Detox the Pineal Gland – Your Third Eye Centre

Detox the Pineal Gland

The Pineal Gland is a tiny gland that sits in your skull behind your eyes, about the size of a grain of rice. So why is it so important and why do we need to think about detoxing it?

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Why is my Pineal Gland so important to me?

The Pineal Gland governs how we sleep, perform, make decisions and how we perceive reality. Modern life can ‘calcify’ this gland, creating all kinds of often subtle issues that we have become so used to, we don’t always know how much better we could be feeling. Its thought our ancestors would have had much more healthy and functioning pineals and would therefore have slept better, felt better in general and perhaps most importantly, been more spiritually attuned and awakened.

Its through our pineal that we feel connected to our higher selves, our spirit and the Divine. Its becomes so normal not to experience spiritual connection in our society, but we also know deep inside that something is missing and there is an urge to try to discover and remember what it is.

DMT (N, N-Dimethyltryptamine)

The pineal governs DMT in the brain, this is the active part that can create visions during meditation and ritual. DMT is naturally occuring within us, but many seekers and Shamans all over the world,  use psychedelics to activate the DMT molecule and journey to meet teachers from the spirit world who offer guidance and spiritual knowledge. Ayahuasca has grown in popularity for its vision creating qualities and has been used by South American Shaman for aeons.

Its thought that civilisations around the globe were using similar herbs and plants to access Divine knowledge for millennia. The great temple of Ellusia in Ancient Greece is known to have been a pilgrimage for thousands of seekers each year,  until early Christians decimated it and all knowledge of it from history.

DMT can be activated without anything being ingested or drank, about 2% of the population can see visions and move into trance states easily. We may not be able to move as deeply as a Shaman into altered states of consciousness just by detoxing our pineal and practising yoga/meditation to help us connect, but we certainly will become more attuned and in alignment with our spirt energies, if we take the time to notice how important this tiny gland is to our wellbeing.

In this guide I am going to share ways you can detox your pineal gland and then next, we will look at ways to activate it so you can become more connected in to higher realms and feel the life enhancing effects of such a beautiful, higher frequency.

Detox Pineal Gland

What calcifies the pineal gland?

The Pineal Gland can be seriously affected by Fluoride, it literally clogs up and creates calcification around the gland. Fluoride mainly comes from our water, where in some areas it is added as standard, also most supermarket brands of toothpaste contain fluoride.

When the Pineal Gland  becomes calcified it lowers production of melatonin, interferes with our circadian rhythm and the sleep-wake cycle which is so important to feeling our best and stress free.

We then feel out of balance with nature and our brain is not functioning at its optimum. We feel less instinctual, its hard to imagine but human beings can feel as trusting in their instincts as animals and birds, who just ‘know’ what to do, where to go, how and where to find food etc, but we have completely lost this function and are now reliant on un-natural sources like television for information, supermarkets for food etc.

Imagine a world where humans could again use their instincts to know what to do and how to manage life, rather than a newsreader or documentary telling us so, or a shopping aisle to feed us?

How do we decalcify the Pineal Gland?

If your water is Fluoridated you’ll need to get a really good filter as your first step, its a great idea anyway as most good filters rid our water of all nasty chemicals that are added.

I use this one its called Invigorated Water  its inexpensive and easy to use!

Detox Pineal Gland


Start to use toothpaste without Fluoride. Heres the brand I have used for my family for years, I haven’t used fluoride toothpaste in 20 years and have noticed no difference at all to my teeth compared to other women my age (50 years old!)

I use Aloe Dent here’s a link to buy it online.

Detox Pineal Gland


Be careful about taking Calcium supplements. Ensure the calcium is not synthetic, ensure it does not contain calcium carbonate which is a known calcifying agent.

Heres a good brand I use from Lily and Loaf online.


Avoid processed foods and eat organic where you can. Fluoride is a highly toxic ingredient in many commercial pesticides, so buy your veggies from the organic aisle if you can! Many processed foods contain synthetic calcium so eat healthily to detox your pineal gland fully.

Detox Pineal Gland

How to detox your Pineal Gland

Doing a detox for your pineal won’t just decalcify this gland but other areas of your body too. Calcification is a problem anywhere in the body and can lead to disease. Detoxing can create healthier blood cells, enhance your cognitive brain function and increase your vitality, you will feel more alive!

These are just some ideas, do talk to a nutritionalist or natural therapist for more specific advice for what might work best for you:

  • Iodine – a mineral found in sea veg, seaweed and kelp. Helps to rid the body of heavy metals like mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminium and fluoride.
  • Fulvic Acid – eliminates toxins and heavy metals, gives body antioxidants and minerals.
  • Turmeric – a great supplement for your pineal, the active part is called Curcumin and can prevent and reverse damage from fluoride build up.
  • Chaga Mushrooms – gives the body melanin which is used by the pineal
  • Raw Cacao – triggers high levels of nitric oxide, increases the size of blood vessels which will also greater blood and oxygen flow to the pineal. Cacao has so many other benefits too, and its so tasty!
  • Tamarind – helps to detox fluoride from the body
  • Raw Apple Cider Vinegar – a wonderful metal detoxifier
  • Boron – an antidote to fluoride
  • Superfoods! – raw green chlorophyll rich foods will help rid heavy metals from the blood and nourish it richly.

Try perhaps 2-3 of the above and work with them for a month or more, perhaps research each more deeply and see what other effects might be beneficial for you individually and any other health issues you have.

Detox Pineal Gland

Other ideas to help you!

To encourage your Circadian rhythm to be more connected and natural, try ridding your home of LED lights, they are toxic for the eyes and pineal gland and can interfere with our natural sleep/waking rhythm.

  • Try blue light blocking glasses.
  • Turn the brightness down on your laptop and phone
  • Increase how much sunlight you get on you each day
  • Sleep in complete darkness, no light and black outs if you live with street lighting outside
  • Try Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones as a way to help your natural rhythms align better.
  • Its certain that EMFs interfere with our pineal. Just as bees and birds have their natural rhythms and basic instincts, they affect us too. Our ancestors would have been far more able to tune to the Earth and natural environment around us.
  • Turn off your wifi whenever possible, especially at night.
  • Put your phone onto airplane when you can and don’t keep it near you all the time
  • Consider using EMF blocking crystals like Shungite and special reducing products like Smartdots around your home.
  • Spend as much time in nature as possible, sit or stand on bare earth, get as wild as you can, away from phone masts, wifi and 4G etc. Camping outside is amazing to help us reconnect, sleeping outdoors under canvas or under the stars is a vital way to reconnect and activate your natural connections.

Detox Pineal Gland




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