabbing at everything! 

One of these connections was with  a man who led me closer to understanding more about Earth Energy, what the ancient people of England and the world were doing to harness this energy and why our landscape is so abundant with signs of their deep earth connection. How lost our Earth religions became after the Roman invasion and after the witch hunts of the 12th and 13th centuries. I learnt how much of what is written in our history books about human evolution is nonsense that dumbs us down. Humans have been on this planet far longer than we are taught in school, there is so much evidence of that. We have had contact with other planets, the Dogons in Africa and the Egyptians, the Lemurians, Atlantians, Sumerians and Mayans, ancient civilisations that had wisdom we are only just beginning to attempt to understand.

During this year I went to a Crop Circle Conference, a tour of Ancient Dorsets Sacred Sites, a travelled to holy wells, stone circles, churches and barrows all over the South West from Cornwall to Cambridge. I dowsed for Earth Energy and dreamt of places I felt compelled to visit and sense for myself. 

By late 2008 I was in Arizona, touring sacred sites there in Sedona and around. It was at Palatki, (Palatkwapi) a ancient site, full of pictographs and petroglyphs dating back at least 3-6000 years that my Earth Priests introduced themselves to me properly. We were part of a small group tour of the site and I held back in a small cave, it was very dark and I could hear the group moving on outside. As I stood in the corner of the cave I saw three, crystalline, Light filled beings appear before me. They told me it was time for them to come and that they would stay with me now. They gave me there names, Erinkudo, Erinyami and Donashtiyamo.

These beings have never left me and I now channel them regularly and share with you all, they are with me when I work with the healing energy and over the past few months they now show themselves more clearly to me. Three tall, dark men, dressed in rich, colourful embellished robes of white, red, yellow, orange and black. One has a long black beard, tied with thread just under his chin to make the hair long like a tail down his neck.

These Light beings now radiate their Light to Earth from the Pleiades and this is the Star System I have been told I and so many of us are from. Brought here now at this time to remember and to help others remember all that has been forgotten, as our Earth comes out of its 3D slumber into a high vibrational 5D awakening.

They stand with me when I do a healing, one at the end of the couch, one each side, holding hands and then with me to make a diamond shape around the person on the bed. For years now I have felt them stood behind me, with their hands placed around my head and temples, sharing the Light with me, I feel them now as I write. It is rare for a day to go by without me feeling them there. Sometimes its very intense, like recently when I was working on a client with a neurological disease, they pushed into my third eye centre so hard it felt like the energy was drilling into my head, telling me to sit and channel that energy through until the pressure on my forehead eased. It went on for at least 20 minutes, like nothing I’ve felt before.

Shortly after the experience in the cave, I have a photo of me taken standing outside a diner, not far from the Grand Canyon in Nevada, with a huge orb of Light around my head, it was giant! And there they have remained to this day.

Past Life Memories

From that trip in 2008 until our move to Luccombe Farm in early 2011, life continued to unfold, like a spiritual adventure.

My memories of past lives intensified. (I must stress that all my past life memories came directly from my own dreams, meditations and visions. I decided not to put my trust in anyone else telling me what my past lives had been. I fear that someone else, might add their own energy to mine, this made me want to be very clear about only taking what came as truth, if it came directly to me from source):

I was cruelly separated from a partner in a life as a Bogomil, a religious sect who with many others, fled Eastern Europe and joined the Cathars in France. I had never heard of the Bogomils, who has?! I loved how so much of what was shown to me in dreams and visions, I discovered more about, through google! The wonders of spiritual wisdom using modern tech to help us learn. 

The vision of being publicly tortured and killed in a life as an Aztec, stayed with me for a long time and disturbed me greatly. I worked with a Shaman, whilst in India earlier this year, to help me release the continuing pain and fear, associated with that memory.

In 2009, as I remembered a life during WWII in Warsaw, being rounded up in a park, as a mother with my children, my body also showed the signs of this, as my chest developed three unexplained dark patches. I believe they were gun shot wounds, after months of visions and memories that were very traumatic and lots of angelic healing with Denise Brown, the scars left my body and never returned.

