My Spiritual Journey

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A Spiritual Adventure!

Part One

Outing myself and my Spirit Guides!

Many of you will have known me for many years for my yoga teaching and retreats, some will have come to me for therapies and healing in the past, but I haven’t always been quite so open about my true spiritual connection. Recently, events around the world have led me to feel that I need to be more honest, open, share my truth and the channeled messages and meditations, the healing that comes to me and pass it onto you all, if you would like it.

This is me, outing myself to you whether you know me or not, as a totally cosmic out there lady!

How it all started

I first started channelling through spirit guides in 1998, whilst pregnant with my first daughter Betsy, it came out of nowhere and suddenly my inner world transformed as I began a tentative communication with something I knew little of, and very rarely spoke of to anyone for many many years. It was quite isolating and if I’m honest, yes, at times I thought I had gone completely crazy!  In 2004 after the birth of my second daughter Mimi and shortly before becoming pregnant with my third little cosmic bundle, Lenny, I started to also see Angels, or as I prefer to call them, Lightbeings.

The first Lightbeing I ever had the privilege to see, was a huge blue orb. It was at least 1.5m in diameter and the light shining from it radiated out in rays, it hovered in the air for a few incredible moments, right between Betsy (then 4 years old) and I, as I left her room after saying goodnight. I was in complete shock after witnessing this at first, it took me many weeks to fully recover from what I had witnessed and Betsy slept in my bed for a while too!

I am completely convinced that my children bring a lot of the energy I feel to me, the fact it all started during my first pregnancy and that all my children, now aged 14,17 & 21 are very connected to the energy themselves, I think my children helped me to awaken.

Once the shock had subsided, life transformed. I was introduced to a beautiful local woman named Wren Murray. Wren worked with powerful healing energy, Shamanic work and mediumship. She came to see me at home and told me I had a gift as a healer, she showed me how to work with the energy and that the Lightbeings were coming to me now, because they had been trying to connect with me for years, but I’d not really been listening. They’d tried many, soft, gentle methods to get me to accept and work with them, but they’d tired of the gentle approach and so had come to me in a way that was impossible to ignore and that would set me on the right path after too many years of distractions.

How do I see and feel my Spirit Guides

I see my spirit guides as Light, sometimes large or sometimes tiny blue orbs, white crystalline light or swirling lights that spiral like DNA in the air. I feel it too, I walk around most days with a pressure around my temples, it gets stronger when my guides want me to listen more intently, or I’ll hear a high pitched sound or feel a lightness on my cheek that just reminds me to stop, to tune in and to hear deeply. When I’m working, either remotely or with someone in the room with me, it can get so strong its really intense around my head. I think of it sometimes like spirit is holding me as if they are giving me the healing energy so I can pass it on. Imagine someone stood behind you with their hands around the sides of your head, that is what I feel most of the time during the day.

Since 2004 when things really started to happen, I have followed their guidance and surrendered to a path that I feel has been mapped out, step by step, by these Light-guides. I trust them completely and my business, Mellulah, would not exist or have had the success it has, had I not listened and followed the journey they have led me on, and done what I was told to do, over and over again to bring me to here, today.

Channeling and receiving messages has become so natural now I rarely think about it as being more than just part of life, but I realise it is very special and I do feel very honoured to have this connection. Sometimes I am just given advice or guidance for my own personal life or where to take steps or move away from things in my work. But often the communication is much more about all humanity, the energy coming in, the vibration that is changing in some way.

Also I am told what is needed in a yoga class or on a retreat, what to say during a meditation, most of my work is not pre-planned, and if I do plan it, that often goes out the window when you all arrive and I am given guidance of what is needed at that time.

So I am beginning to share more openly now and have been putting my recent channeled messages online via social media and youtube the past few weeks, the response from you all has been so lovely, to know it is really helping you is beautiful. I also started the healing group to send distant healing which I am delighted to know is helping many of you at this time.

Meeting my spirit guides

I first felt introduced personally to my Lightbeings in 2006 when I was living in a beautiful, quiet, tucked away place called Happy Bottom in Dorset. My children were still very young and I had cut myself off from the past and found a little cottage in the woods to retreat and spend some time being a hermit for a few years after divorce and a hard time.

They first called themselves the ‘Earth Priests’,there were three of them and this led me into exploring some of the ancient Earth based traditions like Paganism, Druidism and I loved reading and educating myself on the traditions we had in England many years ago. Much of this was so connected to yoga and Eastern traditions but just lost along the way, particularly by the Inquisition that annihilated these beautiful rituals and ceremonies from society and from our history books.

In 2008, I took an amazing trip to Arizona in the US and visited a number of ancient Navajo sites. It was during a guided tour at Palatki, that I managed to find a few moments in an ancient cave by myself, slipping away from the group. There I began to see incredible lights, filling the space with white light and spiralling silhouettes of figures began to appear. Here I met the Earth Priests I’d been communing with for the past 2 years, they gave me their names, Erinkudo, Erinyama and Donashtiyamo.

Since then I have met many  spirit guides, you will too. We are sent different guides for certain periods in our lives, for me the Lightbeings who have stayed close, are there to help me with my work. They help me to tune into people to help them heal, they show me the next step but never the whole picture. I am guessing as much as anyone, I don’t know exactly how things will work out, I have to trust implicitly that if I leap, I will land, eventually.

Its an adventure! An adventure that I am grateful for everyday.

Part 2 – A Spiritual Awakening 


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