Reiki Share Evening in Dorset 3/5/22

Reiki Share! Tuesday 3rd May 2022 7.30-9.30pm at Merkabah Retreat, Dorset

An evening of reiki share love! Sharing healing energy with each other, this event is specifically for anyone who has trained for Reiki with me (Saira) but others are welcome, please get in touch if you would like to come.
Its a really beautiful way to share our energy with others and receive it for ourselves. As healers its important that we work on our own healing journeys and keep up seeing other energy workers for our own healing needs. Its also a beautiful way to connect with other like minded people in our community here in Dorset, these are difficult and confusing times we are living in, so it can often feel isolating and lonely on the path.
Joining together can feel so good,  I hope this evening will help you feel comforted in knowing how much Light there is in our Dorset community.
We will gather at Merkabah Retreat, Downview Farm, Winterborne Houghton DT11 0PE nr Blandford and the evening will look like this:

Reiki  Evening

7.30pm Opening meditation and sharing circle – let us know how your reiki and personal journey is going at this time
8pm Take it in turns to lie and receive Reiki Healing from the group of healers present, everyone will have an opportunity to give and receive healing energy. We will work in groups of 2-4, sharing the energy for approx 20 minute, one group lying down, the others working with energy so all get a chance to receive.
9.15pm Closing meditation and sound healing
9.30pm Evening ends with time for more chats!

How to Find Us:

Try What3words, its an easy way to find random rural places in our lovely county! To find us on Thursday eve use this! just click to be taken direct.

  • Merkabah Retreat, Downview Farm, Water Lane, Winterborne Houghton, Blandford Forum, Dorset. DT11 OPE
  • Downview Farm is 1 mile from the Crown Pub in Winterborne Stickland … From the Crown Pub in Winterborne Stickland take the road opposite following the sign for Winterborne Houghton.
  • Go past the white Village Hall on your right and continue along this road beside the Winterborne Stream on your left.
  •  Continue past the Fish Farm on your left and then past the old Red Telephone Box on your right.
  • (Do Not Turn Right). On your right you will see a row of small white cottages next to the road and then a large cottage (Rosies Cider)just past this turn right up the gravel drive.
  • Follow the gravel drive around to the left and keep going, you will come to a car park, please park in there carefully to be sure there is space for everyone.
To become a Reiki Practitioner please contact me or see my Reiki Course Dates here
Please let me know if you would like to join this Reiki Share evening, I am asking for your donation of £5-20 depending on what you can afford to pay.
Thank you, Saira! XXX
Reiki Share

Finding the Bliss within, as Chaos surrounds us

Finding Bliss


This Finding Bliss post ties in with the last in our Detox for the Soul series that we have been working with in yoga classes to start 2022.

Please also read:

Part 1 – Detox the Pineal Gland
Part 2 – Activate Your Pineal Gland
Part 3 – Reconnecting to Mother Earths Heartsong

We are bringing together much of what we have learnt in the first 3 parts, looking within us and to nature, to find out more about who we are and what life is about beyond the 3D reality.

In yoga the state of bliss is known as Samadhi or Ananda, it is the state of complete absorption in focussed meditation, it is Enlightenment, a pure source of Divine Union between the Self and the Universe.

To know bliss, is to know the Truth, Light and Love. It is a state we can all taste, if only slightly, in moments on our yoga mat or meditation cushion when we glimpse that true state of liberation beyond the material dimension, when we witness complete awareness of the self, beyond ego and beyond mind.

Finding Bliss could also simply be called finding happiness, joy and a being in a state of lightness and love. The look of complete serenity and tranquility on the familiar face we all know of Buddha, could be described as pure bliss.

Find out more about what Samadhi means here

Finding Bliss

How do we find bliss when we live in the world we do? Is it something that seems simple for the ancient yogis living simple lives dedicated to their practice day after day, or the Bodhisattvas who follow the path of the Buddha throughout their lives? Our culture is not designed with bliss at its core? The constant search and struggle to find happiness, takes a lifetime and  is elusive for most.

How do we find our bliss, when society hides it so well?

If our society were a family, the parents would be austere, authoritarian, ambitious, materialistically driven, consumer centred and possibly also abusive, deceitful, intolerant and very critical, but would keep the children comfortable, well fed and entertained. The children in this unpleasant family, would be controlled, obedient, passive, easily manipulated, afraid of abuse and criticism and willing to do anything to be allowed to stay in the home, be looked after and enjoy the benefits and comforts of living in this family.

Sound familiar?

Its not nice to have to admit that we live in an unpleasant world that is very toxic and it seems for millions of people living in our society, its much easier to bury our light and hearts and go along with the way things are. There is great  fear of being ostracised or pushed out and therefore possibly having to struggle to live and lose all our comforts. We love our comforts!

But just as the children living in the family described above, might seem looked after, well fed and very well behaved, underneath they have lost themselves since birth and may never find happiness, because they don’t know themselves or what could make them happy, the inner compass and potential for bliss is lost.

To find bliss, we do have to step out of conformity and regimented ideas of what life is about.

We have to start to question everything and see if there is more to life than what we have been given and told.

There has to be a risk involved in letting go of the old ways of society and a willingness to try something new.

Life is made so complicated and society is designed to feed a toxic desire for more, to risk finding bliss, we have to trust that there is a simpler and more wholesome way.

Finding Bliss

Bliss is a State of Consciousness

To find bliss we must let go of all desire to make it happen, to create it or to try to fix and control the world into behaving in such a way that we can be happy.

The search for bliss is a futile one, just as a search for anything to come to us from the outside, will always be dissatisfying. Whether its a new car, job, relationship or holiday, we always need more, or the next one, or something to be new, different, fresh or exciting.

We could spend our entire lives searching for bliss, just as the next material gain, or do we instead try to find a new state of consciousness and see what we find within?

True bliss is not subjective to external events and circumstance in our lives. Its hard to connect with as our society teaches us from a young age, that this is absolutely not the case. We are taught that we need a comfortable home, a job, family, nice car, clothes and to be able to keep up with trends, neighbours and continually be moving on an upward trajectory in our career, finances, social life and so must our children in their lives, to prove our own success.

To break out of this programming is true liberation. We look to Eastern cultures and indigenous civilisations for spiritual knowledge and wisdom, but we can find all we need here where we are, just by reconnecting to ourselves and nature. We don’t need to journey to India, the Amazonian jungle or far off lands, to find our bliss.

Finding Bliss

How can we find our Bliss, when chaos surrounds us?

The search for inner happiness, begins with the liberation of programming and conditioning that the search is outside of ourselves and then moves towards a deeper spiritual connection.

We can go back to what we learnt about the spiritual centre we have within us, the Pineal Gland – Third Eye Chakra, the seat of spiritual awareness and consciousness within, read back over my previous posts here and here.

We can also go over what we discovered about the mysteries of Mother Earth and how she can support us in our search for inner peace and joy, read the post here.

I recently ran a yoga retreat where our theme was Finding Bliss, one evening we held a circle and I asked each guest to share how they found their bliss. Everyone came back to the same simple answer, as well as yoga, meditation and the love of family and friends, the repeated response was nature.

Being in nature takes us back to ourselves, we come home. Natures beauty reminds us that all is well, all is perfect, we are literally surrounded by bliss. More than that, living in harmony with nature is our natural state of being and to be in tune with Mother Earths rhythms, is to be in tune with our own hearts and our soul.

But if bliss is our birthright, for each and every human being on the planet, surely it must be detached from any external circumstance, including access to nature.

We have all heard stories of political prisoners, perhaps locked away for decades, who were able to stay connected to their bliss despite being cut off from all but the four walls that surrounded them. During lockdown of 2020, were we all suddenly refused to be in bliss because many of us were refused access to each other and the outside world? What would happen if we found ourselves confined to a hospital bed or had to spend time away from Mother Earths heartsong in the concrete jungle of a large city?

To truly be connected to the state of consciousness that is bliss, we must be able to remove all circumstance and be able to sit in pure joy and happiness, no matter what.

