Discover Your Starseed Superpower! Online Zoom 25/4/24

Join Saira Francis online via Zoom to Discover Your Starseed Superpower
Thursday 25th April 2024 7-8.30pm £6

Access And Read Your Akashic Records to discover your superpower
Bring Cleansing Healing to your Karmic Energy Field & Soul Plasma Body to fully embrace your Soul Mission here on Earth at this profound transitionary time.

Replay available to watch forever sent to you straight after the live zoom.


Many souls have come to Earth at this time to support us through what the Hopi’s have called The Great Purification as we move through the 26,000 & 13,000 year cycles of the Precession of the Equinoxes.
We move from the Kingdom of the World/Individual Consciousness to the Kingdom of Heaven/Unity Consciousness, from the Kali Yuga/Age of Darkness to the Satya Yuga/Age of Truth.

As we travel through a part of the cosmos called the ‘Galactic Sheet’ or ‘Photon Belt’ we are being transformed by rays of abundant high frequency Light (photons are high frequency light particles, photons = knowledge) We are being awakened to our true wisdom and many are rapidly gaining great understandings about who we are, why we are here, where we came from and where we might be heading.

Although much of our human existence remains a mystery and will for a long time to come, as we unravel the falsehoods that we’ve been given about our origins and begin the journey to discover our true identity, there is much to explore and if anything is known for sure, it is that until now we have known very little.

Think of us, like toads in a well, as they look up all they see is a small section of the blue sky above, lift them out of the well and our world is a complete wonder to them. We are currently like the toads, stepping out of the well and the very cusp of discovering all of the wonders of our humanness and the cosmos around us.

Starseeds, are souls who have volunteered to come back to the Earth plane to help this great transition into Light.

Each of us has a Starseed Superpower!

What might yours be?

Are you a healer, a herbalist, a speaker or leader, musician or singer? Sound healer or movement teacher? Are you here to write a book, a song, make a film or documentary? Perhaps you are here to grow a garden or a forest, travel or search the Earth for ancient mysteries and lost civilisations? Could you be a prophet, a mystic or an illuminary? Are you an astrologer, photographer, explorer or a psychic? Do you read cards or plant trees or can you do an awesome massage?!

The list of possible Starseed Superpower is endless, we need everybody and every type to help to rebuild our civilisation back the right way, heart centred, honest, community led and in unity consciousness.

How do we find out our Starseed Superpower?

The Akashic Records are a cosmic database, or library of everything that has ever happened to you, in any lifetime right back to your souls first incarnation, in all dimensions and planes of existence. Everyone has the ability to access their own Akashic Records and find out anything they wish to know!

All you need is a sincere heart, a pure intention to explore the records for your healing and for the highest and greatest good of your soul.

During this online meditation I will guide you to access your own Akashic Records and ask your Akashic Masters to show you your Starseed Superpower, you can then bring that sacred knowledge back and begin to work with you Guides and Angels to help manifest this opportunity to be of Service to Light in this dimension here and now.

If you can’t make the day or time, book anyway and you’ll get a replay straight after the live zoom and then a permanent online link to watch on demand forever whenever you like x

We will cleanse and heal anything that is blocking your pathway to truly stepping into your Superpower, clearing in the Goddess Waterfall that we find outside of your Akashic Temple, leaving your Akashic Records intact and not interfering with them in anyway. The gentle flow of the waterfall will purify your Soul Plasma Body of anything within your Karma from past lives that might be holding you back or causing you to feel afraid to truly enter your soul purpose here in this lifetime.

I hope you can join me! Much love Saira


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The Lemurian Christ Healing Rays Distant Healing Group on Facebook,

Feel free to join my Healing Group the Lemurian Christ Healing Rays Distant Healing Group where your name is then added to my healing list, I send most days.

Please also listen to some previous meditations where the healing is received whenever you listen here 

Feel free to get in touch to request specific healing or to ask for it to reach friends and family.

Some of what others have said after joining me for a distant healing guided meditation

Here’s what some of those who joined a healing in 2023 straight after the healing came to a close on zoom:

Manjeet –  That was so beautiful. Thank you! 🙏❤️🤗
Pam – Thank you Saira!
Angela – Thanks so much xx
Shivani – That was awesome! thank you so much Saira x
Sammy – thank you xx
Jo – Thank you xxx
Tania – Many thanks, this was so powerful x
Katie – Thank you Saira xx
Debs – Wonderful, thank you so much 💓
Marina -Thank you Saira 🥰
Kelly – Thank you so much, that was beautiful. Lots of love and thanks xxx
Sara -Thank you Saira … much love xx
Sarah – Beautiful! Thank you Saira 🙂
Penny – Thank you, so beautiful x
Patricia – Thank you sooo much, Beautiful!!✨
Jacqueline -Thank you 💕💕💕🌸🌸🌸
Janet’s -Thanks so much, Saira xx
Beccy – Thank you, it was beautiful. The colours of blue I saw were amazing. xxx
Sara – Good night everyone … sleep well.  Yes my dogs enjoyed the healing too. xx

More feedback from my distant healings:

Thank you so much for yesterday’s wonderful session. You created such a beautiful healing space, I am going through quite a lot at the moment and it was exactly the calm that I needed. 🌈 It was lovely to meet you and really looking forward to joining future sessions. Thank you for the beautiful healing 🙏 “Kat

“Many thanks for this healing offering tonight. It was beautiful and full of love! I do hope to meet you soon in person x” Tania

Wow saira-that hit me straight away, I could feel my throat tighten and my tears building. I needed to hear that, I needed to feel that-I felt like I was really stretching out for it. This for me is one of your absolute best and I think it will be the place I keep going back too. Thank you for such amazing words Saira and a place I need to be now showing me faith! I feel so emotional xxx” Emma,

“Wow! So powerful. Can’t remember the last time I sobbed so much. A much needed release indeed.  Thank you for sharing this xx” Rob

“Hi. I just wanted to thank you for your recent angelic meditation recording. I saved it a while ago but only just had some quiet time today to listen to it. It was absolutely beautiful and even though I didn’t realise it before, I needed it so badly. I had tears rolling down my cheeks during it. Thank you so much” Anon 

“I just wanted to thank you for the healing last night. I have been in pain for a few days now. After the meditation, which I actually slept through, my pains have all disappeared! See you again soon! xxxAnt 

Young woman meditating with her eyes closed, practicing Yoga with hands in prayer position.

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