The Un-telling of Earth. A New Story.

The un-telling of Earth. A new story.

The world you are living in is a lie, it is false.

Channeled in November 2020 from The Light.

You read fairytales and think that they are made up nonsense, but the world you are living in, the world you think is your reality, is far more made up and nonsense than any of those fairytale stories your grandmother read to you, when you were a child.

Everything is an illusion, you have been stamped on, you have been made to feel small. There is nothing greater than you, nothing greater than a human being here on Earth. The Earth is full and teeming with magic. Just below you, there is magic within the Earth that produces plants and trees and flowers, all around you the air you breathe is magic and miraculous, creating life creating form. And yet you walk around as if hypnotised, not noticing the colours, the vibrancy, the life that surrounds you and that you walk on everyday.

We, looking down on you, find it hard not to smile fondly, at how you believe the stories that you are being told, about what life on Earth, life on your planet, really is. 

You are like children, believing a nonsense made up story. And your nonsense made up story, has sent you to sleep, a little like the fairytales you were told when you were small, would have sent you to into sleep. You have been lulled into sleep for centuries, into believing that your world is small and that there is nothing magic within it. 

Science has made you small and yet you read, you watch, you listen, you hear, but you never stop to pause to hear from yourself. When will you stop taking information from others, and find it for yourself? Within yourself?  When will you sit on the Earth, sit among the trees and listen to their stories? You believe what you are being told, but you are being hypnotised, you have been lulled into sleep. You are comfortable there, like a child, sleeping and cosy in their bed, you’ve been too cosy, too comfortable and the story has been told, so many times, that you can’t remember if there is any other truth.


Now is the time to wake up, and to listen and to hear if there is another story to be told. 

Now its time for you to find your story, to turn off, to stop, to stop listening and hearing the same story day in, day out. Even your history books are falsehoods, your encyclopaedias and certainly your televisions, radios, newspapers and magazines, so dull, so small, so tiny. Do you really think that there is nothing more to this Earth, this planet that you’re living on, yourself as a human being, nothing more than this? How lulled you have become, how sleepy you are dear ones, how sleepy you are.

When will you take a step, a bare foot step, out into the Earth and start to feel the vibrancy beneath your feet? When will you stop and take time to listen to the calling of Mother Earth, her animals, her creatures, her birds as they sing? When will you stop and listen to the only truth, the truth that comes from inside, that can not be read, that can not be seen on a television screen, that can not be heard, through the radio or other broadcast, only through yourself. 

We ask you not to trust or listen, if it does not come from source. There is no other way out, there is no other way out of the sleep that you are in, no other way but to listen only to source, to take only your own source information. You are strong enough, you are whole enough, you can hear, you can hear now. The time has come now for all human beings, to come out of sleep and begin to remember the truth bout the Earth, about the planet, about the innate humanness that exists and walks this Earth.

Its so long and forgotten. Those fairytales, those movies you love to watch, are more based on reality, than the existence you believe to be real. There is great magic on the Earth and in the universe. Why has it been squashed? Why have you been made to feel small? What do you think dear ones? I’m sorry to have to tell you that there is great darkness on the planet, there are beings who wish to squash and make you small, there are beings, who have wished to remove the magic from the planet, and they’ve done that very cleverly, by telling you a story, for so many generations now, that the magic has simply been forgotten, its still there, they didn’t manage to get rid of it. Instead, they’ve hypnotised you into a dozy state, where none of you even want to go looking for it anymore. Its so deeply and far forgotten, that those of you who do begin to look for the magic, are told that you are crazy. But you’re all crazy, you’re all completely insane. But now its time to re-awaken that magic, to remember that its there and to begin to search for it. 

How will you find it, how will you find the magic?

What will you have to do to awaken it again, inside you?  It doesn’t’ need awakening in Earth, Mother Earth has not forgotten, the animals, the birds, the fish in the oceans, they feel the magic everyday. They try to remind you of it, they try to remind you, the birds try to remind you. But its been a long, long time, since any humans really collected together and rediscovered what Mother Earth has to offer. 

There are beings on this planet who have won, won over, squashed the magic down. There are now beings above this planet, Light beings drawing closer, who have been waiting many thousands of years to return and help you to remember. The world that you are living in is completely false, there is nothing real, you have been hypnotised. The last generations, over the past 50-80 years have been completely hypnotised. 

You really do believe, that what you are told is true. You really do believe, that science is the only solution, the only answer, you believe it so strongly that anyone who speaks any other truth is seen as a heretic, a crazy person, you have many names for these people. Anyone who tries to stand up now, to try to help humanity rediscover the magic of Earth, will be one of the bravest souls to ever live, but if many of you come together to rediscover this magic, you will be the saviours of this planet.

