Conscious Women’s Circle

A Monthly Women’s Circle Wednesday 25th November 2020 7.30-9.30pm via Zoom A Women’s Circle, open to all conscious women, of all ages, anywhere! Our theme this month is Gaining Wisdom An opportunity to come together and share sacred space. Holding the Divine Feminine energies to support us, empower us, heal us and connect us. My

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Reaching the Ocean of Consciousness

    Reaching the Ocean of Consciousness Channeled from The Light November 2020 Now as you settle and sit to read just take a few deep breaths. Imagine in front of your eyes, in front of your closed eyes, you can watch a waterfall, trickling down a mountain stream, amongst rocks, finding its way through.

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A Guidebook for the New Aquarian Age

Channeled from the Light November 2020 Trust that all will be well Your civilisation and society is fatally flawed, you have allowed corruption to run so deep to the very core, the very root of your society and your beliefs.  There is no way to move forward now, other than it all becoming undone. Your

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The Un-telling of Earth. A New Story.

The un-telling of Earth. A new story. The world you are living in is a lie, it is false. Channeled in November 2020 from The Light. You read fairytales and think that they are made up nonsense, but the world you are living in, the world you think is your reality, is far more made

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Facebook Lives – Online Distant Healing Meditations

   Facebook Lives – Online Angelic Light Distant Healing Meditations during lockdown#2 As we go back into Lockdown in the Uk and around the world, I wanted to offer something to help us through. Online healing is a lovely way to share and offer you support. Throughout the week at 7pm! 20-30 mins each session.

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