There were beautiful memories too. Working as a healer and with herbs around the time of Jesus that led me to search and study his life and the Gnostic teachings. Reading the alternative history of Jesus as a yogi, a Lama and how it is very unlikely that he died but that he lived on, perhaps to travel to France and England before returning to Kashmir and being buried there. Was it possible that the Bogomils, Cathars and the Templars were protecting evidence of this heretical theory and could that be partly why they were so persecuted and eventually wiped out by the Catholic Inquisition? Did the European witch hunts, ensure that we have no proof that Christianity was once warped from its pure, beautiful beginnings, into a controlling system that has killed off not only many people but also our connection with the earth and our true nature so readily over the past 2000 years? Are many of us here now, returning to Earth as this time to help us rediscover this forgotten energy and connection? I am more sure of it than ever the past few months, that is for certain.


I’ll end this part of the story with a dream that woke me up in the middle of the night with a name. ‘Mellulah’! I wrote the name down and as always the next day I excitedly googled it. Maa-lou-la an ancient town in Syria, 50 kms from Damakas and the only place in the world where they still speak Aramaic, the language of Jesus. Mellulah means ‘entrance’ and it is thought that this sacred place was the entrance to the Garden of Eden. Almost of sigh of understanding came to me then and this became the name of my therapy business.

I’ve since unravelled more and the Earth Priests have told me that Maaloula is where they originated from, in their lives on Earth during the Sumerian period. This also perhaps explains why, aged 11 yrs old I started spelling my name, Saira, the Arabic way of spelling that also means ‘Bird’ or ‘free soul’. The gathering of memories is never ending, only last year I was introduced by a Sufi teacher, to the Aramaic Lords Prayer, which can still send me in to floods of healing tears, as I listen to it.

I have now shared with you up until 2010. I was on the cusp of heading into a new life that I could not yet see. I had been given a vision in November 2010, showing me that there was love and happiness for me in the future, in a long, cream cottage with a road sloping down to it from a hill behind and water in front of it, perhaps a river, a stream or maybe a pond? 

The journey into my own personal Surrender Experiment was soon to begin. A final release from the abusive cuffs, that chained me to my first marriage and the coming together of years of study and insight. Seeing beyond the illusion that is our reality, life began to take a  shape that would continue to feel, like one long adventurous journey of discovery.

Life has been full of hope, despite many challenges with my family, some of which I shared in a previous blog from 2014/15 OmShantiMellulahOm, I have always known I am being Divinely Guided, I am where I am meant to be, doing what I am meant to be doing and learning always. Life continues to be a spiritual school and to this day, this moment, I have so much to try to understand and figure out about myself. But my strength and determination to keep evolving does not wain, even if I feel I am taking, A Long Way Round.

Thank you for continuing to read my story, Part 4 coming soon xx



August Changes & Updates for Yoga

Yoga Class Schedule Update

I am making a small change to the yoga class schedule from the week starting Monday 10th August.

As Saturdays are now not such a popular slot for the live streams and now I am back to being super busy in my treatment and healing room, offering massage and reiki etc, plus teaching Reiki courses, the 10am class is going to change slightly.

From next Saturday 15th August, for this 10am class only, you will sign up and book with your credits is usual but rather than a live stream link, you will receive 2 links to replays, one for Beginners and one for Mixed Ability level. These links will be available from 9am Saturday until midnight on Sunday each weekend. The replays will either be from previous classes the same week, or classes from previous weeks, you will never receive the same replay more than once.

I hope this will still work for those of you who need Saturdays class as a life line from a busy week!

If you would rather swap over to the Online Video Portal Subscription where you have access to over 65 yoga videos from 10-90 minutes long, from £22 a month,please see more info here and enjoy a 3 day Free Trial to see if you enjoy it.

These changes DO NOT affect this Saturday 8th Augusts class, I will be there live this week

7-8.15pm Mixed Ability Live Stream Vinyasa Flow Yoga
9.30-10.45 am Mixed Ability Live Stream Vinyasa Flow Yoga
6-7.15 pm Beginners Vinyasa & Yin Yoga
9.30-11 amOUTDOOR/REAL LIFE Mixed Ability Vinyasa Flow Yoga throughout August – book online or turn up with cash £10pp
Milborne St Andrew Sports Pavilion, DT11 0JA
9am Sat – 12am Sun Beginners or Mixed Online Yoga Replay Link


Real live indoor classes starting first week in September, must be booked in blocks in advance so do let me know soon if you are keen.



