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The Mellulah Yoga Video Portal is a way for you to enjoy UNLIMITED online yoga videos to watch in your own time at your own pace, all made for you to keep you working with your yoga practice where ever you are, what ever your schedule 24/7!

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There are lots of online yoga videos to choose from for varying levels of ability, some challenging, some more gentle and all including Vinyasa Flow Yoga as well as meditation, mantra, pranayama breath work, often including yoga poetry and inspiration as well as long Savasana relaxations.

The majority of videos will be full 75 minute classes, some will be shorter but all will be well rounded and offer a variety of poses and energy work.

Most videos are recordings from my online live stream yoga classes  but new, extra, specially made videos will be added regularly for your exclusive access.

Approximately 2-4 new online yoga videos will be added each week, so you won’t run out of yoga practices to try. None of the videos will be removed so you can keep enjoying the same ones if you find one you really love.

Cancel anytime, full tech support with any problems you might have accessing videos, we recommend a good wifi connection to be able to enjoy these videos at their best.

Sign up now for your Free 3 day Trial you will then be billed £19 per month.

We are using PayPal to handle your regular subscription payments, please click below to be taking to the Paypal website where you can enter your payment details.

Paypal will then take a recurring payment each month from your bank account or credit card.

Don’t do Paypal? Please contact us for details to set up a monthly Direct Debit and still receive your free trial.

Any problems please contact  us or contact Paypal direct if you prefer.

What happens once I’ve signed up?

I will send you an email with the password to access the vides, the password will change once a week to ensure security. Check your inbox every Sunday for the new password to access.

I ask you not to share the password to the portal with anyone else as sharing these videos with you all is now my only source of income during the lockdown, do feel free to pass friends onto my Mellulah Yoga Youtube Channel where I will continue to offer shorter, 10-20 minute videos regularly as well as the occasional replay of a live stream recording.

Why choose my subscription channel over another, perhaps less expensive online option?

The wonderful part of choosing a monthly unlimited subscription with me is that I am here for you! We can all go to Youtube and watch countless videos for free, or sign up, as I do, to any number of online channels that offer huge numbers of videos from teachers all over the world. But one thing you don’t get from any of those options, is a real teacher who is available for you to contact anytime you like, to just check in and say hi, to explain health conditions and/or limitations to, to receive guidance over email, phone or video chat, all as part of your £19 a month.

Many of you will already know me, so you know how I structure my classes and what to expect, some of you won’t be either way I am here personally for you to contact anytime you need me.

Contact me today and I’ll be happy to schedule in a video call or chat over the phone for us to discuss your yoga needs and which videos might work best for you, which poses are suitable or best to avoid and how to handle any limitations you might have.






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