A Spiritual Awakening

Read Part One here if you like xx What is a Spiritual Awakening? Part Two A spiritual awakening can be gentle or fierce, sudden or slow burning, its different for everyone and there aren’t any rules on how it should or could happen to you. An awakening is a releasing of the ego, a time

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My Spiritual Journey

A Spiritual Adventure! Part One Outing myself and my Spirit Guides! Many of you will have known me for many years for my yoga teaching and retreats, some will have come to me for therapies and healing in the past, but I haven’t always been quite so open about my true spiritual connection. Recently, events around the

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Angelic Healing Meditations, 121’s & Distant Healing Group

  Healing Meditations and Guidance Please take a look at my Healing Light Meditations and Guidance videos on Youtube. I hope you enjoy my healing meditations and feel the benefit of them, you can ‘subscribe’ to my youtube channel, its completely free, and by subscribing you will be notified when I add a new video

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20 Tips for Mental Health Awareness Week

Focus on yourself this week Set aside time to become aware of your mind and your thoughts. How are you really doing? As Mental Health Awareness Week runs 18th – 24th May,  now is a good time to ask yourself that question. This week there will be lots in the news and on social media about mental

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Wellness & Renewal Online Yoga Day Retreat Sunday 24th May

Join us for our next Online Yoga Day Retreat at Home A Solstice Celebration Saturday 20th June £39 per household   FIND OUT MORE ABOUT OUR NEXT YOGA DAY Join us for our first ever Online Yoga Day Retreat. Designed for you to get away from it all and absorb yourself completely in a sacred

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Mellulah Angelic Light Daily Distant Healing Group

  Join my Angelic Healing Light Daily Distant Healing Group on Facebook to receive daily healing energy x Follow the link above to join the group. Everyday at 4pm I’m sending healing to everyone in the group, you can sit and receive at 4pm or trust it will reach you when the time is right, you’re

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