Holistic and Ayurvedic Therapies

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Please let Saira know what you would like.

We have Holistic and Ayurvedic therapies available for you to enjoy throughout your retreat with us, we love them all, they are all blissful, feel free to get in touch to find out more about any treatment but be assured they are all wonderful!

If you are joining a retreat with us at Middle Piccadilly you will be blessed with some of their amazing therapists during your stay. Please see their website to choose from a wide range of therapies and spa treatments.

Our therapists are all highly trained, experienced, fully insured and lovely.

Therapies are available outside of retreat dates here at Mellulah, book an appointment with Saira in Evershot, Dorset. Please contact us to book your treatment.

Holistic Therapy with Andrea, Rae & Iona

Aromatherapy Massage – 30 mins £35 & 60 minutes £60

A lovely relaxing massage using aromatherapy oils to bring a deep sense of calm and serenity, very healing and tranquil.

Holistic /Deep Tissue Massage – 30 mins £35 &  60 minutes £60

A blissful hour of calm and peace, enjoying deep tissue massage at a pressure that feels right for you. Working into muscles to release tension and stress.

Reiki –30 mins £35 &  60 minutes £60

This treatment invites you to a place of stillness to connect with the universal energy that flows through all life, Reiki. It can help to release blocks that are held physically or emotionally, this can be a hands free treatment or placement of hands on the body. This therapy can bring a deep connection to your true essence.

Head/Foot/Face or Hand Massage 30 mins £35 – add 2 for  60 minutes £60

Choose to have your head, face, hands or feet massaged for 30 minutes of indulgent joy! This will feel so calming and wonderful, just what you need to enhance your retreat day.

Thai Foot Massage 30 mins £35 &  60 minutes £60

A gorgeous foot massage to leave you feeling invigorated and detoxified

Holistic Facial 30 mins £35 &  60 minutes £60

Heaven! With deep lymph drainage and lifting for the skin and muscle of the face.


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