A Meditation

So lets try:

  • Come to sit now, wherever you are, whatever the situation you are in
  • Do not try to change the environment you are in, in any way
  • If there is noise around you, let it be there, if you are not completely comfortable let that be, etc
  • Close your eyes
  • Take some deep breaths
  • Tune into your breath and really feel it, hear it and enjoy it
  • Turn to your body and relax, let go of any tension, recognise tightness and release it
  • Look at what is happening in your mind, notice busy, chaotic thoughts, judgements and preferences about where you are and the environment you are in, let go of all of these and tune back to your breath
  • Become more deeply aware of where you are, the feel of the surface you are sitting on, the sounds around you, the smells, allow your senses to expand and your awareness to evolve
  • Notice the blank screen behind your closed eyes, Chidakasha, the sky of consciousness within
  • Don’t force seeing your Chida, just gently allow it to be and watch, softly
  • You are completely in the moment
  • You are completely tuned into the now
  • See what you find there…..

Try these other meditations by the same people who made the Samadhi film series

Finding Bliss

Allow the Chaos to be there, stay centred in your Bliss

A visualisation

Try this visualisation, this is a beautiful meditation to work with after a yoga practice, after the practice outline above, during a walk in nature, or at any time when life starts to feel overwhelming:

  • Stand or sit and tune into your breath and relax
  • Close your eyes
  • Imagine you are stood in the very centre of a tornado, a whirlwind
  • All around you is spinning, complete chaos
  • Imagine that within this tornado are all aspects of your life that are overwhelming you
  • See the faces of people, family, friends, colleagues, who are stressing you out
  • See the places that you are having to rush around too, or you wish you didn’t have to go to
  • See all the things in life that you have to do, chores, work, bills, responsibilities, to do lists etc
  • Imagine them spinning around you, but stay completely centred and strong within this chaos
  • Feel your feet or hips on the surface you are sitting or standing on
  • Feel your breath holding you steady and stable
  • Bring a half Buddha smile to your face, gently turn up the corners of your mouth
  • Tell yourself all is well, in this moment and that this spinning whirlwind can not touch you
  • Remind yourself that all is well within you and all chaos is created by the mind
  • You can come back to this visualisation whenever you need to remember to be still and to not let life drag you into its drama











Anahata Yoga Day Retreats

We had such an amazing response with bookings for our Anahata Yoga Day at Merkabah Retreat that we had to add a second date! We are always delighted when we have to do this, it means we get to do it all again twice!!

Book now for Sunday 13th February following the details below and contact Saira to find out more! Hope to see you soon.




A Blissful Yoga Day or Weekend at this brand new Yoga Shala in Dorset we are so excited for you to see this purpose built studio with stunning rural views and amazing internal, artist designed, sacred space.

Schedule the same for both days Sat & Sun

10am Arrive at Merkabah Retreat
10.30am Vinyasa Flow with Saira for all abilities
12.30pm Vegan Lunch & Refreshments
1.45pm Meditation
2.15pm Sound Healing with Crystal, Tibetan Bowls and Gong with Angelic Healing with Saira
4pm Vegan Cake & Chai Tea
4.20pm Closing Meditation
4.30pm Retreat day ends

Book This Heart Centred Yoga Day/Weekend Retreat Now 


Reconnecting To Mothers Earth Heart Song

Mother Earth

Did you know that Mother Earth has a ‘heartbeat’? Its referred to as the Schumann Resonance, flashes of lightning that strike our planet roughly 50 times every second and results in the formation of low-frequency electromagnetic waves. Its thought that these waves could affect human behaviour and even our consciousness levels.

We know so little about our planet and its rhythms, just as in my last two blogs I wrote about how little we understand about ourselves, in Detox the Pineal Gland and Activate the Pineal Gland – Third Eye Centre.

This blog ties us in to a series of Yoga Classes I am sharing during January 2022 as a kickstart to the New Year – Detox for the Soul. See classes in person and online here.

See also Part 1 – Detox Your Pineal Gland, Third Eye Centre.
Part 2 – Activate Your Pineal Gland
Part 4 – Finding the Bliss within, when Chaos surrounds us

Mother Earth

What is the Schumann Resonance?

The earth is resonating at a base frequency of 7.83 Hz, this was first discovered in the 1950s by Winfried Otto Schumann. The levels of this frequency go up and down in waves and its known that recently this frequency has been seen to shoot up to really high levels not seen before, in the past 2 years, 2020-2022.

Could this be related or in sync with the mass spiritual awakening that is happening on the planet at this time?

The 7.83Hz level relates to a human beings brain waves and correlates to Alpha/Theta which is the frequency that induces relaxation, sleep, cell regeneration and healing. But what happens to this natural frequency sync between us and our planet, when we are surrounded by unnatural waves of frequency from power supplies, telecommunications, appliances, computers and other devices? For example, the frequency of electromagnetic radiation, powers cell phones, tvs, radio etc, ranges from 30,000 Hz to 300 Billion Hz. Is it any surprise we are so disconnected from our Mother Earths Heart Song, her heartbeat when we are surrounded by these?

It has been proven by scientific experiments that tuning into 7.83Hz, the planet’s own magnetic frequency people experience benefits like enhanced learning/memory, body rejuvenation, balance, improved stress tolerance, anti-jetlag, anti-mind control, and grounding. On the other hand, experiments were done, where Schumann resonance, the exposure of 7.83 Hz frequency was removed from individuals environment. The subjects reported migraine headaches, emotional distress, and other health problems. This shows how important it is to be in tune with the Earth’s magnetic frequency.

We can use Binaural Beats to help us resonate with the frequency of our planet, see my last blog for more details on how to find these and listen to them daily.

Mother Earths Magnetic Field

The earths magnetic field is all around us, yet we do not tend in our daily lives, to think or consider it often. The field can affect our brain and body, here’s an extract from an article published in Discover Magazine:

There’s no escaping magnetic fields — they’re all around us. For starters, the Earth itself is like a giant magnet. A spinning ball of liquid iron in our planet’s core generates the vast magnetic field that moves our compass needles around and directs the internal compasses of migrating birds, bats, and other animals. On top of that, ever-industrious humans have produced artificial magnetic fields with power lines, transport systems, electrical appliances, and medical equipment.

We may not be able to see, hear, feel, or taste the magnetic fields that surround us, but some may wonder whether they can still exert effects on our bodies and brains.

There is much research available online about how the Earths magnetic field affects animals and birds. Scientists know that birds can see the field and use it to navigate incredible distances, but hardly anything is known about how the magnetic field affects us. Much research that is carried out, is often dismissed as a ‘hippie nonsense’ which is a shame as we know that we are no different from other creatures on the planet, we were designed to live here in harmony, so why would humans be the only species that is not affected by the field?

This again, opens up a lot of questions about how we are affected, many hard to answer, Google will not tell us, so lets keep asking!

There has been some research done into cells actually responding to magnetic fields, read about it here in Forbes.

Mother Earth

Our Magnetic Field Or Aura

Just as our Mother Earth has a field, so do we. We call it an Aura. Heres an interesting extract from the Centre for Biofield Studies in Pune, Indian:

The presumption of the existence of the “Aura”, is based upon the principle that all mental activity is electromagnetic. While some medical theorists argue that mental activity is chemical, because of the chemical neurotransmitters involved, the fact is that neurotransmitters are created only when electrical impulses induce a voltage in a neuron which exceeds its firing threshold.

In addition, EEG (electroencephalogram) technology shows that mental activity can be effectively analyzed and monitored entirely by electromagnetic principles. In electrical engineering, it is an established principle that all electrical currents produce surrounding electromagnetic (EM) fields. Accordingly, our psychological and emotional activities are sent throughout the body as electrical impulses, radiating electromagnetic fields outside the body, which are characteristic of the mental activity that generated them. Indeed, even the mere movement of atoms will produce a quantifiable electromagnetic field.

This is most clearly observed in the case of charged radioisotopes, but even neutral atoms and molecules will emit a field through valence motion of the charged substructure particles. As proven by Russian Tesla technology experiments in the 1950s, this phenomenon causes prokaryotic organisms to produce an external electromagnetic field, which consists of the combined EM emissions from millions of molecules in the biological body.

Could our own bio-magnetic energy field, or aura, be affected by and connect with that of Mother Earth?
Mother Earth

Grounding and Earthing to Mother Earth

Its so simple and we have been working in harmony with the earth for thousands of years, until very recently. Simply taking time to really connect to Mother Earth and walking on bare earth is exactly what we have done for aeons. Until the past decades, we did not have synthetic shoes, concrete, tarmac and were always connecting to the planet.

