20 Tips for Your Mental Health & Wellbeing

Focus on yourself at this time 

Set aside time to become aware of your mind and your thoughts.

Our mental health and wellbeing are areas that have been pushed to the limit both individually and collectively.

After a year in the surreal reality of lockdown around the world, now is a good time to ask ourselves this question.

How am I really doing?

We are all experiencing the lockdown around the globe in different ways, some are finding it a quiet time, in solitude or with loved ones, a time to reflect, go slow and reassess life. Others are finding it traumatic, separation, serious financial concerns, anxiety and fear.If you already suffer with mental health issues, anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD or have a serious health condition, its likely this has been exacerbated for you over the past months.

My mental health in the past, often made life a living nightmare. Severe anxiety, panic attacks, depression, addiction issues and post-traumatic stress made every day a battle. But I did slowly heal and now I am free of those more serious and debilitating problems .

It can be a battle to get well and to find peace and we all manage life in different ways, but I hope that my journey can inspire you to trust that there is a way out.

I took the long way round and life didn’t transform for me overnight, there isn’t always a quick fix. But we can take steps everyday towards wellness, a little gentle relief and a feeling of peace, a slither of Light that chinks into your being, gives you hope, lets you know that there is another way.
Read more about my personal story here.

20 Tips for Your Mental Health & Wellbeing

Here are just a few tips tiny steps you could  try to move towards a happier place, today:
  1. Start to notice your thoughts, are they always negative? Do you judge yourself critically all the time? Do you feel that others judge you the same way?
  2. Once you become aware of the thoughts, start to focus on new, positive thoughts throughout the day.
  3. Create ‘Positive Affirmations’ write them down, put them on post its around your house. Try “I am perfect just as I am”, “I deserve to be loved”, “Everything will be ok, we are all safe and well”.
  4. Find your own affirmation that feels right, repeat to yourself EVERY time you notice yourself going deeply into negative, worrying or scared thinking.
  5. Practise meditation daily. Try an app like Headspace, Calm, Smiling Mind. Or go to Youtube and search forone that resonates.
  6. Try my Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation for free here, or buy the full version here for £4.99
  7. Don’t give up
  8. Allow emotions and feelings to come up, don’t push them away or they become repressed.
  9. Talk to someone, if you can’t see a counsellor now, talk to a friend or loved one, don’t keep it in. Lots of counsellor are seeing clients virtually online, so you might be able to find one.
  10. Let the tears come, tears are cleansers for the heart, let them flow, be as vocal as you need to be!
  11. Get out in nature. We know this one don’t we? But still we need reminding how vital this is to our mental health.
  12. ‘Earth’ yourself for at least 10 minutes a day, bare foot, or if possible lie face down on bare earth, grass, sand. Sit in the roots of a tree, hug it too!
  13. Practise yoga daily, just a few minutes. Yoga helps to release old, stagnant, toxic energy from our bodies. When the body is stuck in the past, we can’t move forward, release that by moving through poses, deeply stretching and you will feel a change, often straight away. Yoga feels good! It saved me!
  14. Think of what you allow into your mind, in the same way as what you allow into your body. Go on a cleanse for the mind, a diet! Only put in the good stuff, the positive.
  15. Turn off the news, its as bad for you as that McDonalds burger! Fill your space with inspiring audio books, beautiful music, read spiritual books and watch or listen to spiritual teachers.
  16. Don’t beat yourself up. If we are trying to get well and all we do is critize ourselves for not doing it fast enough, or telling ourselves we’re not good enough, judging our ability to meditate or do yoga or stay mindful, its just more negativity. You’re doing your best, it will come in time.
  17. You’re doing your best. Life is hard sometimes, everyone struggles and has ups and downs, anyone who tells you different is probably lying! Don’t expect miracles (but do too as they can happen!) becoming mentally well won’t make life perfect, but it will help you deal with the challenges as they come.
  18. Stay strong. Become a Warrior, believe in yourself and your ability to get through this, have your bad days but keep telling yourself that you will pull through, if you believe life can be better, you will draw that happier future towards you.
  19. Use your mind for what its best at, making things up! Rather than allowing the mind to make up all kinds of negative and tragic scenarios, use it to imagine wonderful, beautiful, happy situations. It might seem silly and woo-woo to think that way, but whats more silly and futile? It is all made up after all isn’t it, the mind makes up stories, fairytales that are entirely fantasy, we don’t know whats coming, we have no idea at all, so instead get creative and think about love, joy, picnics on the beach, dancing with loved ones, smiling, contentment, stunning landscapes, laughter, you feeling well, being amazing and  the imperfect perfection that you are.
  20. Listen to the silence, in between the noise, there you will find the answers, the wisdom, the guidance that you need to carry on.

I hope you find these helpful. Love from Saira xx


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