Contemplation; A Catalyst for Awakening


The Act of Contemplation

As the Earth steadily propels us towards an energy of awakening that deepens and transforms us day by day, is it time to focus not on definite truths and falsehoods that make up our reality, but on the possibilities that are unfolding before us?

So many are now questioning not only narratives of politics and the media, but the fundamentals of reality itself.

The persistent attempts to control our minds and our thoughts have spurred inquiries into far more than just the BBC news and Politics Today, the questions are now, is anything genuine? Is anything we’ve ever been told real? Are the history books works of fiction and do our origins as a race resemble anything close to what we absorbed through our education system?

To Awaken Satya, Truth

Where we stand now is inspiring. This phenomena  doesn’t represent people descending into madness or losing their rational  minds, this is us using our intellectual capacities to open up to infinite possibilities, boundless prospects and endless new ways to comprehend our world. This is a process of breaking out of the moulds and foundations set in during our early year childhood education, where probing and questioning our reality was not considered important or vital to our existence.

Understanding that where we stand now, it doesn’t matter what the truth is, the focus is on scrutinising the truth we’ve been given. We are firing up our brains neural connections and cognitive pathways, enabling our consciousness to expand. It doesn’t matter if the Earth is a sphere, flat, square or holographic. It doesn’t matter if Ancient Civilisations were advanced and in contact with celestial bodies, or if Antartica holds the key to extra-terrestrial existence,  what matters is the act of contemplating these mysteries. 

We can sit and look out at the horizon over the ocean, and wonder, releasing our clinging to certainties and instead becoming open to possibilities. 

A mystery, when approached with a curious mindset can be delicious, curiosity is powerful nourishment for the soul.

De-programming our perceptions

This is how we awaken, through the act of questioning the given. Trusting that all we know, is inadequate and that Satya, truth, rests in the hands of a higher power. When the knowledge we seek is ready to be bestowed on us, it will be. 

Its exciting that so many are now taking the time to ‘de-program’ themselves by disengaging from the media and television completely. Being cautious about the information sources that they allow into their impressionable minds. Instead finding an openness to explore without fear or judgement, to become inspired and exalted through expansion of the minds infinite possibilities and our human capabilities.


Svadaya, self-study, involves not simply accumulating facts and information, but stretching the muscle of the brain to expand its ability to think beyond what it is has been told to think. This is what true education and study is all about, not just an ingestion of knowledge and information, but an active enlargement of our minds scope, which enables us to welcome the infinite possibilities available  to us, allowing information from Divine Source to enter. 

In time, when we are ready, we will be enlightened to this mystery. It will come, perhaps in our lifetimes, perhaps not. Our only role is to remain receptive.


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