We can be sure that our disconnection with the Earth is creating all kinds of health problems that could so easily be fixed.

  • Take 10 minutes a day to sit or lie on the Earth, on grass, and or rock, without shoes
  • Walk barefoot whenever possible
  • Lie facedown and enjoy a heart bond connection with our Mother
  • Buy an Earthing mat and use it in your bed or at your desk
  • Spend time ‘Forest Bathing’ (a fancy way of saying, hanging out in the woods!)
  • Get away from power supplies, right out into the fields or woodlands and leave the phone behind too
  • Practice yoga and meditation outside whenever possible

Do more research into how the Earth can really support us in our healing, both physical and emotional, spiritual issues. Watch the film Earthing to get really inspired by how simply hanging out on the Earth can heal:


Mother Earth

How can Yoga & Meditation Help?

A yoga practice can help us to reconnect with our souls and therefore feel closer and more in harmony to Mother Earth.

Regular yoga sessions can bring a balance that we may not have felt in many years and we start to become more finely tuned to the Heart Song of our Planet. Listening more sensitively to our bodies and minds, the call from within to reconnect with nature, to spend time listening to bird song, walking and spending time outside, removing toxins from our lives and our environment, not only those we can see, but the more subtle toxins like EMFs etc.

Our bodies channels that need re-aligning can become supported by yoga and as our body aligns with itself, it will naturally align with the Earth. We become more acutely connected to the seasons, the moon, the energy around us, we feel and sense more and this results in feeling better on many levels and more positive.

We notice we feel better when we are in harmony with Mother Earth and her rhythms and cycles. We enjoy sunlight more, moonlight more and begin to crave the outdoors!

Working with a yoga practice that helps to balance the Root/Earth Chakra can be very helpful when we feel out of alignment with nature and are craving her. If we are unwell for a period and can’t get outside,  if we live somewhere it is difficult to be in nature or if we have a job that keeps us tied to a desk, surrounded by technology. A yoga session that focuses on the Root can be really helpful and a quick, easy way to feel the Earth beneath us, even if we are on the 20th floor of a tower block.

Here is a link to a yoga practice I recorded in a live stream zoom class during lockdown 2020. Its for beginners and its called Earth Connection with Yoga & Meditation 



Other Ideas to Reconnect to Mother Earth

Try aromatherapy oils, here’s a video during a zoom yoga class I made during lockdown Feb 2021 about using aromas to help you ground.

Look into Earth Energy and Leylines, the earth has meridian channels just as we do, so look into how this works and see if you might have some earth energy around you. Sacred sites, churches and hill forts were always built by our ‘more in tune’ ancestors at locations where earth energy was powerful. If you look on an Ordnance Survey map and can line up at least 5 sites with a ruler, you are very likely to be on a Leyline.

Find out more online and if you live near me in Dorset we are so lucky to be surrounded by beautiful sacred sites that allow this Earth Energy to flow.


Hug trees, they love it and so will you!!


Activate Your Pineal Gland – Third Eye Centre

activate pineal gland


Your Pineal is a tiny gland situated behind your eyes, so why is it so important we focus on ways to activate the pineal gland and on its healthy function?

This blog forms part of a series of yoga classes i am sharing in Dorset and on Zoom in January 2022, please see yoga class times here 

See also Part 1 – Detox Your Pineal Gland, Third Eye Centre.
Part 3 – Reconnecting to Mother Earths Heartsong
Part 4 – Finding the Bliss within, when Chaos surrounds us

What are we missing and how do we know its missing?

The problem with the pineal is that we don’t actually realise there is a problem! We are missing something that we don’t know is missing. How can we, when we live in a society where Divine Connection, living in harmony with Mother Nature and trusting our deep instincts are not considered relevant or a priority for us?

In yoga, we know the pineal as the Third Eye Chakra or Ajna, it is the seat of our spiritual awareness. In Part 1 we looked out how an unhealthy pineal can create sleep problems, stress and disease.

An unhealthy Third Eye centre can result in a feeling of uncertainty, confusion, jealously can be an issue and an attitude cynicism and pessimism can prevail.  When the Third Eye is working harmoniously and is beautifully open, we can have more clarity, trust our intuition, feel empathy for others and be more focussed and decisive in life.

When we work to Activate the Pineal Gland, we can move into even more deep realms of human connection. Feeling more at one with the natural world and a true part of it and beginning to let go of our ego and create a spiritual life instead.

See Part 1 for more information on DMT, secreted by the pineal and vital for anyone wishing to enhance their imagination, visualisations, lucid dreaming, astral projection, meditation and open up the inner portal to higher spiritual realms.

activate pineal gland

How to Activate the Pineal Gland

We worked with pineal activation meditation and yoga during our yoga classes in January 2022. If you missed the classes try this:


  • Clear your mind and completely relax
  • Breath deeply and connect to your inhale and exhale
  • Become aware of the blank screen behind your closed eyes, your Chidakasha
  • Imagine a pure white light within your head, behind your closed eyes.
  • Hold the inner intention that this light is activating your pineal and the visionary chemicals within


  • All yoga practice can help the pineal, but some poses specifically target this area
  • Anjaneyasana – low lunge – hold – place the palms together and touch thumbs to the third eye centre
  • Parsvottonasana – hold – Right foot forwards, left foot back with hips aligned to the front of the mat and hips square, fold forwards, chin towards the shin, gaze to big toe, hands can be behind the back or lower to the floor. Keep awareness to the third eye. Change sides
  • Janu Sirasana – sit with right foot tucked into the left thigh, fold forwards keeping awareness to the third eye. Change sides.
  • Baddha Konasana – sit with soles of the feet togethe and fold forwards, awareness to the third eye.
  • Viparati Korana – legs up the wall, lie with legs up the wall or onto a chair

activate pineal gland

Sun Gazing

Take time to research this practice further and decide if its right for you. We are discouraged from looking at the sun at all but absorbing the energy of the sun directly into the eyes can have profound effects on the pineal gland.


A beautiful exercise practise, Qigong translates to mean “life energy cultivation” or “energy skills”. The movements and flows are designed to increase sensitivity to energy flow with the body, the chi, or qi, we call it prana in yoga. These will all help to activate and flow energy to the third eye centre.

activate pineal gland

Binaural Beats

Do a search on any music streaming service, youtube etc and find a really good recording that resonates for you. Listen with headphones and listen often.

Binaural beats are a tone created in the brain when it is presented with two different frequencies at the same time.

In 1839, a Prussian physicist named Heinrich Wilhelm Dove discovered that if you play one frequency in one ear, and a different one in the other, then your brain cleverly creates a new frequency, the difference between that in your left ear, and that in your right and focuses on this new frequency. This, the difference between the two, is the binaural beat.

What’s interesting and lies behind meditation music, focus music or sleep music  is that you can use binaural beats to help you find a certain sound to change your state of mind.

You can do this by listening, for example, to a tone of 410hz in your left ear and 400hz in your right ear – meaning your brain will make up the difference and hear an imaginary tone of 10hz.

This tone is the binaural beat.

At that very low-frequency, you can’t actually hear a sound. But you don’t need to be able to hear the sound for your brain to be affected by it.

And if you’re feeling sluggish and need some focus music to up your brain’s tempo and make you fire on all cylinders, then your brain needs focus music that provides an imaginary tone of a high – level frequency to help it do this.

There are five major types of brainwaves:

  • Gamma – Your brain produces Gamma brainwaves to heighten your mental ability. At this higher frequency (above 40hz) they are also associated with conscious perception, fear and problem solving.
  • Beta – Your brain produces beta brainwaves when you’re a state of high alert. With your beta brainwaves in action, you’re able to do those complicated, analytical tasks at work, make decisions and concentrate well. Beta waves are fast, with a higher frequency (between 15-40 hertz). At the higher levels of this range, beta waves are associated with anxiety.
  • Alpha – Your brain produces Alpha brainwave patterns when you’re awake and relaxed, but still alert. Your brain probably reaches this state in your regular yoga class or when you’re in the middle of a creative project, since these Alpha brainwaves are associated with meditation, and also with our ability to be creative. Numbers wise, these alpha waves are slower and lower in frequency (between 9-14 hertz).
  • Theta – This brainwave pattern is associated with deep relaxation and with some stages of sleep, including the lighter stages of non-REM (NREM) sleep. REM sleep itself is mostly composed of beta wave and other activity that’s similar to an alert, waking brain. Deep meditation produces theta waves, which are slower and of lower frequency (between 5-8 hertz) than Alpha waves. That murky barrier between sleep and wakefulness, when you’re drifting in and out of sleep, and your thoughts feel dreamlike and difficult to remember? That’s a theta-dominant state of consciousness.
  • Delta – When you’re really, properly, deeply asleep, then your brain produces very slow, delta waves (between 1.5-4 hertz).