ONE SPACE LEFT on my Deep Transfomational Healing Retreat weekend at
Middle Piccadilly Dorset
25-28 September £549 in the Rose single room
Yoga, Sound Healing, Meditation, Mindfulness, Vegan Meals, Smoothies, Peace & Stillness Guaranteed  

Our profound and healing Women’s Circle  next date Wednesday 19th August 7.30pm Donation based Online £10-15

Ever thought of working with Reiki Healing Energy?
My courses start up again this summer, join me and begin to connect to this sacred life giving energy from £135

Please let me know if you would like to reserve a space in a real class only 8 yogis in each session.
These classes will also be live streamed for those   who prefer to stay home xxx
Limited numbers £10pp book in advance only
Milborne St Andrew Sports Club
Thursday 6pm Beginners

Friday 9.30am Mixed Ability 

Watch this space and stay in touch for news!

Stay well, stay safe, stay strong and
get lots of fresh air and sunshine!

ONE SPACE LEFT on my Deep Transfomational Healing Retreat weekend at Middle Piccadilly Dorset
25-28 September £549 in the Rose single room
Yoga, Sound Healing, Meditation, Mindfulness, Vegan Meals, Smoothies, Peace & Stillness Guaranteed  ONE SPACE LEFT on my Deep Transfomational Healing Retreat weekend at Middle Piccadilly Dorset
25-28 September £549 in the Rose single room
Yoga, Sound Healing, Meditation, Mindfulness, Vegan Meals, Smoothies, Peace & Stillness Guaranteed  

Yoga Portal Special Offer July 2020


I believe that yoga can heal your life, yoga can help you to spiritually awaken, yoga can relieve your suffering and yoga can bring you to a place of peace. It is my only personal experience and so I wish to share that experience with you all. Love Saira x


The Mellulah Online Yoga Video Portal is a way for you to enjoy UNLIMITED online yoga videos to watch in your own time at your own pace, all made for you to keep you working with your yoga practice where ever you are, what ever your schedule 24/7!

Feedback from recent
Online Yoga Video Portal Users!

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“Your online classes are truly inspirational and I cannot thank you enough for them.  I don’t manage to practice as often as I would like, or need, but when I do I feel they are doing me some good!” Jill R, Dorset, June 2020 Read more 



Sign up to enjoy Unlimited Yoga Videos AND Unlimited Live Streams via Zoom for £32 a month for your first month then £39 going onwards.
For this option please continue to scroll, sign up via Paypal or with a Standing Order for  and you will sent a password to get started straight away on the portal, you will then receive Unlimited Credits on my booking system and links to join any class each week.

  • You will get another 3 day FREE TRIAL just to be sure you love the portal!
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Portal & Live Stream Offer



If you don’t want the live streams but just want the videos, take this second option! Just £22 a month enjoy Unlimited Yoga Videos whenever you choose.
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Portal Subscription – Videos Only


There are lots of online yoga videos to choose from for varying levels of ability, some challenging, some more gentle and all including Vinyasa Flow Yoga as well as meditation, mantra, pranayama breath work, often including yoga poetry and inspiration as well as long Savasana relaxations.

The majority of videos will be full 75 minute classes, some will be shorter but all will be well rounded and offer a variety of poses and energy work.

Most videos are recordings from my online live stream yoga classes  but new, extra, specially made videos will be added regularly for your exclusive access.

Approximately 2-4 new online yoga videos will be added each week, so you won’t run out of yoga practices to try. None of the videos will be removed so you can keep enjoying the same ones if you find one you really love.

Cancel anytime, full tech support with any problems you might have accessing videos, we recommend a good wifi connection to be able to enjoy these videos at their best.

