Summer Solstice Celebration Sound Healing & Gong 27th June 2024

summer solstice sound healing

Join me for a beautiful way to celebrate with a Summer Solstice Sound Healing!

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The midway point of the Wheel of the Year is here, lets come together in our community and share the height of light together

Thursday 27th June 2024 7-9pm £18pp
Moreton Village Hall, Dorset DT2 8RE

Celebrate the Wheel of the Year turning once again to bring us to Summer Solstice. Enjoy a blissfully relaxing and deeply healing Beltane sound healing immersion with 7 Chakra Singing Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls and the Gong.

Meditations, poetry and chants to help us connect to the traditional ways of ritual and ceremony to honour this midway point and to celebrate fertility of mother earth and growth to renewal.

Ending the evening with delicious vegan cakes and chai tea. A beautiful way to come together and share space in our amazing Dorset community.

Join us for a magical evening, we will throw open the lovely big doors here that open onto the field and spend time bare foot outside meditating and setting our energetic intentions and release to the skies.
Schedule for the evening:

6.45pm Arrive at Moreton Village hall
7pm Opening meditation and mantra chanting
7.15pm Tibetan & Crystal Bowls followed by Gong Bath
8.30pm Herbal Chais & teas and cakes
9pm Evening ends

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summer solstice sound healing

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