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This workshop was held on zoom in December 2023, you can now buy and watch the 4.5 hour workshop via a private youtube link anytime by using the Stripe checkout below. The link will be on the checkout confirmation page and all other instructions are in the youtube link.

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Saira has been aware of Angelic Presences in her life since 1998 and has been working with energy healing since 2004. She has felt called to pass on guidance to others, about how to connect and tune in to the subtle energies around us, to our higher selves, our soul. Saira has been teaching Reiki to students for many years and this course would benefit anyone who is already working with the healing modalities, or who wishes to increase their connecting to the Angelic Realms.

  • Seeing through the Veil of Reality
  • Connecting with Spirt & Working with the Akashic Records
  • Practical Guidance to Connect to your Higher Soul
  • Hearing your Angels, Spirit Guides and Light Team
  • Trusting your Intuition
  • Working with Subtle Energies 
  • Awaken your Third Eye Pineal Gland
  • Activate your Awakening Meditation
  • Clearing Past Life Traumas from Previous Incarnations as a Healer
  • Becoming Fully Awakened and Being of Service to Light
  • LOTS of practical exercises, breathwork, activations from my Angelic Team plus Clearing for Past Life Lightworker Wounds plus MORE! 
  • Full Course Recording for you to keep and Full Manual via PDF  

This workshop will be very helpful for anyone working to Clear Karma though the Akashic Records, Past Life Healings and any Energy Healing Work for yourself or with others.

Buy and watch online £33


A shorter 1 hour version of this Awakening Workshop will be a part of the Akashic Record Clearing Training with Adrian Lee in Dorset on 28th October 2023 and online on 18th November 2023, to book those trainings please go direct to Adrians website here


Activate Your Awakening Meditation

Saira works with beautiful Light-beings, Angels and Archangel Metatron, her angelic team will take you through  a powerful several exercises, healings, clearings and an Activation Meditation during this workshop, to ignite your inner Light, activate the Light Codes within your DNA to bring a greater and more abundant connection to you on the day and in the days, weeks and months afterwards.

I thought I would share some of the blog posts I have written over the past few years for you to read if you’d like to know more about my own journey with Awakening over the past 25 years. Its not necessary for the course! But if you would like to get to know me better xxx

Blog posts from 2020 to date:

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Contemplation; A Catalyst for Awakening


Seeing through the Veil of Reality

When it is our time to connect through the veil of this reality and witness first hand, the Divine in action through us, it happens spontaneously and can not be forced. With guidance, wisdom, commitment and release of the egoic mind, we can move closer to the subtle energies around us, connecting through our Third Eye and finding what is naturally given to all of us, but lost for many in our dense, material world.

You do not need to be chosen or special to awaken yourself spiritually, we are all awake if we wish to be, it is just many have lost their connection to their True Self, their Awareness.

If it is your time to fully wake up, as it is for so many on the planet at this time of mass awakening, the guidance in this workshop will help bring that to you in all the magic, wonder and healing that it brings.

Working with Subtle Energies

Saira will share ways to work with past life healing, subtle energy release and tuning in to hear messages from your Angels. Guidance of how to clear negative, unwanted energies from your self, others and your space, home and land. How to see, hear and sense messages, guidance and wisdom from the Light.
How to be discerning about what you are connecting to, working with our own shadow energies within, to ensure we are connecting only to Light and not allowing ourselves to be corrupted as we open up to the spiritual realms.
Trusting yourself is vital if you are to open up fully to the Light, learning to follow your intuition, whilst holding yourself in full awareness is key to flowing freely with the abundant spiritual guidance available to us all on Earth and through the Cosmos.

Awaken your Third Eye

During this workshop, Saira will guide you through practical ways to open up your Spiritual Third Eye Chakra to begin connecting to your intuition, psychic ability, spirt guides and Light-beings.

Your Pineal Gland is the centre of awareness and consciousness within us all, there are many ways we can awaken this hidden, mysterious part of ourselves and you will find out all about this part of you, behind your eyes and will begin to fully connect to the ability to spiritually see, within us all. The Pineal Gland can be ‘calcified’ through many environmental and day to day actions in our lives, knowing what to do and how to reverse this blocking of this mystical connector, will help you find a way to your Higher Self more easily and simply.

Clearing Past Life Traumas from Previous Incarnations as a Healer

Many star seeds who have been sent to Earth at this time to help us transition into the New Aquarian age, are suffering with past life trauma from previous incarnations where they were persecuted, brutalised, killed, tortured, or ridiculed for their healing abilities and energy work. There have been many periods in human history where large numbers of spiritual individuals, groups and communities have been wiped out by political and religious sects.
These energetic imprints of trauma have caused some currently here on Earth, to back away from fully embracing their abilities as he has, many are deeply afraid to come out and act on the awakening that is happening for them, preferring to stay quiet or completely feeling in denial that they are able to connect to the more subtle energies and help others with their healing abilities. This is clearing during the workshop, will help you to feel your password tonight around this area, Helping you to fully embrace yourself as an energy worker and light worker, helping you to fully fulfil your sole purpose here in this life as a Starseed, and fully release all trauma and discomfort around becoming a part of the awakened spiritual, Healing community that is ever growing on our planet at this time.

Being of Service to Light

Making a commitment to being of service to Light is a major step in anyones spiritual journey. We can commit to being a channel to Light and allowing ourselves to be cleared, cleansed and purified of all that stands in the way of us being the greatest channel we can be.
Offering ourselves up wholly and completely is a beautiful experience of deep surrender, trust and faith in the Divine, life can move into a Divine Flow, allowing ourselves to be taken on a blissful journey of self-healing and transformation as we align ourselves in Light and into the Cosmos through all timelines and planes of existence.



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