  • PLUS You also get regular, exclusive Zoom Q&A chat opportunities with me and anyone else who is a portal member to talk through the videos, the mantras, pranayamas, poses and meditation and how yoga can help you in general.
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I ask you not to share the password to the portal with anyone else as sharing these videos with you all is now my only source of income during the lockdown, do feel free to pass friends onto my Mellulah Yoga Youtube Channel where I will continue to offer shorter, 10-20 minute videos regularly as well as the occasional replay of a live stream recording.

I will also give you access to all the links and passwords for all the Live Stream classes no need to book, just pop on when you fancy! It will be lovely to see you there!

Why choose my subscription channel over another, perhaps less expensive online option?

The wonderful part of choosing a monthly unlimited subscription with me is that I am here for you! We can all go to Youtube and watch countless videos for free, or sign up, as I do, to any number of online channels that offer huge numbers of videos from teachers all over the world. But one thing you don’t get from any of those options, is a real teacher who is available for you to contact anytime you like, to just check in and say hi, to explain health conditions and/or limitations to, to receive guidance over email, phone or video chat, all as part of your £19 a month.

Many of you will already know me, so you know how I structure my classes and what to expect, some of you won’t be either way I am here personally for you to contact anytime you need me.

Contact me today and I’ll be happy to schedule in a video call or chat over the phone for us to discuss your yoga needs and which videos might work best for you, which poses are suitable or best to avoid and how to handle any limitations you might have.






Conscious Women’s Circle

A Monthly Women’s Circle
Wednesday 14th October 2020

A Women’s Circle, open to all conscious women, of all ages, anywhere!

Our theme this month is Empowerment.

An opportunity to come together and share sacred space. Holding the Divine Feminine energies to support us, empower us, heal us and connect us.

My name is Saira Francis and I’ve been holding a ‘sister circle’ space in Dorset since September 2019. The beauty of coming together in this way has been so healing for all involved and it is now my wish to open this opportunity up to more women with another open/public circle for all.
I am a yoga & meditation teacher, I also practice as a healer, massage therapist and retreat facilitator, I am based in Milton Abbas, Dorset.

Eventually I will be opening this circle up to a ‘real’ space in North Dorset for those who are local, I will continue the online circle too for those who prefer it.

Monthly Women’s Circle Space

Our next circle on Wednesday 14th October will be held on Zoom. The circle will look a little like this:

  • Opening space and meditation
  • Sharing circle, each participant will have an opportunity to share
  • Healing meditation & Close

I am asking for donations, please pay what you can from £10-15pp

The session will run for 2 hours, depending on how long we need it may run longer.

Please book your space with confirmation to and your donation to or Mellulah 82611963 51-81-01 with gratitude.

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A Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening

Read Part One here if you like xx

What is a Spiritual Awakening?

Part Two

A spiritual awakening can be gentle or fierce, sudden or slow burning, its different for everyone and there aren’t any rules on how it should or could happen to you.

An awakening is a releasing of the ego, a time in someones life, when their ego begins to weaken and they start to connect with something higher, the soul, the spirit, the higher self. A person begins to see the world through new eyes, belief systems are questioned, depending on the culture lived in, perhaps religious dogma will be challenged, or consumerism, capitalism, materialism, no longer make sense.

On a personal level, an awakening can create more awareness of how we function in life, our emotional triggers and patterns, how we treat others and how we allow others to treat us. Old emotions can be healed as we realise the ego is holding onto old grudges, resentments, judgements and past injustices. The need to be right and to be the best, to win, to have status, money, power, control, this begins to dissipate as an awakened being sees the truth, that love, compassion, kindness are important more than anything and a relationship with the divine consciousness  is vital, as that divine love melts away pain and the suffering of the ego.

Then I woke up!

In 1998, whilst pregnant with my first daughter Betsy, I began to have experiences that I could not deny. Very real and obvious visions, dreams, messages and endless coincidences and synced events that I could not ignore what was happening.

The first visions I had were so simple, I would close my eyes perhaps to take a nap or meditate and I would see shapes, silhouettes of very random items that I would then see later that day. Once, there was a shape of a toy that a visiting family brought with them later that afternoon, the face of a person I would then bump into in the supermarket a few hours later, letters with company logos on them that would then arrive in the post. That ‘deja vu’ feeling was heightened and I’d realise an event that was happening during the day, I’d dreamt the night before. It was gentle, nothing crazy or mind-blowing at first, just simple nudges that let me know something was happening.