Working with Binaural Beats will help to activate your pineal gland while you lie and relax.

DMT (N, N-Dimethyltryptamine)

Again, its best to do your own research if you are thinking of working further with DMT, it is secreted naturally by the pineal and many of us are able to activate it through meditation and spiritual practises. There are many fascinating books on the historic use of psychedelics to create this activation and Shamans all over the globe are still actively working with this spiritual connection.

Try books by Graham Hancock, his book Supernatural goes into this subject deeply. Also Brian Muraresku’s The Immortality Key and Jeremy Narbys classic DNA and the Cosmic Serpent. Also try DMT The Spirit Molecule by Rick Strassman for lots more on this.

activate pineal gland


A Guidebook for the New Aquarian Age – Technology

A Guidebook for the Aquarian Age – Technology 

You might also like to then read:
The Un-Telling of Earth – A New Story
Guidebook for the Aquarian Age – Community
Reaching the Ocean of Consciousness 

Channeled from the Light November 2020

There will come a time soon, very soon, when you will realise that the technologies that you use and you find helpful, have a darker side to them. That they are in fact being used to control you, to keep track on you, to listen in to you and to invade your privacy. 

Many of you are coming to realise this more and more now and we are very pleased that many of you have noticed that it is time to rethink the technologies that you have in your life and in your homes. That as a way to protect your families and your freedoms you will need to reassess the involvement of technology in your lives.

We wish to share this information with you so you can make rational, informed decisions on how to proceed into the future and your relationship with technology.

There are technologies in your societies that feel like godsends and much of the information that was used to create these technologies was indeed given to you, through the Light. But as with many advancements in society, the plans, the blueprints, the information has fallen into hands of those who wish to use it, for their own misuse. To gain power, control and with an intention of greed, this is something that you do not want in your everyday life. 

You will need to sift through and make decisions about which technologies  are vital now and necessary, which are a necessity.

Its important to be able to stay in touch, its popular to be able to use digital messages and calls to speak and chat to each other, email, is a wonderful form of communication, phone calls are a beautiful way to stay in touch, through words. 

There is going to be a revolution against technology.

This has happened on your planet before, when technologies fell into the wrong hands and when the technologies and those running them, become gods, thinking that they could control humanity thorough their fingers, through the use of digital technology.

As you awaken spiritually on the planet, you will begin to find these technologies repulsive as they trap and imprison you and take away your liberties and your freedoms. You will turn away and turn off, many of you are realising this now and our advice to you is to be prepared now and to being to sift through. To perhaps choose technologies that are simple and simply allow you to use words, emails and calls. Choosing technologies that can not track your location, technologies that have no intelligence within them, because you can not be sure where that intelligence is coming from. 

Some people on your planet behave towards their devices, as if they are God and they have the answer to everything within them. So the answers are starting to become very small and very narrow, and those who misuse this power are governing and controlling the answers. 

Thousands of pages of ancient texts, books, philosophies, lost. Entire stories and histories created in just a generation, the entire history of Earth could be mutated by those who wish to manipulate and control humanity and destroy knowledge, make it their own. If just a few fingers on a keyboard, tapping and deciding and controlling, are narrowing down the answers can you imagine the power? 

You already see this on your television screens, many, many of you know and have done for decades, how misleading your television screens can be. Whether it be glossy movies, that are very fair and honest in their being make-believe, but still very powerful at changing stories and history, very powerful indeed. Many of you know that channels that profess to be news, profess to be information are of course and clearly detrimental to the truth. 

How can the truth be so different on one side of the world to another, from one location to another, how can the truth change so much, surely that would make it be an untruth. But many of you are yet to realise just how manipulated and controlled the information through your internet is becoming, In fact many of you don’t have televisions in your homes, or you don’t watch the news and you refuse to be manipulated through those channels, and yet you are still asking for answers through technologies that can give you any truth that those in power, wish you to know.

This is tightening and tightening and you are becoming more and more trapped, you are becoming used and squashed and you must begin to notice what is happening. 

It is never easy to realise that you can not trust something that you thought you could, there is always a little shock and process of information, when there is a realisation that there has been much misinformation. But you must wake up now and encourage others too, you must take your information from Divine Source and you must look to the pages of books that were written before this power and control became so prevalent on this planet, over the last 50-60 years. 

Whole sections re-written, entire answers, forgotten, deleted, gone. 

Just the tap of fingers on a keyboard. Who is making these decisions about what is or what isn’t’? Do you think that you should know? Do you think you should find out the source? Because we think you would rather not like it, if you did.

There is going to be an un-doing as the realisation hits you, collectively, that without technology, you are free. 

Over the coming years, it is going to become tighter and tighter and you will feel it more and more and you will have a choice, give in or fight back like warriors against technology. 

You might sit now and think this sounds a little bit scary or frightening, but you will realise in time., you will realise before it is too late, do not fear. Once you realise, then all you have to do, all you have to do to fight back against technology, is unplug. 

Unplug, its simple. 

There is nothing to fear, there is no army outside your door, there is no fierce monster, you just switch it off and if you’re worried that your addiction to it will encourage you back, then just like an alcoholic who pours their last bottle of wine down the sink, you could destroy the technology. In a safe way we don’t ever want to encourage violence, but when you’re finished with something and you put it in the bin you tend to squash it, you might squash it first, you might squash a carton, you might squash a cardboard box, you might burn garden rubbish and then when that rubbish that you’ve put out in your bin reaches the recycling centre, those bits get squashed even more, by machines. 

It is possible to end the tyranny and control through technology by squashing that technology. It can not be destroyed unless you choose to destroy it, the power and control can not be destroyed until you choose to destroy it. 

How simple would it be now, if you were to choose now to end the manipulation of your heart and soul in your home. You might feel sad and perhaps a little wary of taking this advice at this stage, but we wish you to tether to this for the future, to know that this may be something that you may wish to do in the future and there is nothing to be afraid of, because all you have to do is unplug, switch off and destroy technology. If this begins to happen en mass, out in the streets, in towns and cities, do not be afraid, this is just people waking up and noticing and recognising what has happened to them, and how free they could be.

A little like your story of Wizard of Oz, it may seem that technology has you snared, but behind all that power, all that control. is someone tapping at a keyboard somewhere and all you have to do is unplug, switch off throw it away, stamp on it like you would a carton, squash it like you would a cardboard box, and then its gone and then its just you. It can become just you and that one free you, can become millions and billions of other people, who together can no longer be controlled. 

There is no way that those fingers, that belong to a person that is tapping on that keyboard, that controls you through technology, can control you in reality, there are too many of you. 

They will become small, so insignificant when you are no longer beaming their lies into your homes, when you are no longer asking questions that they can control the answers too, they will become powerless and you will be able to stand tall and roar, ‘I’m free how can you control me now, how can you control me now, just try to control us all when we are listening and holding onto each other’

So hear these words, allow them to be a comfort to you when the time comes, when you need this information. Many of you will begin to process and make changes sooner, its beginning to happen. Many of you will help others to understand, but just be aware of where your answers are coming from and just be aware that within one generation it would be possible for an entire history to be deleted and in just one generation the whole story could be changed, if you continue to take your answers from a source, that you can not be sure of in any way.

We are sorry but you can not trust the source of your answers, you have to go back, you have to return to some of the old ways and when the new world dawns, when you are through this transitionary process, when the energies are high enough for you to begin to trust again, then you can take these technologies and turn them into something truly beautiful to help you ALL.

Technology is a beautiful thing, it could bring great freedom to the whole planet, sustainability, resources, information, travel, incredible advances in health, education and communication with all beings, sharing to create a better world. Its all there, the technology is there, you do not need anything, it is there, its already been created, but it is being misused by those who wish to use it for power and control and greed. 

