Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation


‘ I just listened to the yoga nidra meditation, it was almost hypnotic, I can’t remember past about half way through. My third eye and the top of my head were tingly, then I came round at the end feeling totally blissed out, super chilled and spacey, thank you’ Emma, May 2020

‘I forwarded your yoga nidra relaxation session onto a friend who is unwell, as she has awful trouble sleeping. She and her husband put it on and remember nothing more! So a great help, thank you. Viv, April 2020

A blissfully relaxing Yoga Nidra guided meditation recorded especially for Mellulah Yogis and friends by  Saira Francis.

35 minutes long. Simply click to our online shop Lulah Loves download this digital file to your system and enjoy.

Listen to a shortened sample version on YouTube 

Yoga Nidra is a wonderful balancing practice to enjoy daily. 

You can enjoy a this long guided meditation at home now, by downloading for £4.99!

I made this especially as I know how much so many of you love practising yoga nidra at the end of a  yoga class, a blissful way to bring awareness to the whole body and relax through a long deep body scan meditation, awareness of heaviness, lightness, heat, cold in the body and then a visualisation and ending with gentle pranayama. 

All of this as you create your Sankalpa, your positive statement/affirmation that will work deeply into your subconscious.

Working with a Yoga Nidra practice each day can bring great feelings of calm and can release anxiety and depression. The practice has been proven over and over again by scientific studies to have profound effects not the way we feel.

This meditation has recently been updated, feel free to download again if you already purchased.

An absolute must as we move through these precarious times.

Download yours and I really hope you love it! 

Love Saira x

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