Spiritual Awakening

I had a dream one night when I was in the last few months of pregnancy that I have never forgotten and I’m reminded of frequently. In this inspiring dream, a friend of mine Nick Cadman, pointed to a beautiful, coloured bird and said “See that bird, how can you not believe that there is a God when you look at a stunning creature like that?”. I awoke the next morning in my ground floor South London flat and sat on the fence outside my kitchen window, was a Jay, all gorgeous and blue feathered, I stood there, huge belly and a cup of tea in my hand, absolutely stunned.
Over the past 22 years I have seen Jay’s frequently, early on after the dream I would see them the day before something significant would happen to me, not always positive events, it felt as though the Jay was a messenger from the Gods, letting me know they were there, not to worry, I was safe, protected and to watch out.
The last time I saw a Jay was on the 31st October 2018, in a clients garden where I was giving her a massage, the day before I made the decision to give up alcohol, the most incredible, fearless year of my whole life, was to follow.

Spiritual Downloads

In the years that followed my first spiritual experiences, they came often. I had been suffering with anxiety for many years and after the birth of Betsy, living in London and in an unhappy marriage, panic attacks were becoming common and debilitating. In 1999, my mother-in-law at the time, gave me a cassette of what I would now call ‘Yoga Nidra Meditation’. It was incredible, she had been using it to help with some tension, but for me it was literally mind blowing!

I would put the cassette on whilst Betsy was having her afternoon nap and I began to feel transported to another dimension entirely. It was very scary at first but also so intriguing and impossible not to want to try again and again. I would feel lifted out of my body, I would see and hear all kinds of people, faces, places, I had no idea what was happening, I was awake and really aware, not asleep, I now know what I was experiencing is called Lucid Dreaming.

Some of the experiences were messages for me, I remember very clearly being told ‘We are very pleased with you’, I will never forget that it was amazing. I would see a ring of peoples faces looking down on me, like a circle of angels all looking in to see how I was doing. Then it felt as though I was being educated by my angels. They would show or tell me things and I had a sense that I was meant to then begin to research that further online, find books, or watch films. This started with a clear vision of a DNA Spiral, that led me to one of the first books that really showed me something I’d never known of before, ‘DNA and the Cosmic Serpent’ by Jeremy Narby, all about Shamanic Amazonian Tribes and the mind altering plant Ayahuasca.
Spiritual AwakeningI was shown Fractals that led me to begin to explore the Crop Circle phenomenon in the Uk, particularly the Julia Set Crop Circle at Stonehenge of 1996 that I found quite astonishing in its beauty. This fascination went on for many years and I still love to look at the circles as they told me just looking at that them was helping us to open up our DNA codes, a little like looking at a Mandala.

I was shown incredible visions, like blueprints for what looked like cars and machinery,  co-ordinates for parts of the world I had never been to, I seemed to be surfing some kind of cosmic web, past and future, other dimensions all coming together at once, as I was in deep meditation. I had a conversation with a young man in the army who had had a motorbike accident, but had not yet realised he had passed away, he was fine and it didn’t feel strange, he then said goodbye and went to the Light.  I saw disasters, rubble, brief visions of destruction, but nothing ever scared me, it was like I was watching a movie but completely detached from it. These are just a few of the visions I had, it was constant and daily, like another world.

The only time I would come back feeling unsettled would be when I would sometimes feel knocked, bumped, prodded or if my name was called very loudly. All of these happened sometimes, once a bird flew into my face, I’d wake up with a jolt, often coughing, it was like I was being shaken spiritually to wake up not only back into my reality, but also more deeply to wake up to my soul.

Looking back its wonderful to remember these experiences from over 20 years ago. All of this was happening to me, over a  period of a few years, in our flat in East Dulwich, often with Betsy curled up next to me having her long afternoon naps. Life was very hard then, my mental health was at a terrible low, I was very unhappy and struggling. I had no one to share any of these experiences with at all, I mentioned something to my then husband a few times and he told me I was obviously even more crazy than he had thought. I kept quiet and never once spoke a word to my friends, who I can’t imagine would have understood, or I just wasn’t prepared to take the chance and be further ridiculed.