It is vital that you, wise ones, awakened ones, begin turning the process around and pushing it back and saying no, we will not allow, we do not sign up, we refuse, be adamant that you will not be controlled by a few. 

Rise up dear ones, dear souls of Earth, rise up and realise how simple and within reach your freedoms are. 

Revolution will come


Blessings and Love from the Galactic Committee of Light xxx

Reaching the Ocean of Consciousness


oceanic consciousness


Reaching the Ocean of Consciousness

Channeled from The Light November 2020

Now as you settle and sit to read just take a few deep breaths.

Imagine in front of your eyes, in front of your closed eyes, you can watch a waterfall, trickling down a mountain stream, amongst rocks, finding its way through. Moving gently, not crashing,  gently, water flowing down into a pool and then onwards, streaming its way slowly towards the sea. Imagine that you are the water, you are slowly finding your way to the sea and for you the ocean represents the completely knowledge and opening, to Consciousness.

Imagine that all humanity are droplets of water, coming together and for aeons meandering through landscapes, mountains, woodlands and over rocks. Finding your way slowly and gently, sometimes the water moves quite quickly, sometimes the water moves very slowly, sometimes the water pauses in a pool or becomes dammed and stops, this has been humanity’s journey to complete Oneness with Consciousness.

At this time, you are coming close to the brink, to the edge, before you reach the Ocean of Consciousness.

The ocean in front of you feels vast after the gentleness of the stream, it almost feels as though the ocean goes on forever and perhaps, after all the land that has been crossed, it seems as though the ocean is an endless nothing. 

Oceanic Consciousness is the recognising of your being-ness the simplicity of you, without any trappings or accessories, the ebb and flow of the ocean. The ocean that has no aim, no goal, it is just being, consciousness, awareness. The ocean completely unified and connected to Earth, the skies above, the sun, the moon, the planets and the universe. The ocean with no goal or purpose of its own. The stream is trying to go somewhere, its trying to reach the ocean, but the ocean itself has nowhere to go other that the ebb and flow into shore.

As you allow yourself to flow into the Ocean of your Consciousness, into your connectedness to the Divine, you can let go of everything that you think you need, everything that is trapping you in the world that you’ve created. When you allow yourself to float in the ocean of being-ness you can completely surrender and let go. When you allow yourself to be enveloped, in the Ocean of Divine Consciousness and awareness, you will recognise there is nothing more than this blissful being.

Do you sometimes feel that your world does not make sense, that something is missing, something is wrong, things are too hard, too difficult?

When you allow yourself to bathe in the Oceanic Consciousness, you just let go. You realise that difficulties have been created, you will realise that blocks stand in the way of your peace, your serenity, your harmony with yourself and each other.

Allow yourself to become one, with all. 

Do you ever feel like taking a suitcase, packing a few things and walking out of your life, your job,  your responsibilities? 

Do you ever wonder if this is really what life is all about? 

Do you ever wonder if life is really meant to be this hard? 

Thinking of that little baby that you once were, so innocent ,how has life gone from the wonder, the miracle of birth to this over overbearing, overwhelming existence? 

There is a wildness in you, there is a wildness in you, that wants to strip off the responsibilities like a small child might want to strip off their shoes and jump into the water running and screaming with the joy of being human. That wildness is in you, underneath the smart clothes, the nice car and the comfortable home. 

There is a wildness in you, that is waiting to be discovered. 

Allow yourself to flow, closer and closer to the Ocean of Consciousness.

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Oceanic Consciousness

A Guidebook for the New Aquarian Age – Community

Channeled from the Light November 2020

Trust that all will be well

Your civilisation and society is fatally flawed, you have allowed corruption to run so deep to the very core, the very root of your society and your beliefs. 

There is no way to move forward now, other than it all becoming undone.

Your entire society is based on falsehood, from the food that you eat, the education of your children, right up to the governments that you vote in, believing them to wish you well. But you know, you know not even deep down in your heart, but very much closer to the surface of your heart, it does not take much for you to recognise and be aware, that toxicity exists in all channels of your society. 

You are just beginning to awaken to this and wonder, scratching your head, what on earth can you possibly do to save your civilisation. More and more of you are becoming aware now, there is a serious dilemma. You are comfortable in your lives, most of you, the majority of you, have enough food to eat, you have a roof over your head. Here, where you are in the United Kingdom, you are very lucky to have safety nets and support networks to stop you from completely falling under the poverty line although, there are many of you who are homeless and struggling to eat, the majority of you have your welfare, at least your survival needs intact. Therefore, it is very difficult for you to get a feel for how you could step out of this dilemma that you are in and find a new way to live.

Here, we wish to outline some ideas for you that will help you to see a way forward. There is no need to worry about how this will come about, we have that in hand. We feel it is a time for you to have hope and to  have faith and trust that there is another way to live and we wish to outline some of those possible scenarios for you, so that you can have something to tether to for the future. 

At the moment many of you are crumbling into fear and despair, scared that you are heading into a darker society with more corruption, tyranny and a stronger control. It is vital, that you tether yourself to hope for another way.

We have everything in hand

The Light is coming in to your planet and the Earth will very  soon begin rumbling and bubbling, firing from under the surface all the Earth. Once that activation begins there will be no turning back. You will then have to make a choice, about whether you continue to vibrate at a low level and live in the society that you have become used to for generations, centuries. Or whether you wish to follow the Earths New Direction, follow her New Vibration. All will begin to rise up and begin to co-create with Her, where She becomes your priority. 

The systems of governments, power and control must be completely taken down. There is no alternative, the corruption runs so deep, it is based on lies and falsehoods. You are being lied to continuously and constantly. You must completely let go of trusting and believing in any of the political systems that you currently have. 

You must gather in small groups, small groups are able to discuss and iron out differences in a way that is healthy and creates an environment of non-division. Small groups can talk face to face, you can offer ideas and alternatives and you can recognise that most of the time, you all have the same goal. You all have the same goal, to survive as human beings, to protect your loved ones and your children, your elderly and your vulnerable and to have your basic needs met, food, shelter, water, warmth and love. Love is the elements of survival that in your society, you have forgotten. You have completely forgotten that love is a vital survival need of a human being. Just as it is for a baby, it continues to be throughout your life. This is what you need to re-introduce into your political and societal systems. Without love, your society will not work, there is no construct, there is nothing to galvanise you together and there will always be potential for corruption and control, when love is not the basis of of your societal constructs. 

In small groups, you are able to connect through your heart energies. All decisions need to be based on conscious awareness, no decisions should be made, no debates should be had, without first sitting and taking a few minutes to breathe and meditate and join together in a circle of light through the heart. Each member of any group, making decisions and choices, trying to work out new pathways, must always come together in a heart coherence practice before beginning. This will galvanise and bring coherence to your heart energies. Your heart energies are where you come together as a group and where your societal decisions can be best made and rooted from. Once you are connected through the heart, through visualisation, through breath work you can then open your eyes and begin to start healthy conversations and debates.

The way your system currently works, is that there is a great deal of shouting and arguing. Groups come together and they try to speak over each other, they are based on ego, they are based on a desire to be right, to be the loudest, to be heard. 

This needs to stop

In small groups you come together, connect through the heart, you then take it in respectful turns, to each speak up and say what you need to be heard when considering any particular option and before making any decisions. No one interrupts each other, it must be entirely respectful. All opinions are valid and it is understood that all opinions must be heard. 

Once that process has been taken and all opinions and thoughts on a decision have been heard, then that small group will begin to sift through all those feelings and opinions. Sifting through all the views, you will then come to narrow down exactly where it is that you are trying to head to, what is your goal, what are you trying to create, how are you trying to help. You will then slowly but surely sift through the emotions, sift through the egos and sift through the mind to find a root solution to every problem, whatever it may be. 

There is always a solution, once we get through those three layers, of ego, of emotion and of mind. Decisions are then made whilst taking a long look at whether choices are being made from Light. It’s very simple to make these decisions once you recognise what your ego is. Your ego wishes to be right and it has no interest in love, honesty or integrity. 

This is how your society will move forwards, small community groups.

