Reaching the Ocean of Consciousness


oceanic consciousness


Reaching the Ocean of Consciousness

Channeled from The Light November 2020

Now as you settle and sit to read just take a few deep breaths.

Imagine in front of your eyes, in front of your closed eyes, you can watch a waterfall, trickling down a mountain stream, amongst rocks, finding its way through. Moving gently, not crashing,  gently, water flowing down into a pool and then onwards, streaming its way slowly towards the sea. Imagine that you are the water, you are slowly finding your way to the sea and for you the ocean represents the completely knowledge and opening, to Consciousness.

Imagine that all humanity are droplets of water, coming together and for aeons meandering through landscapes, mountains, woodlands and over rocks. Finding your way slowly and gently, sometimes the water moves quite quickly, sometimes the water moves very slowly, sometimes the water pauses in a pool or becomes dammed and stops, this has been humanity’s journey to complete Oneness with Consciousness.

At this time, you are coming close to the brink, to the edge, before you reach the Ocean of Consciousness.

The ocean in front of you feels vast after the gentleness of the stream, it almost feels as though the ocean goes on forever and perhaps, after all the land that has been crossed, it seems as though the ocean is an endless nothing. 

Oceanic Consciousness is the recognising of your being-ness the simplicity of you, without any trappings or accessories, the ebb and flow of the ocean. The ocean that has no aim, no goal, it is just being, consciousness, awareness. The ocean completely unified and connected to Earth, the skies above, the sun, the moon, the planets and the universe. The ocean with no goal or purpose of its own. The stream is trying to go somewhere, its trying to reach the ocean, but the ocean itself has nowhere to go other that the ebb and flow into shore.

As you allow yourself to flow into the Ocean of your Consciousness, into your connectedness to the Divine, you can let go of everything that you think you need, everything that is trapping you in the world that you’ve created. When you allow yourself to float in the ocean of being-ness you can completely surrender and let go. When you allow yourself to be enveloped, in the Ocean of Divine Consciousness and awareness, you will recognise there is nothing more than this blissful being.

Do you sometimes feel that your world does not make sense, that something is missing, something is wrong, things are too hard, too difficult?

When you allow yourself to bathe in the Oceanic Consciousness, you just let go. You realise that difficulties have been created, you will realise that blocks stand in the way of your peace, your serenity, your harmony with yourself and each other.

Allow yourself to become one, with all. 

Do you ever feel like taking a suitcase, packing a few things and walking out of your life, your job,  your responsibilities? 

Do you ever wonder if this is really what life is all about? 

Do you ever wonder if life is really meant to be this hard? 

Thinking of that little baby that you once were, so innocent ,how has life gone from the wonder, the miracle of birth to this over overbearing, overwhelming existence? 

There is a wildness in you, there is a wildness in you, that wants to strip off the responsibilities like a small child might want to strip off their shoes and jump into the water running and screaming with the joy of being human. That wildness is in you, underneath the smart clothes, the nice car and the comfortable home. 

There is a wildness in you, that is waiting to be discovered. 

Allow yourself to flow, closer and closer to the Ocean of Consciousness.

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Oceanic Consciousness

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