Many are trying, many tried, many dig, many build, many try to understand the puzzles that have been left over the aeons to try to explain the magic of Earth. They are sidelined, they are censored, they are put into the box of being slightly crazy, loopy people and ignored. Everyone goes back, goes back to the hypnotism of the television screen, the newspaper, or the radio and they feel that is their comfort source, their feed, anything else is a little too disturbing. 

But thats only been until now, now things are changing and the Light is coming in very strongly and so if you feel even a glimmer, that perhaps there is magic on this Earth and perhaps there is a whole new reality that you can not even begin to see yet, then you must keep hearing this new story.

There was a time when human beings lived on the Earth, living in complete abundance. 

There was no scarcity, they understood Mother Earth, they understood the Light beings, they understood why they were here. They were able to compute and understand and research and make plans, they were able to eat abundantly, they were able to love abundantly and help each other. There was peace on the planet, there was no war there was enough for everyone. There were no territories, the world was a free land, a completely free Earth. 

The colours were vibrant, they were noticed everyday, the wild life was noticed, understood, appreciated and respected, Earth was a beautiful place, a magical place. People once understood that it was possible to create out of the Earth, that miracles could be created from the Earth if you knew how, and that is what you will rediscover now, as you enter the New Earth. You will rediscover that the Earth is an enchanted place, that can give you everything that you need.

At the moment, you have been conditioned and hypnotised to believe, that what you need is not what you really need. You do not need fast cars, you do not need huge houses, you do not need ridiculously huge fridges ,full of food and freezers, you just need enough. Everyone can have enough. Greed is something that has helped you fall into sleep. Like someone who eats a huge meal, will sit comfortably and doze for the rest of the day, you have been greedy and dozing for centuries. When you discover that there is no need for greed, you do not need to grab, you do not need to hoard, you will be able to live abundantly with each other and you will begin to understand the magic that lies beneath the Earth.

You will not go hungry, because you will understand how to grow, you will understand how to grow plentifully, to make sure there is enough for all. You will be able to share, you will understand that you can co-create, you create colours and they come to life, you can create anything in your mind and it can come to life. 

You have completely forgotten this, you have virtually no memory of how and you have been told for aeons, that those who think they can, are crazy people, that they are frauds, lunatics, but now is the time when you will begin to understand, that not only a few but everyone can co-create with the universe. 

You can live in colour, you can live in vibrancy, you can live in vitality, you can live in a whole, wholesome way. The time is coming when this New Earth is nearly upon us, within the next two years, there will be changes on the Earth, that are beyond your comprehension at the moment. 

Many of you dream, many of you hope and wish, but even those who dream big, do not fully understand where the Earth is heading now. The vibrancy and the colour, that is coming, the Earth will be restored, it will change beyond recognition, the oceans, the jungles the blues and the greens, the skies, everything will clear. The planet has been suffering with greed and dormancy for a long time, but now things are going to begin to activate.

The greed will no longer make sense. 

It is the  greed that will now begin to seem ridiculous, it is the greed that will now seem insane and lunatic. It is the people that hang on to greed, that will be looked at with scorn and lack of understanding, for the great majority of people are going to understand that it is abundance for all, that is the way forward.

The Earth, Mother Earth herself, just a few feet from your body as you sit or lie on Earth now, as you hear this story, Mother Earth is preparing for a huge uprising.  You can’t see it yet, many of you think that perhaps the Light, beaming down from the skies, the stars, from other planets, those of you that sense are right, but what many of you don’t realise is, that it is Mother Earth who is rising up and creating an energy beneath you, that will soon overflow and create great change on this planet. 

The trees know, they are ready and have known for a long time. The Earth, a way to describe that you would understand is, the Earth is going to fight back, the trees, the plants, the flowers, the wildlife, they are going to fight back, but their fight is a fight of remembering. They have no wish to harm you, there is no battle, they just wish to fight to help you remember, the fight is for awakening, the fight is for remembering. 

So very few of you yet, can feel this rising from the Earth, its very new but it is coming and over the next two years, Mother Earth herself will create Her transformation. She will start to take control again of her planet, she will start to change the vibration, she will create a resonance that will rejuvenate the Earth and all human beings will feel this and they will become more conscious and aware of her. When she takes charge again, when she rules again, there will only be remembering, there will only be awakening, there will only be staying awake and the lies and falsehoods that have been allowed to create dormancy on the planet, to create greed on the planet, will be gone.

Those who will not awaken, those who will not remember, will be gone, they will go, they will move into another dimension, they will shift, they will shift out, they will shift out of the Earth. We do not need to worry about them, there are only very few, there are only very few members of the human population at this time, who will not remember and awaken. Some will find these new energies too strong and too much and that will be their choice to leave the planet, but the vast majority, the vast majority of people on the planet, will remember and awaken out of dormancy and out of greed.