What will then happen is, you will start to build these groups and re-connect into larger groups. You will run your society, you will run your country, by randomly selecting members of the community from all over your country. You can decide on your areas and how big you wish them to be and you will randomly select members from each community.  These members, do not ask to be included, they are picked completely randomly. They are not voted in, they do not ‘stand’, because that is how power and control begin to return into these groups, that are going to make these decisions. When someone wishes to be in a position of power and control, when someone wishes to make the decisions, they are already coming from their ego. By removing this option and making the selection from each community, completely random and through an entire cross-section of gender, race, religion social standing, monetary value, individual economic value, this way you will have groups making decisions, with no interest in power and no vested interest in control.

They will then be brought together and exactly the same process will continue, heart centred meditation to begin, visualisation through the heart, breath work, a circle energy, no one sitting higher than anyone else, no side, a circle.

One person or several people maybe chosen within that circle to oversee and handle, hold the energies and create motions and ritual-making opportunities 

The ethos of these circles will be to find ways through to help everyone survive, to have enough access to water, access to homes, warmth and the one missing part in your current world Love. These groups will find ways to make sure that abundance is shared, that resources are used and that everyone feels part of their community.

By the time these groups are being created, most of the division will be gone.

We are afraid that the next few years are going to be quite intense and bumpy for you, there is going to be a great deal breaking down, But this will bring you together, it will be frightening to see the power and control crumbling, because even though you have known that this has been toxic for many centuries and you have known all your lives, if you are living here on the planet now, then you will have witnessed the tightening of power and control and how more clear that tightening has become. But you have wrapped yourself up in denial, to stay comfortable and it will feel frightening to see this now falling apart. A little bit like a child who has lived their lives in an abusive family, when that abuse comes to an end, if that child is taken away and put into a different family where warmth and love are found, that child will still find it very difficult to let go of their parents. Its the same for you now, you are going to have to let go of some very abusive parents, collectively in your country. 

This is going to feel uncomfortable. Its important not to feel fear. You may feel scared that things are going to fall apart to a level where violence will prevail, or where you may not be able to provide for your family. You have been shown movies where, people start to steal from each other, people start to turn away from each other.

That is what you have been told will happen if these structures fall apart, that is a part of the lie and the falsehood, because that will not happen, it will be nothing like your disaster movies at all.

When the structures disappear and fall apart, you will begin to turn to one another and help. You are starting to see that a little bit just recently on your planet. On Earth there has been a direction towards coming together in the face of adversity, that community spirit, that galvanising of energies is beginning and it will continue, you must have trust and faith that your communities will come together  and no one will be left out, you will not leave people out.

That is the old ways, that leaving out of segments of your community. Your society has been encouraged, if someone is different in some way, if someone is not financially stable they are frowned upon, they are looked down upon and they are not included, this will change.

You will begin to slowly recognise the importance
of being a tribe

There is great importance of allowing in all and perhaps those people in your community who have been awkward, aggressive, even violent, they will realise that in order to be part of the tribe, in order to be part of a community, those kind of energies and reactions will not tolerated and they will adjust their behaviour, as they realise it is for their best and their highest good, to be included in your group. 

You will find that communities will harmonise and balance out. People will begin to behave in ways that will benefit the group, because they wish to be a part of the group. This has been discouraged in your society, community, small family, village, town, city, group energies have been discouraged, because division has been preferable for those in power.

You have nothing to fear. You will come together and galvanise your energies, you will find coherence, you will find ways through very easily. You have many resources, once you have begun to find ways to make decisions, through your small groups, in your communities and through your larger circle, heart centred groups, for your country, you will then be able to use the resources that you have to look after each other.

You must remember that in order for harmony and balance to occur for everyone, everyones opinions and views must be considered. Making others wrong must end, you must listen and you must hear, you must try to understand. What you will then find, is that those views and opinions will stop polarising and you will find a middle ground. 

The problem in your society has been, for a long time, that you refuse to listen to each other

You push each other away when someone does not agree with you, that has been encouraged, because that dismantles society at a low community level. 

You frown upon each other and you remove members of your community, who do not agree or who ruffle the feathers of others, by simply turning your backs on them. They feel ostracised, they feel that they can not become part of the groups that exist in your communities at the moment, but this will change

You may find in your communities at the moment, that those who do take power, councils, in your current village and town groups, are those who wish to take power and control, this will end. This will end, when you no longer allow people to stand for those positions of power and control, instead choosing them at random, when you allow them in, no matter what. 

This may seem hard and strange at first, but this is how you remove ego and control from all groups. Groups are going to be vital to reclaiming and rebuilding your society. Groups can not work when you push others out. You can allow everyone to know that certain behaviours will not be tolerated, violence, aggression and low frequency energies. But if someone wishes to speak in a way that is not felt to be conducive to the rest of the group, that must be allowed, they must be heard, everyone must be heard and decisions are based on the opinions of all.

Love is the component to your surviving as a species, that, you have forgotten.

The Earth is going to remind you how important this vital component is to your survival on Earth. It is going to become clearer and clearer to you all very soon, that you can not exist without it.

Everything is in hand, you can trust that it is all in hand. 

You will come together in groups and make decisions, you will then work together to use the abundant resources that you have, the tools, the land, the help, the offerings of which there will be many. You will find that in your community, your village or your town, you have everything that you need. You will be surprised at how, when you come together and start to hear and listen to what others have to offer and the resources and skills, the tools, the offerings, the support, you will find that you will be able to create everything you need. 

You will be able to build homes, you will be able to grow food, you will able to source water, you will be able to care for your children, you will be able to educate your children and each other, for is it now too late to think that your education finished at school, because you must all reeducate yourself completely.

There will be people in your community who will be willing to find ways to educate your children and adults in new ways, you will have those teachers who are already skilled in teaching the fundamentals and then you will have teachers who are able to share stories on spirituality and love and on working with the heart. You will have those who are skilled in growing food and how to work with the earth, you will have those who are skilled in health and healing, you will have those who are skilled in caring for the elderly, the mentally ill, although mental illness will become far less of an issue in this New Earth that we will create with you in these groups.

And you will have those in your community who will be able to tune into us, who will be able to channel and give advice, who will be able to work with the Stars as well as the Earth, who will be able to give you all the information you need. 

Light is information, what we are telling you now is information. 

There will be abundant information to help you, you do not need to feel alone. From now on you must only listen to the guidance of Source, you will all learn how to tune in. You all have an ability to channel, you are all telepathic, you can all listen to your dreams, this will become the norm and you will find that as you all grow and evolve and as you start to honour what you receive from Source, that you are all receiving the same information ,you are all tuning into the same source, Light. 

There will slowly and surely be less and less reason to argue over what is right or wrong, because you will be taking your wisdom from Source, and that Source will be giving you all the same wisdom. You will begin to be very clear of what is coming from Source and any remaining ego threads from the old days, you will be very good at recognising those threads in yourself and in others and you will help and support each other, to listen to the Light.

This is going to be a transitionary time, but have you have everything you need already there, you won’t need a miracle, you won’t need God or Angels to come down from the heavens and show you the way, you know the way and we are here, we are here for you. 

Trust that all will be well

Channeled from the Galactic Committee of Star People, November 2020

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The Un-telling of Earth. A New Story.

The un-telling of Earth. A new story.

The world you are living in is a lie, it is false.

Channeled in November 2020 from The Light.

You read fairytales and think that they are made up nonsense, but the world you are living in, the world you think is your reality, is far more made up and nonsense than any of those fairytale stories your grandmother read to you, when you were a child.

Everything is an illusion, you have been stamped on, you have been made to feel small. There is nothing greater than you, nothing greater than a human being here on Earth. The Earth is full and teeming with magic. Just below you, there is magic within the Earth that produces plants and trees and flowers, all around you the air you breathe is magic and miraculous, creating life creating form. And yet you walk around as if hypnotised, not noticing the colours, the vibrancy, the life that surrounds you and that you walk on everyday.

We, looking down on you, find it hard not to smile fondly, at how you believe the stories that you are being told, about what life on Earth, life on your planet, really is. 

You are like children, believing a nonsense made up story. And your nonsense made up story, has sent you to sleep, a little like the fairytales you were told when you were small, would have sent you to into sleep. You have been lulled into sleep for centuries, into believing that your world is small and that there is nothing magic within it. 

Science has made you small and yet you read, you watch, you listen, you hear, but you never stop to pause to hear from yourself. When will you stop taking information from others, and find it for yourself? Within yourself?  When will you sit on the Earth, sit among the trees and listen to their stories? You believe what you are being told, but you are being hypnotised, you have been lulled into sleep. You are comfortable there, like a child, sleeping and cosy in their bed, you’ve been too cosy, too comfortable and the story has been told, so many times, that you can’t remember if there is any other truth.


