Awareness & Discernment on the Spiritual Path


Awareness and discernment are vital on a spiritual path. I hope you find my blog on this subject helpful, avoiding spiritual bypassing, magic wand and saviour complex mentalities and more.

I would urge any one on a spiritual path, to be very wary of any teacher or healer, who suggests they have a magic wand that can heal you of all your suffering and remove anything toxic from your life with one simple (but possibly expensive) wave of it!
Spirituality is about our inner work, it is hard, raw and takes time and patience. Healers are facilitators of your own healing, they do not actually ‘do’ the healing for you, they help you to do what you can do very well alone. A healer who is authentic will tell you they can help you fix yourself, not that they can fix you alone.
The ‘saviour’ complex can be dangerous, when a spiritual teacher really believes that they are a saviour of your/our soul and as their own ego becomes more and more inflated and their cheerleaders become more and more in number, their toxic behaviours will also increase.
There are more toxic and abusive people in the spiritual community than we realise. It’s a honeypot for narcissists to get their supply for example, as a narc loves a cheerleader! These people are quite dangerous and its important to do your research, ask around, get to know someones reputation, not just online as an online presence is easy to create as being all about the love, then behind the scenes a persons claims are false and they are detroying people, leaving a wake of broken victims behind them.
If you are sure that you are not trying to bypass your own shadow and spiritual work, if you are sure you are not buying into someones claims to have a magic wand for you, then you will be more discerning in who you choose to allow into your energy and into your soul.
Toxic spiritual teachers and ‘healers’ pray on the vulnerable, making a fortune out of people who are desperate for help. If you are vulnerable, you need to be extra careful you are not being further damaged by someone, who is leading you into spiritual bypassing and the hurt this can create in you long term.
For example – an abused woman who is praying to her angels and paying a healer for a miracle to change her abusive husband and make him be kind to her, actually needs to work on herself to find the strength to get up, pack her bags and leave to find safety, rather than staying trapped in her home hoping that angels, fairies and dragons will make it all be ok.
Find podcasts, books and teacher who can help you break out of the spiritual bypassing bubble that many manipulative, abusive and dangerous people are using for their own ego inflation and bank accounts.
Don’t turn away from spiritual practises either, our journey is a complex one, with a  need for regular review on where we stand, who we have allowed in and where we need better boundaries. A spiritual path is so rich and healings working with the higher realms, angelic kingdoms and spirit guides can be hugely beneficial to our lives and help us greatly, just constant awareness and discernment, continuous reflection and review in order not to get misled or mistreated by the sad fact that, toxic people live in all areas of life.
With love and guidance…GuRu – someone who guides you from dark to light, falsehood to truth, poison to nectar.

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