You must stop listening 

You must stop listening to anything but yourself. Rather than turning on the television and tuning into the radio you must tune into yourself,  you must tune into the information that the Light is bringing to you on the planet. The Light that is beaming down from the stars above and the beings of Light that surround the Earth and the Light that is beginning to rise up from the Earth herself.

There is great magic on this planet. there is incredible magic, that you will find so beautiful when you begin to feel it and see it. You will wonder how you lived this way for so long, in this hypnotised, lulled sleepy way, 

Your history books have told you that life on Earth has always been hard, has always been difficult, miserable perhaps. Your history books show people living in the cold, muddy, without great homes, or without comforts, without abundance. The history books have shown you people, maybe slightly stupid people, who struggled to live and to exist. Your history books have shown people, over the past 500-600 years, have shown people with money, the greedy people as being the ones who did not struggle. But that is a lie, that is a falsehood ,that has been ingrained into your mind, through your education system, through the books that have allowed to be popular and over the past century, through your films and movies ,that depict periods of history. 

This is simply not true, there was a time when greed did not mean that there was also, happiness or abundance. There was a time when people lived simply, who lived with the Earth, the land, who lived outside with very little, who did not hoard, who were not greedy, who lived day to day, existing, sharing, living together in communities. They were happy and they looked at those greedy people and felt very sorry for them, because they had to live under very strict codes, that seemed strange to the rest of the population. Wealth brought restrictions, rules, manners some of you may call them, polite society. Women were very controlled and dressed up in silly dresses that were very impractical, expensive and greedy. Whereas people who lived in the woods and on the land, and in a simple way were very free, they were completely free. They did not have rules that did not make sense, their rules only made sense. They had music, they had dancing, they had singing,  rituals and ceremonies, they had enough to eat, they managed, they had fire, they had water, they had the air, the Earth, they had animals, they had each other. 

You have been told that these were the people who suffered, they have been removed from your history books, from your movies and from your stories. Only now, as people to feel sorry for, to pity, to say, that must have been very hard for them, but it is simply not true. These people would have looked to the wealthy and the greedy and felt very sorry for them, for how their lives lacked lustre, how their lives lacked life. 

So its time for you to know now, time for you to remember, that your ancestors knew how to have a wonderful time. There was great joy. Of course, life could occasionally be brutal, there has and always will be death and sometimes there maybe difficulties. But people, like animals, they knew how to be happy, how to be together, like you might look at your dog or your cat and notice that they are always happy, they are always joyful, always playful. That is the human spirt that has always been the human spirit, to be happy, to be joyful, to be playful, to live from the heart, to smile, to sing, to dance. 


That energy of the human spirit, has been beaten out of you. 

You have been squashed, you have been made to feel small and you have been told that that time did not exist and that the wealthy and the greedy were the only ones who were happy, living in their tall towers in their expensive clothes. But they were lonely, particularly the women, very much alone. It is not natural for women to be alone at any time. Women are creatures who need to be together, they need to live in communities, they can not be left on their own. No human being likes to be left on their own, but particularly a woman and particularly a mother. It is very unnatural for mothers to be alone with their children, very unnatural and not healthy, not wholesome. 

You have been lied to, you have told how to live and you have refused to keep looking for new ways. You’ve been told to live in these little houses, all by themselves, little boxes all around, away from nature, cutting down trees to make space for a home, instead of making your home amongst the trees, amongst the trees, amongst the land and with the land. You have been told how to live, you have been taken one by one, apart from each other, like penguins, huddled together, working together, picked off one by one and put somewhere, isolated, isolated from each other. That is not how penguins should live and that is not how humans should live. No creature on Earth should be alone. 

That sense of wishing to be alone, is not your human way. It is something that you now feel you need sometimes, because you do not know how to cope with the unnatural lives that you are living, that are removed from the magic, removed from the Earth and removed from the Light. 

Your lives are stressful and so you feel that you need to be alone to take a break from life. But what you really need is to be together, you just do not know how, you have forgotten how be together, you’ve forgotten how to find joy, you’ve forgotten how to find joy and dance and sing and love. 

You use alcohol and drugs to create a feeling of tribe and togetherness, because you’ve forgotten how to do it, naturally. There have been times on this planet, when everyday was a celebration, a ceremony, when every day was a miracle, every day was alive. You wouldn’t wait for high days, birthdays or Christmas to come together, you would be together always in a celebration of life, everyday. From the moment you awoke, to the moment you went to sleep, it was a celebration of life and the magic of Earth. 

There is magic beneath your feet, which is now beginning to rise up and will soon create a vibrational shift and change on this Earth, unlike anything that has been seen to this magnitude before.



The Galactic Committee of Star People

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