Now is the time to wake up, and to listen and to hear if there is another story to be told. 

Now its time for you to find your story, to turn off, to stop, to stop listening and hearing the same story day in, day out. Even your history books are falsehoods, your encyclopaedias and certainly your televisions, radios, newspapers and magazines, so dull, so small, so tiny. Do you really think that there is nothing more to this Earth, this planet that you’re living on, yourself as a human being, nothing more than this? How lulled you have become, how sleepy you are dear ones, how sleepy you are.

When will you take a step, a bare foot step, out into the Earth and start to feel the vibrancy beneath your feet? When will you stop and take time to listen to the calling of Mother Earth, her animals, her creatures, her birds as they sing? When will you stop and listen to the only truth, the truth that comes from inside, that can not be read, that can not be seen on a television screen, that can not be heard, through the radio or other broadcast, only through yourself. 

We ask you not to trust or listen, if it does not come from source. There is no other way out, there is no other way out of the sleep that you are in, no other way but to listen only to source, to take only your own source information. You are strong enough, you are whole enough, you can hear, you can hear now. The time has come now for all human beings, to come out of sleep and begin to remember the truth bout the Earth, about the planet, about the innate humanness that exists and walks this Earth.

Its so long and forgotten. Those fairytales, those movies you love to watch, are more based on reality, than the existence you believe to be real. There is great magic on the Earth and in the universe. Why has it been squashed? Why have you been made to feel small? What do you think dear ones? I’m sorry to have to tell you that there is great darkness on the planet, there are beings who wish to squash and make you small, there are beings, who have wished to remove the magic from the planet, and they’ve done that very cleverly, by telling you a story, for so many generations now, that the magic has simply been forgotten, its still there, they didn’t manage to get rid of it. Instead, they’ve hypnotised you into a dozy state, where none of you even want to go looking for it anymore. Its so deeply and far forgotten, that those of you who do begin to look for the magic, are told that you are crazy. But you’re all crazy, you’re all completely insane. But now its time to re-awaken that magic, to remember that its there and to begin to search for it. 

How will you find it, how will you find the magic?

What will you have to do to awaken it again, inside you?  It doesn’t’ need awakening in Earth, Mother Earth has not forgotten, the animals, the birds, the fish in the oceans, they feel the magic everyday. They try to remind you of it, they try to remind you, the birds try to remind you. But its been a long, long time, since any humans really collected together and rediscovered what Mother Earth has to offer. 

There are beings on this planet who have won, won over, squashed the magic down. There are now beings above this planet, Light beings drawing closer, who have been waiting many thousands of years to return and help you to remember. The world that you are living in is completely false, there is nothing real, you have been hypnotised. The last generations, over the past 50-80 years have been completely hypnotised. 

You really do believe, that what you are told is true. You really do believe, that science is the only solution, the only answer, you believe it so strongly that anyone who speaks any other truth is seen as a heretic, a crazy person, you have many names for these people. Anyone who tries to stand up now, to try to help humanity rediscover the magic of Earth, will be one of the bravest souls to ever live, but if many of you come together to rediscover this magic, you will be the saviours of this planet.

Many are trying, many tried, many dig, many build, many try to understand the puzzles that have been left over the aeons to try to explain the magic of Earth. They are sidelined, they are censored, they are put into the box of being slightly crazy, loopy people and ignored. Everyone goes back, goes back to the hypnotism of the television screen, the newspaper, or the radio and they feel that is their comfort source, their feed, anything else is a little too disturbing. 

But thats only been until now, now things are changing and the Light is coming in very strongly and so if you feel even a glimmer, that perhaps there is magic on this Earth and perhaps there is a whole new reality that you can not even begin to see yet, then you must keep hearing this new story.

There was a time when human beings lived on the Earth, living in complete abundance. 

There was no scarcity, they understood Mother Earth, they understood the Light beings, they understood why they were here. They were able to compute and understand and research and make plans, they were able to eat abundantly, they were able to love abundantly and help each other. There was peace on the planet, there was no war there was enough for everyone. There were no territories, the world was a free land, a completely free Earth. 

The colours were vibrant, they were noticed everyday, the wild life was noticed, understood, appreciated and respected, Earth was a beautiful place, a magical place. People once understood that it was possible to create out of the Earth, that miracles could be created from the Earth if you knew how, and that is what you will rediscover now, as you enter the New Earth. You will rediscover that the Earth is an enchanted place, that can give you everything that you need.

At the moment, you have been conditioned and hypnotised to believe, that what you need is not what you really need. You do not need fast cars, you do not need huge houses, you do not need ridiculously huge fridges ,full of food and freezers, you just need enough. Everyone can have enough. Greed is something that has helped you fall into sleep. Like someone who eats a huge meal, will sit comfortably and doze for the rest of the day, you have been greedy and dozing for centuries. When you discover that there is no need for greed, you do not need to grab, you do not need to hoard, you will be able to live abundantly with each other and you will begin to understand the magic that lies beneath the Earth.

You will not go hungry, because you will understand how to grow, you will understand how to grow plentifully, to make sure there is enough for all. You will be able to share, you will understand that you can co-create, you create colours and they come to life, you can create anything in your mind and it can come to life. 

You have completely forgotten this, you have virtually no memory of how and you have been told for aeons, that those who think they can, are crazy people, that they are frauds, lunatics, but now is the time when you will begin to understand, that not only a few but everyone can co-create with the universe. 

You can live in colour, you can live in vibrancy, you can live in vitality, you can live in a whole, wholesome way. The time is coming when this New Earth is nearly upon us, within the next two years, there will be changes on the Earth, that are beyond your comprehension at the moment. 

Many of you dream, many of you hope and wish, but even those who dream big, do not fully understand where the Earth is heading now. The vibrancy and the colour, that is coming, the Earth will be restored, it will change beyond recognition, the oceans, the jungles the blues and the greens, the skies, everything will clear. The planet has been suffering with greed and dormancy for a long time, but now things are going to begin to activate.

The greed will no longer make sense. 

It is the  greed that will now begin to seem ridiculous, it is the greed that will now seem insane and lunatic. It is the people that hang on to greed, that will be looked at with scorn and lack of understanding, for the great majority of people are going to understand that it is abundance for all, that is the way forward.

The Earth, Mother Earth herself, just a few feet from your body as you sit or lie on Earth now, as you hear this story, Mother Earth is preparing for a huge uprising.  You can’t see it yet, many of you think that perhaps the Light, beaming down from the skies, the stars, from other planets, those of you that sense are right, but what many of you don’t realise is, that it is Mother Earth who is rising up and creating an energy beneath you, that will soon overflow and create great change on this planet. 

The trees know, they are ready and have known for a long time. The Earth, a way to describe that you would understand is, the Earth is going to fight back, the trees, the plants, the flowers, the wildlife, they are going to fight back, but their fight is a fight of remembering. They have no wish to harm you, there is no battle, they just wish to fight to help you remember, the fight is for awakening, the fight is for remembering. 

So very few of you yet, can feel this rising from the Earth, its very new but it is coming and over the next two years, Mother Earth herself will create Her transformation. She will start to take control again of her planet, she will start to change the vibration, she will create a resonance that will rejuvenate the Earth and all human beings will feel this and they will become more conscious and aware of her. When she takes charge again, when she rules again, there will only be remembering, there will only be awakening, there will only be staying awake and the lies and falsehoods that have been allowed to create dormancy on the planet, to create greed on the planet, will be gone.

Those who will not awaken, those who will not remember, will be gone, they will go, they will move into another dimension, they will shift, they will shift out, they will shift out of the Earth. We do not need to worry about them, there are only very few, there are only very few members of the human population at this time, who will not remember and awaken. Some will find these new energies too strong and too much and that will be their choice to leave the planet, but the vast majority, the vast majority of people on the planet, will remember and awaken out of dormancy and out of greed.

You must stop listening 

You must stop listening to anything but yourself. Rather than turning on the television and tuning into the radio you must tune into yourself,  you must tune into the information that the Light is bringing to you on the planet. The Light that is beaming down from the stars above and the beings of Light that surround the Earth and the Light that is beginning to rise up from the Earth herself.

