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Sign up today to become a member, I am using my new booking system Momence to take regular online yoga video subscription payments, please click here to go to the momence booking system  where you can enter your payment details.

You will go to the Momence site where you can easily and quickly purchase the ONLINE YOGA MEMBERSHIP and choose to either pay by card or Direct Debit, contact Saira with any issues.

Sign up now for your 2 week FREE Trial you will then be billed £15.99 per month.

Sign up to enjoy Unlimited Yoga Videos whenever you choose for £15.99 a month you will receive log in details and a password for the Mellulah Yoga Online channel immediately and payments will go out automatically, cancel anytime,

NEW – If you sign up to the subscription membership you will also get UNLIMITED access to Friday morning Zoom Live Streams 9.30-11am each week! Usual cost is £8 a class so this is quite a saving! Schedule the class into your week, join me live as I stream from a yoga class in Dorset, get the replay that lasts 3 days.

These zooms allow for up to date connection with classes themed around time of year, astrology, equinoxes, solstices etc as well as anything else topical in the moment.
Once you are signed up I will add unlimited credits to your account on Momence and will send you the Zoom link for you to use each week.

“Its been quite a journey creating this online yoga video portal and such a joy to share these practices. I believe that yoga can heal your life, yoga can help you to spiritually awaken, yoga can relieve your suffering and yoga can bring you to a place of peace. It is my only personal experience and so I wish to share that experience with you all. Love Saira x”

“I’ve embraced this and it has made a really positive difference in my life. Totally recommend joining” Chris Cooper, Dorset, January 2021 Read more 

“Hi Saira, I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I am loving your on-line yoga sessions.  Being able to do yoga to fit in with my busy life is an absolute joy, I have been able to do very early morning or an evening when I am free, also having so many session choices with short and full length videos is great, my favourite so far is one of your outdoor videos where you were being serenaded by birds.
Thank you so much for making this option available to all us lucky people who subscribe – Namaste” Sandi Sach, Dorset, August 2021 Read more 

The Mellulah Members Online Yoga Video Channel is here!

You can  filter the videos by:

  • Ability – Beginners or Mixed
  • Length – 10-90 minutes
  • Focus – Hips, Back, Yin, Flow and Core to Power, Wellbeing or Spiritual.

I’ve added a Beginners Guide so you can use your 2 WEEK FREE TRAIL to try out some specially chosen videos to ease you in gently and give you a feel for my style of teaching, or you can just dive in and see what you find and which you enjoy.

My yoga video channel is a way for you to enjoy UNLIMITED online yoga videos to watch in your own time at your own pace, all made for you to keep you working with your yoga practice where ever you are, what ever your schedule 24/7!

“Your yoga has been my saving grace during this very strange period, keeping me fit and sane and giving me a vital routine and the key to well being during the lockdown and beyond.” Jane Emerson, Dorset, August 2020 Read more 

Cancel anytime by
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Don’t do Credit/Debit Cards?

Please contact me to set up a monthly Standing Order and still receive your free trial – Set up to Mellulah 82611963 51-81-01. Let me know you’d like to become a member will receive a password straight away, your payment must then go out after your 2 week free trial.


“Just wanted to tell you that I’m loving my subscription! Thank you.”
Paula Wise, Scotland, May 2020. Read more 

Sample Online Yoga Portal Videos

Anahata – Heart Healing 

Try this sample video for Beginners and All abilities to give you an idea of some of the exclusive yoga videos you will find on the portal

Teaching ourselves to ‘Self-Soothe’

Try this Mixed Ability Full Length sample video.
The portal contains videos from 10-90 minutes long so you can fit your yoga practice around your schedule on any particular day

online yoga video

“I’m finding having joined your online yoga video portal very rewarding because I can pick up things to do in my own time as well as the Tuesday and Saturday classes.” Val Downes, Dorset, July 2020 Read more 

Enjoy a 2 week FREE Trial

Sign up to receive an exclusive password to access the online yoga video portal on this website.

There are lots of online yoga videos to choose from for varying levels of ability, some challenging, some more gentle and all including Vinyasa Flow Yoga as well as meditation, mantra, pranayama breath work, often including yoga poetry and inspiration as well as long Savasana relaxations.

The majority of videos will be full 75 minute classes, some will be shorter but all will be well rounded and offer a variety of poses and energy work.

Most videos are recordings from my online live stream yoga classes  but new, extra, specially made videos will be added regularly for your exclusive access.

