Akashic Records – Awaken, Heal & Ascend

Learn how to Access the Akashic Records
Awaken, Heal & Ascend your Soul

Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th October 2024 Spaces – Book here 
Evershot, Dorset DT2 0LD
Max 8 students £250pp


The Akashic Records are a vast cosmic library that stores information about everything that has happened, is happening, or could happen in the future. Picture it as a kind of database existing in another dimension, holding the stories of all beings and things.

“Thank you so much Saira, I got so much from this weekend, I just feel so peaceful, thank you”
Debbie, January 2024

Your Akashic Masters, or Records Keepers, hold the key to your Records. They are your Soul Imprint, Divinely Made and are available to anyone to open and access for higher healing, guidance, wisdom and profound, transformative insight.

On this 2 day course, we will learn how to access and read your Akashic Records and how to help others access their own. Making this a perfect course for those fascinated in learning more about what their own records contain and also for anyone hoping to help others, if you are a healer, or energy worker, therapist of any kind.

“Thank you so much, it was a truly amazing weekend. I find that I am starting to truly understand my messages now. I had a very powerful experience on the way home” Kelly, January 2024

You will learn how to raise your vibration from 3D to 8D, the energy field of the Akasha, you will learn techniques and receive an ‘Angelic Attunement’ to help you ascend to the frequency where anyone can access the Akashic Field and gain insights, guidance and understanding about the many lives a soul lives, past lives, parallel lives, in all dimensions and planes of existence. Finding out what is in our records, our soul imprint, can then give us the support and wisdom we need, to bring change and understanding into our current soul journey here in this life.

The records cover Health, Wealth, Relationships, Trauma, Career, Family, Home and can offer so much understanding about blocks and obstacles that hold us back.

You will learn a technique to clear the Karmic Wounds in your Soul Plasma Body that can become embedded as we move through the incarnations, carrying our traumas. Saira believes that our ancestors would have understood the need to clear these wounds in each life, taking pilgrimage to spend time with guides and healers who could help us release, in order to be free and liberated from the Karmic wheel of pain and suffering. This course will teach you how to begin to release yourself and others from their Karmic Wounds and feel lighter, freer and more resilient to face the challenges life invariably brings us.

Saira has been working with Past Life Healing, Akashic Records, Karma Healing and Energy Healing for many years. She offers regular Reiki Courses in Dorset, online healing meditations and more.

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On this course you will learn so much:

  • Breathwork and meditation techniques to ascend to the Akashic Field
  • Third Eye opening, clearing and activating to support connection to the Akasha
  • Receive an Angelic Attunement to Connect to the Akashic Records
  • The history of the Akashic Records from their Hindu origins
  • Why is Earth now ascending and transforming and how we can support this process of ascension
  • Clearing blocks and obstacles to help us awaken – shadow work, stress relief, past life wound healing etc
  • How to connect with your Akashic Masters, or Records Keepers to read the Books of your Life.
  • Clear instructions on working with clients and friends to help them access the records
  • Healing Karmic wounds for yourself and others
  • Working with the Karmic Energy Field and Soul Plasma Body through the Akasha for deep clearing, release and healing
  • Soul contracts, cord cutting and blessings to release others
  • Past life vows, poverty/scarcity consciousness & trauma imprints
  • Co-creating with the cosmos to manifest and shift to Higher Karmic Timelines
  • Ethics of working with the Akashic Records for yourself and with clients/friends
  • Clearing past life traumas as a healer/starseed/lightworker
  • Tuning In to Angelic Presences and recognising Divine Guidance
  • Becoming aligned with the frequency of Angels and the Akashic Field 
  • Meditations to connect, attune, awaken and ascend your soul
  • Practical ways to Awaken at the Third Eye Centre
  • You will receive a Full Akashic Record Group healing, cleansing and releasing session and a Third Eye Activation session during the course
  • You will receive a full manual with everything you need to start accessing the Akashic Records for yourself and your clients. You will be invited to join a WhatsApp Group for connecting and sharing after the course and a open invitation to stay in touch direct with Saira to share, ask questions and receive support and guidance after the course.

The course is held in Saira’s  cottage in Dorset. There are lots of places to stay locally and it’s just 13 minutes from Yeovil Junction station, 2hrs 15 mins from London Waterloo.

Bring a packed lunch, refreshments and cakes provided.



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