A Guidebook for the New Aquarian Age – Technology

A Guidebook for the Aquarian Age – Technology 

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Channeled from the Light November 2020

There will come a time soon, very soon, when you will realise that the technologies that you use and you find helpful, have a darker side to them. That they are in fact being used to control you, to keep track on you, to listen in to you and to invade your privacy. 

Many of you are coming to realise this more and more now and we are very pleased that many of you have noticed that it is time to rethink the technologies that you have in your life and in your homes. That as a way to protect your families and your freedoms you will need to reassess the involvement of technology in your lives.

We wish to share this information with you so you can make rational, informed decisions on how to proceed into the future and your relationship with technology.

There are technologies in your societies that feel like godsends and much of the information that was used to create these technologies was indeed given to you, through the Light. But as with many advancements in society, the plans, the blueprints, the information has fallen into hands of those who wish to use it, for their own misuse. To gain power, control and with an intention of greed, this is something that you do not want in your everyday life. 

You will need to sift through and make decisions about which technologies  are vital now and necessary, which are a necessity.

Its important to be able to stay in touch, its popular to be able to use digital messages and calls to speak and chat to each other, email, is a wonderful form of communication, phone calls are a beautiful way to stay in touch, through words. 

There is going to be a revolution against technology.

This has happened on your planet before, when technologies fell into the wrong hands and when the technologies and those running them, become gods, thinking that they could control humanity thorough their fingers, through the use of digital technology.

As you awaken spiritually on the planet, you will begin to find these technologies repulsive as they trap and imprison you and take away your liberties and your freedoms. You will turn away and turn off, many of you are realising this now and our advice to you is to be prepared now and to being to sift through. To perhaps choose technologies that are simple and simply allow you to use words, emails and calls. Choosing technologies that can not track your location, technologies that have no intelligence within them, because you can not be sure where that intelligence is coming from. 

Some people on your planet behave towards their devices, as if they are God and they have the answer to everything within them. So the answers are starting to become very small and very narrow, and those who misuse this power are governing and controlling the answers. 

Thousands of pages of ancient texts, books, philosophies, lost. Entire stories and histories created in just a generation, the entire history of Earth could be mutated by those who wish to manipulate and control humanity and destroy knowledge, make it their own. If just a few fingers on a keyboard, tapping and deciding and controlling, are narrowing down the answers can you imagine the power? 

You already see this on your television screens, many, many of you know and have done for decades, how misleading your television screens can be. Whether it be glossy movies, that are very fair and honest in their being make-believe, but still very powerful at changing stories and history, very powerful indeed. Many of you know that channels that profess to be news, profess to be information are of course and clearly detrimental to the truth. 

How can the truth be so different on one side of the world to another, from one location to another, how can the truth change so much, surely that would make it be an untruth. But many of you are yet to realise just how manipulated and controlled the information through your internet is becoming, In fact many of you don’t have televisions in your homes, or you don’t watch the news and you refuse to be manipulated through those channels, and yet you are still asking for answers through technologies that can give you any truth that those in power, wish you to know.

This is tightening and tightening and you are becoming more and more trapped, you are becoming used and squashed and you must begin to notice what is happening. 

It is never easy to realise that you can not trust something that you thought you could, there is always a little shock and process of information, when there is a realisation that there has been much misinformation. But you must wake up now and encourage others too, you must take your information from Divine Source and you must look to the pages of books that were written before this power and control became so prevalent on this planet, over the last 50-60 years. 

Whole sections re-written, entire answers, forgotten, deleted, gone. 

Just the tap of fingers on a keyboard. Who is making these decisions about what is or what isn’t’? Do you think that you should know? Do you think you should find out the source? Because we think you would rather not like it, if you did.

There is going to be an un-doing as the realisation hits you, collectively, that without technology, you are free. 

Over the coming years, it is going to become tighter and tighter and you will feel it more and more and you will have a choice, give in or fight back like warriors against technology. 

You might sit now and think this sounds a little bit scary or frightening, but you will realise in time., you will realise before it is too late, do not fear. Once you realise, then all you have to do, all you have to do to fight back against technology, is unplug. 

Unplug, its simple. 

There is nothing to fear, there is no army outside your door, there is no fierce monster, you just switch it off and if you’re worried that your addiction to it will encourage you back, then just like an alcoholic who pours their last bottle of wine down the sink, you could destroy the technology. In a safe way we don’t ever want to encourage violence, but when you’re finished with something and you put it in the bin you tend to squash it, you might squash it first, you might squash a carton, you might squash a cardboard box, you might burn garden rubbish and then when that rubbish that you’ve put out in your bin reaches the recycling centre, those bits get squashed even more, by machines. 

It is possible to end the tyranny and control through technology by squashing that technology. It can not be destroyed unless you choose to destroy it, the power and control can not be destroyed until you choose to destroy it. 

How simple would it be now, if you were to choose now to end the manipulation of your heart and soul in your home. You might feel sad and perhaps a little wary of taking this advice at this stage, but we wish you to tether to this for the future, to know that this may be something that you may wish to do in the future and there is nothing to be afraid of, because all you have to do is unplug, switch off and destroy technology. If this begins to happen en mass, out in the streets, in towns and cities, do not be afraid, this is just people waking up and noticing and recognising what has happened to them, and how free they could be.

A little like your story of Wizard of Oz, it may seem that technology has you snared, but behind all that power, all that control. is someone tapping at a keyboard somewhere and all you have to do is unplug, switch off throw it away, stamp on it like you would a carton, squash it like you would a cardboard box, and then its gone and then its just you. It can become just you and that one free you, can become millions and billions of other people, who together can no longer be controlled. 

There is no way that those fingers, that belong to a person that is tapping on that keyboard, that controls you through technology, can control you in reality, there are too many of you. 

They will become small, so insignificant when you are no longer beaming their lies into your homes, when you are no longer asking questions that they can control the answers too, they will become powerless and you will be able to stand tall and roar, ‘I’m free how can you control me now, how can you control me now, just try to control us all when we are listening and holding onto each other’

So hear these words, allow them to be a comfort to you when the time comes, when you need this information. Many of you will begin to process and make changes sooner, its beginning to happen. Many of you will help others to understand, but just be aware of where your answers are coming from and just be aware that within one generation it would be possible for an entire history to be deleted and in just one generation the whole story could be changed, if you continue to take your answers from a source, that you can not be sure of in any way.

We are sorry but you can not trust the source of your answers, you have to go back, you have to return to some of the old ways and when the new world dawns, when you are through this transitionary process, when the energies are high enough for you to begin to trust again, then you can take these technologies and turn them into something truly beautiful to help you ALL.

Technology is a beautiful thing, it could bring great freedom to the whole planet, sustainability, resources, information, travel, incredible advances in health, education and communication with all beings, sharing to create a better world. Its all there, the technology is there, you do not need anything, it is there, its already been created, but it is being misused by those who wish to use it for power and control and greed. 

It is vital that you, wise ones, awakened ones, begin turning the process around and pushing it back and saying no, we will not allow, we do not sign up, we refuse, be adamant that you will not be controlled by a few. 

Rise up dear ones, dear souls of Earth, rise up and realise how simple and within reach your freedoms are. 

Revolution will come


Blessings and Love from the Galactic Committee of Light xxx

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