Approximately 2 new online yoga videos will be added each month, so you won’t run out of yoga practices to try. None of the videos will be removed so you can keep enjoying the same ones if you find one you really love.

Cancel anytime (cancel via Stripe or your Bank), full tech support with any problems you might have accessing videos, we recommend a good wifi connection to be able to enjoy these videos at their best.

  • Exclusive access to our Facebook group page that is for Mellulah Yogis only
  • Portal only access to my Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation MP3

online yoga video


online yoga video

What happens once I’ve signed up?

I will send you an email as soon as you are signed up, this will give you your access to the video channel, a username and password.

The password will change approximately every 2 weeks for security to make sure our email is in your safe senders list or you may miss an important email going into your spam.

“Your online classes are truly inspirational and I cannot thank you enough for them.  I don’t manage to practice as often as I would like, or need, but when I do I feel they are doing me some good!” Jill R, Dorset, June 2020 Read more 


“Thank you for the wonderful teaching over lockdown. It has been a treat to be able to practice with you in my living room! ” Amelia Munn, Somerset, September 2020 Read more 

A list of some of the yoga videos currently on the portal – all yours if you sign up today!

Shorter Exclusive Videos:

Beginners Videos
Yoga to help symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis
Yoga for the Rainy Day Blues!
Yoga For Back Pain
Yoga for the Menopause
Ease it all out – stretch and flow
Shake out the Fight or Flight
Zazen Meditation
Yoga to feel Calm & Empowered
Help with Insomnia & Associated Back/Neck Problems
Manipura – Removing Excess Energy from the Solar Plexus Chakra
Anahata – Heart Healing
Embracing Your Wobble!
Slo-Flo Sun Salutations
Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep) Guided Meditation

Mixed Ability Videos
Yoga for Deep Wound Healing and Worry
Power Up Yoga Burn!
25 Day Vinyasa Challenge!
Gratitude Flow on a Beautiful Sunny Day
Manipura – Removing Excess Energy from the
Solar Plexus Chakra II
Fast Fire Up
Muladhara Chakra – Grounding into our root
Morning Get Up and Go Flow

High Quality Full Length Yoga Practices for All  Abilities:

Up the Tempo!
Healing Yoga Flow
Yoga for Digital Overwhelm!
Somatic Movement for Conscious Release
Letting Go Deeply Inside and Out
Freeing ourselves by removing stress and
all its limitations
Vin & Yin Six
Full Spectrum Yoga Flow
Vin & Yin Five
Teaching ourselves to ‘Self-Soothe’
Body Connection Flow

Live Replays from Saira’s weekly Zoom classes

Beginners Level Classes

Yoga for Heart Healing
Chandra Namaskar/Mandala Flow
Yoga for Loneliness
Somatic Movement for Conscious Release
Thursday night Beginners Live Recording 18/9
Ease back in…
Full Spectrum Flow (gentler version)
New Moon Yoga Flow
VIN & YIN Four
Feeling gratitude & honouring our bodies! Appreciating our health & wellbeing
VIN & YIN Three
Vin & Yin Two!
Vin & Yin One!
Surrender & Gratitude Flow
Slow, Stretch & Release
Strengthening Flow
Soothing Flow to Ease & Release
Co-creating with the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon
Morning Wake Up & Go
Vinyasa & Mindful Meditation
Mental Wellbeing is as vital as Physical Wellbeing
Energise & Balance Out
Get your Prana Juice Flowing I
Vinyasa Flow with Restorative Yin
Vin & Yin – Yoga & Restorative Yoga
Yoga for Immune Strength

Mixed Level Classes

Stronger Yoga Flow!
Chandra Namaskar/Mandala Flow Intermediate
Cultivating an Energy of Kindness
Friday morning Mixed Ability 19/9
Ease back in…..with a bit more Oomph!
Seated Ashtanga Focus
Should you let go in those shoulders?!
Getting Deeper into those Hips & Thighs!
Modified Ashtanga & Yin
A Bit of a Burn Up!
Soulful Vinyasa Flow
Deep Hatha Flow
Get your Prana Juice Flowing II
The Practice of Gratitude
Fuelling the Fire Deep Core Practice
Moon Salutations/Chandra Namaskar
Dynamic Yoga Flow

The Forward Bend Series
The Balance & Wobble Series
The Arm Support Series
The Twist & Detox Series
The Hip Opener Series
The Back Bend Series






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