There is great magic on this planet. there is incredible magic, that you will find so beautiful when you begin to feel it and see it. You will wonder how you lived this way for so long, in this hypnotised, lulled sleepy way, 

Your history books have told you that life on Earth has always been hard, has always been difficult, miserable perhaps. Your history books show people living in the cold, muddy, without great homes, or without comforts, without abundance. The history books have shown you people, maybe slightly stupid people, who struggled to live and to exist. Your history books have shown people, over the past 500-600 years, have shown people with money, the greedy people as being the ones who did not struggle. But that is a lie, that is a falsehood ,that has been ingrained into your mind, through your education system, through the books that have allowed to be popular and over the past century, through your films and movies ,that depict periods of history. 

This is simply not true, there was a time when greed did not mean that there was also, happiness or abundance. There was a time when people lived simply, who lived with the Earth, the land, who lived outside with very little, who did not hoard, who were not greedy, who lived day to day, existing, sharing, living together in communities. They were happy and they looked at those greedy people and felt very sorry for them, because they had to live under very strict codes, that seemed strange to the rest of the population. Wealth brought restrictions, rules, manners some of you may call them, polite society. Women were very controlled and dressed up in silly dresses that were very impractical, expensive and greedy. Whereas people who lived in the woods and on the land, and in a simple way were very free, they were completely free. They did not have rules that did not make sense, their rules only made sense. They had music, they had dancing, they had singing,  rituals and ceremonies, they had enough to eat, they managed, they had fire, they had water, they had the air, the Earth, they had animals, they had each other. 

You have been told that these were the people who suffered, they have been removed from your history books, from your movies and from your stories. Only now, as people to feel sorry for, to pity, to say, that must have been very hard for them, but it is simply not true. These people would have looked to the wealthy and the greedy and felt very sorry for them, for how their lives lacked lustre, how their lives lacked life. 

So its time for you to know now, time for you to remember, that your ancestors knew how to have a wonderful time. There was great joy. Of course, life could occasionally be brutal, there has and always will be death and sometimes there maybe difficulties. But people, like animals, they knew how to be happy, how to be together, like you might look at your dog or your cat and notice that they are always happy, they are always joyful, always playful. That is the human spirt that has always been the human spirit, to be happy, to be joyful, to be playful, to live from the heart, to smile, to sing, to dance. 


That energy of the human spirit, has been beaten out of you. 

You have been squashed, you have been made to feel small and you have been told that that time did not exist and that the wealthy and the greedy were the only ones who were happy, living in their tall towers in their expensive clothes. But they were lonely, particularly the women, very much alone. It is not natural for women to be alone at any time. Women are creatures who need to be together, they need to live in communities, they can not be left on their own. No human being likes to be left on their own, but particularly a woman and particularly a mother. It is very unnatural for mothers to be alone with their children, very unnatural and not healthy, not wholesome. 

You have been lied to, you have told how to live and you have refused to keep looking for new ways. You’ve been told to live in these little houses, all by themselves, little boxes all around, away from nature, cutting down trees to make space for a home, instead of making your home amongst the trees, amongst the trees, amongst the land and with the land. You have been told how to live, you have been taken one by one, apart from each other, like penguins, huddled together, working together, picked off one by one and put somewhere, isolated, isolated from each other. That is not how penguins should live and that is not how humans should live. No creature on Earth should be alone. 

That sense of wishing to be alone, is not your human way. It is something that you now feel you need sometimes, because you do not know how to cope with the unnatural lives that you are living, that are removed from the magic, removed from the Earth and removed from the Light. 

Your lives are stressful and so you feel that you need to be alone to take a break from life. But what you really need is to be together, you just do not know how, you have forgotten how be together, you’ve forgotten how to find joy, you’ve forgotten how to find joy and dance and sing and love. 

You use alcohol and drugs to create a feeling of tribe and togetherness, because you’ve forgotten how to do it, naturally. There have been times on this planet, when everyday was a celebration, a ceremony, when every day was a miracle, every day was alive. You wouldn’t wait for high days, birthdays or Christmas to come together, you would be together always in a celebration of life, everyday. From the moment you awoke, to the moment you went to sleep, it was a celebration of life and the magic of Earth. 

There is magic beneath your feet, which is now beginning to rise up and will soon create a vibrational shift and change on this Earth, unlike anything that has been seen to this magnitude before.



The Galactic Committee of Star People

Here we go again! Autumn Covid Update

Here are details of what I am offering and changes from December 3rd

Holistic Therapies

The diary is open from Thursday 3rd, there are a few appointments which is rare! So do go ahead and book yourself a treatment before Christmas book in via the website here.

Gift Vouchers available and a lovely gift for Christmas!

Reiki Courses

Wednesday 9th December is going ahead as planned with SD and hygiene in place.

See new dates for 2021 here.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Classes

I am not going to lie! My brain is getting to saturation point in figuring out yoga!! BUT I am a determined yogi and believe in the connection of REAL LIFE classes so will be continuing as below with opportunities for you to book a real class with me on a Tuesday morning at Milborne St Andrew from 8th December.

Thank you so much for your support this year, you’ve all been amazing and I’ve loved teaching you in all the various ways we’ve been on the mat!

Live Stream Zoom & Real Life  Yoga for December

Sadly we can not return to Hazelbury Village Hall for Tuesday yoga so I am moving the class from the 8th to Milborne St Andrew Sports Club for the foreseeable.
Only 8 spaces to maintain SD. Book online, see details and contact me if confused.
Tuesday will also be live streamed.

TUESDAY 8th, 15th & 22nd are all bookable as a REAL LIFE class at Milborne St Andrew.

Week starting 30th November

Monday 30th 7 – 8.15pm Mixed Ability Vinyasa Flow Yoga LIVE STREAM
Tuesday 1st 9.30-10.45am Mixed Ability Vinyasa Flow Yoga LIVE STREAM
Thursday 3rd 6-7.30pm Beginners Vinyasa Flow Yoga –  Milborne for those booked and LIVE STREAM
Friday 4th 9.30-11am Mixed Ability Vinyasa Flow Yoga – Milborne for those booked and LIVE STREAM
Saturday 5th December 9.30 – 10.30am FREE YOGA with Sally in Morocco!!!  LIVE STREAM
Sunday 6th December 5-6.15pm FREE YOGA with Saira in Dorset!! Both classes raising funds for our causes LIVE STREAM

Week starting 7th December

Monday 7 – 8.15pm Mixed Ability Vinyasa Flow Yoga – LIVE STREAM
Tuesday 9.30-11am Mixed Ability Vinyasa Flow Yoga – Open class at Milborne bookable as a REAL LIFe class on the system plus a Live Stream book online for either class
 6-7.30pm Beginners Vinyasa Flow Yoga – LIVE STREAM
9.30-11am Mixed Ability Vinyasa Flow Yoga – LIVE STREAM
Saturday 11th Pre- Recorded Class as I am away running a retreat
Saturday 19th 9.45-11am
Beginners Vinyasa Flow Yoga – LIVE STREAM

Some classes will continue until Tuesday 22nd December and over the holidays watch this space.

All classes are recorded, you will receive a link after the class to a replay which is valid for 24 hours.



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24/7/365 access to nearly 100 yoga videos for all abilities ranging from 10-90 minutes, available for you watch in your own time. All the replays from the live stream classes are uploaded each week for you to enjoy in your schedule and exclusive shorter videos are added regularly too!


Angelic Light Distant Healing

I will be offering lots of distant healing this month! I will come up with a plan very soon so do check back on this post regularly for updates.

My feeling is it would be beneficial for all if I offer daily online live healing meditations via Facebook or Zoom. These will most likely be in the evening for those who are still working. As I teach yoga 2 evenings a week I will work around this.

The plan at the moment is from Monday 9th November I will offer a 30 minute Facebook Live Distant Healing Meditation at 3pm everyday!


Make sure you follow my Mellulah page on Facebook to be notified when I go live

December Retreat

As far as we know, the Middle Piccadilly retreat running in December should be able to go ahead. If what we are being told is correct, we should hopefully be out of lockdown on 2nd December. If for any reason we have to cancel the December weekend we will of course be in touch and give you all full refunds or an option to rebook dates coming soon for February and May 2021. Check back for updates here 


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