Spiritual Survival Tips For Trauma Healing

When life leads you to the truth Last summer 2022 I found out that I had a trauma disorder called Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD). This knowledge came after a relationship abruptly and shockingly ended, launching a life changing period of deep soul healing and ongoing transformation. Sometimes we must be thrown into the

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Contemplation; A Catalyst for Awakening

  The Act of Contemplation As the Earth steadily propels us towards an energy of awakening that deepens and transforms us day by day, is it time to focus not on definite truths and falsehoods that make up our reality, but on the possibilities that are unfolding before us? So many are now questioning not

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The Troubling Rise of False Awakening on Social Media

The Rise Of False Awakening & Fake Gurus I remember a time, around a decade ago, when yoga exploded in popularity on Instagram. Back then, a troubling trend emerged, as the platform became flooded with images of skinny women contorting into impressive poses or striking bikini-clad asanas. As a yoga teacher, I felt an obligation,

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Saira Featured For International Women’s Day 8th March 2023

It was really lovely to be a part of the Dorset Leading Ladies feature in Dorset Magazine, that was apart of their honouring of women for International Women’s Day on 8th March 2023. All contributors were asked, ‘what do you feel will be your great challenge for the year ahead?’ Mine certainly will be continuing

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Healing Our Ancestral Wounds Of Abuse & Trauma

    With our Yoga Zoom Fundraiser for Refuge approaching, its been on my mind to think about why so many women and their families suffer abuse from their partners. Can we work to bring healing to our ancestral abuse and trauma in our lifetimes? I personally and professionally know so many women, currently trapped

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Christmas Gift Vouchers

   Mellulah Gift Vouchers as recommended by The Guardian Available for any Day or Weekend Yoga Retreat, Holistic Therapy, Yoga Class Pack, Reiki Course or any amount required!  We can send you an E-Voucher direct to your inbox   It’s so easy!! Payment for your gift voucher can be made with either: Contact us to receive an payment link

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