My children have always been the ones to keep me grounded and sane. I often wonder how much of what was happening to me, was also happening to Betsy, my gorgeous, cheeky little girl, who would often lie next to me. I’ve been told since, when I later met Wren Murray, that Betsy was bringing a lot of this energy in for me.

During my second pregnancy with little Mimi, I would talk to her, she was an old lady and the soul that was going to come and be my baby. I didn’t realise that until I was going into labour in the early hours and I saw this old lady lying in a bed with her husband. A voice said ‘she’s ready to come’, and another said ‘but I’m still here’, it was as though Mimi was in a transitional space between one life and another, four hours later she was born and has brought me nothing but joy for the past 17 years.

Finally, after seven years of awful marriage it ended, January 2004. By September of the same year, I was starting to see my angels, a giant blue orb of Spiritual AwakeningLight. Seeing this, really scared me at first and sent me into complete melt down, but through the incredible support of my loving mother Pat, who helped me recalibrate, ground back down and then found me my first Reiki teacher, I settled into this new being as though life had always brought such gifts to my door. I honestly believe my angels were waiting for my husband to get out the picture, so they could really start to work with me, they knew I would never be fully able to embrace them so long as he was in the way.

I don’t know why I had the experiences I did early on, or why it took so many years for me to begin to understand what I was perhaps meant to be doing here to help others. But I am so grateful for what happened to me then. I feel that a lot of my experience was around the time that the energy on the planet was shifting rapidly, a lot of people, like me, were waking up.

A lot of us had been through the ‘rave’ years of the late 80s and early 90s, a lost youth culture trying to make sense of a lost world. Looking for our tribes and turning to drugs to replicate almost exactly what I now feel, when my angels bring me beautiful healing. A little like the hippies of the 60s, we were that next generation looking for something other than what life offered. It does not surprise me that the feeling of ecstasy we all felt whilst dancing in fields at parties back then, is so incredibly similar and loved filled as a spiritual experience. I love that so many seekers I have met a long the way, were also in those fields searching for their missing parts, I love that so many of us did find those parts eventually, our souls and now we are using everything we learnt and the struggles we had, to help others to heal. Beautiful.

The next chapter of my spiritual journey took me on the most incredible ride. A single mum with three beautiful children, Lenny arrived in 2005 and I lived alone with them all until 2017. The visions and guidance began to consolidate, I listened more, followed the steps I was being asked to tread, I found God, a Divine connection that changed me so much I wonder if people I knew back in the late 90s wonder what on earth happened! This crazy, party, wild child, found herself, thank goodness xx

How could I ever have known, listening to that old cassette tape, exhausted, anxious, self-destructive and in a terrible state, that life was going to be come one big, long, magical adventure.

Part 3 coming soon, thank you so much for taking the time to read my story so far. Love Saira xxx








My Spiritual Journey

spirit guides

A Spiritual Adventure!

Part One

Outing myself and my Spirit Guides!

Many of you will have known me for many years for my yoga teaching and retreats, some will have come to me for therapies and healing in the past, but I haven’t always been quite so open about my true spiritual connection. Recently, events around the world have led me to feel that I need to be more honest, open, share my truth and the channeled messages and meditations, the healing that comes to me and pass it onto you all, if you would like it.

This is me, outing myself to you whether you know me or not, as a totally cosmic out there lady!

How it all started

I first started channelling through spirit guides in 1998, whilst pregnant with my first daughter Betsy, it came out of nowhere and suddenly my inner world transformed as I began a tentative communication with something I knew little of, and very rarely spoke of to anyone for many many years. It was quite isolating and if I’m honest, yes, at times I thought I had gone completely crazy!  In 2004 after the birth of my second daughter Mimi and shortly before becoming pregnant with my third little cosmic bundle, Lenny, I started to also see Angels, or as I prefer to call them, Lightbeings.

The first Lightbeing I ever had the privilege to see, was a huge blue orb. It was at least 1.5m in diameter and the light shining from it radiated out in rays, it hovered in the air for a few incredible moments, right between Betsy (then 4 years old) and I, as I left her room after saying goodnight. I was in complete shock after witnessing this at first, it took me many weeks to fully recover from what I had witnessed and Betsy slept in my bed for a while too!

