Yoga Retreats

“Still processing last weekend’s three day retreat, such a magical weekend of natural healing, incorporating yoga, meditation, sound and energy work, and rest, lots of rest!

Delicious food and laughter, Saira is a real life angel, if/when you are ready to look inward, I highly recommend having her by your side, I am blessed.”

Sally Kirby

If you love yoga, you will love our retreats.

We bring you just the right balance of yoga for all levels, mindfulness, meditation and sound healing that will chill you and plant based meals that will inspire you.

Follow the links below to find out more and please contact us if you have any questions, we love to hear from you!

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Yoga Retreat Dates

Take a look at upcoming yoga retreats in beautiful locations around rural Dorset, UK.

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Residential Yoga Retreats

Join us for a weekend yoga retreat and relax in beautiful surroundings in Dorset.

Yoga Day Retreats

We have lots of lovely day retreats for you to enjoy in beautiful venues around Rural Dorset.

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Conscious Celebrations and Events

Let us create the perfect bespoke retreat day or weekend for you.

Mellulah - Spa and Holistic therapies

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Spa and Ayurvedic Therapies

During our residential retreats we offer a wide range of holistic therapies to complement your stay.

Sound Healing Workshops

We often include a Sound Healing Workshop on our retreat days and weekends.

Mellulah - Yoga kitchen - Healthy food

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Mellulah Yoga Kitchen

Plant based meals and refreshments are a joy and pleasure at Mellulah Yoga Retreats.

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