I am completely convinced that my children bring a lot of the energy I feel to me, the fact it all started during my first pregnancy and that all my children, now aged 14,17 & 21 are very connected to the energy themselves, I think my children helped me to awaken.

Once the shock had subsided, life transformed. I was introduced to a beautiful local woman named Wren Murray. Wren worked with powerful healing energy, Shamanic work and mediumship. She came to see me at home and told me I had a gift as a healer, she showed me how to work with the energy and that the Lightbeings were coming to me now, because they had been trying to connect with me for years, but I’d not really been listening. They’d tried many, soft, gentle methods to get me to accept and work with them, but they’d tired of the gentle approach and so had come to me in a way that was impossible to ignore and that would set me on the right path after too many years of distractions.

How do I see and feel my Spirit Guides

I see my spirit guides as Light, sometimes large or sometimes tiny blue orbs, white crystalline light or swirling lights that spiral like DNA in the air. I feel it too, I walk around most days with a pressure around my temples, it gets stronger when my guides want me to listen more intently, or I’ll hear a high pitched sound or feel a lightness on my cheek that just reminds me to stop, to tune in and to hear deeply. When I’m working, either remotely or with someone in the room with me, it can get so strong its really intense around my head. I think of it sometimes like spirit is holding me as if they are giving me the healing energy so I can pass it on. Imagine someone stood behind you with their hands around the sides of your head, that is what I feel most of the time during the day.

Since 2004 when things really started to happen, I have followed their guidance and surrendered to a path that I feel has been mapped out, step by step, by these Light-guides. I trust them completely and my business, Mellulah, would not exist or have had the success it has, had I not listened and followed the journey they have led me on, and done what I was told to do, over and over again to bring me to here, today.

Channeling and receiving messages has become so natural now I rarely think about it as being more than just part of life, but I realise it is very special and I do feel very honoured to have this connection. Sometimes I am just given advice or guidance for my own personal life or where to take steps or move away from things in my work. But often the communication is much more about all humanity, the energy coming in, the vibration that is changing in some way.

Also I am told what is needed in a yoga class or on a retreat, what to say during a meditation, most of my work is not pre-planned, and if I do plan it, that often goes out the window when you all arrive and I am given guidance of what is needed at that time.

So I am beginning to share more openly now and have been putting my recent channeled messages online via social media and youtube the past few weeks, the response from you all has been so lovely, to know it is really helping you is beautiful. I also started the healing group to send distant healing which I am delighted to know is helping many of you at this time.

Meeting my spirit guides

I first felt introduced personally to my Lightbeings in 2006 when I was living in a beautiful, quiet, tucked away place called Happy Bottom in Dorset. My children were still very young and I had cut myself off from the past and found a little cottage in the woods to retreat and spend some time being a hermit for a few years after divorce and a hard time.

They first called themselves the ‘Earth Priests’,there were three of them and this led me into exploring some of the ancient Earth based traditions like Paganism, Druidism and I loved reading and educating myself on the traditions we had in England many years ago. Much of this was so connected to yoga and Eastern traditions but just lost along the way, particularly by the Inquisition that annihilated these beautiful rituals and ceremonies from society and from our history books.

In 2008, I took an amazing trip to Arizona in the US and visited a number of ancient Navajo sites. It was during a guided tour at Palatki, that I managed to find a few moments in an ancient cave by myself, slipping away from the group. There I began to see incredible lights, filling the space with white light and spiralling silhouettes of figures began to appear. Here I met the Earth Priests I’d been communing with for the past 2 years, they gave me their names, Erinkudo, Erinyama and Donashtiyamo.

Since then I have met many  spirit guides, you will too. We are sent different guides for certain periods in our lives, for me the Lightbeings who have stayed close, are there to help me with my work. They help me to tune into people to help them heal, they show me the next step but never the whole picture. I am guessing as much as anyone, I don’t know exactly how things will work out, I have to trust implicitly that if I leap, I will land, eventually.

Its an adventure! An adventure that I am grateful for everyday.

Part 2 – A Spiritual Awakening 


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