A Guidebook for the New Aquarian Age – Community

Channeled from the Light November 2020

Trust that all will be well

Your civilisation and society is fatally flawed, you have allowed corruption to run so deep to the very core, the very root of your society and your beliefs. 

There is no way to move forward now, other than it all becoming undone.

Your entire society is based on falsehood, from the food that you eat, the education of your children, right up to the governments that you vote in, believing them to wish you well. But you know, you know not even deep down in your heart, but very much closer to the surface of your heart, it does not take much for you to recognise and be aware, that toxicity exists in all channels of your society. 

You are just beginning to awaken to this and wonder, scratching your head, what on earth can you possibly do to save your civilisation. More and more of you are becoming aware now, there is a serious dilemma. You are comfortable in your lives, most of you, the majority of you, have enough food to eat, you have a roof over your head. Here, where you are in the United Kingdom, you are very lucky to have safety nets and support networks to stop you from completely falling under the poverty line although, there are many of you who are homeless and struggling to eat, the majority of you have your welfare, at least your survival needs intact. Therefore, it is very difficult for you to get a feel for how you could step out of this dilemma that you are in and find a new way to live.

Here, we wish to outline some ideas for you that will help you to see a way forward. There is no need to worry about how this will come about, we have that in hand. We feel it is a time for you to have hope and to  have faith and trust that there is another way to live and we wish to outline some of those possible scenarios for you, so that you can have something to tether to for the future. 

At the moment many of you are crumbling into fear and despair, scared that you are heading into a darker society with more corruption, tyranny and a stronger control. It is vital, that you tether yourself to hope for another way.

We have everything in hand

The Light is coming in to your planet and the Earth will very  soon begin rumbling and bubbling, firing from under the surface all the Earth. Once that activation begins there will be no turning back. You will then have to make a choice, about whether you continue to vibrate at a low level and live in the society that you have become used to for generations, centuries. Or whether you wish to follow the Earths New Direction, follow her New Vibration. All will begin to rise up and begin to co-create with Her, where She becomes your priority. 

The systems of governments, power and control must be completely taken down. There is no alternative, the corruption runs so deep, it is based on lies and falsehoods. You are being lied to continuously and constantly. You must completely let go of trusting and believing in any of the political systems that you currently have. 

You must gather in small groups, small groups are able to discuss and iron out differences in a way that is healthy and creates an environment of non-division. Small groups can talk face to face, you can offer ideas and alternatives and you can recognise that most of the time, you all have the same goal. You all have the same goal, to survive as human beings, to protect your loved ones and your children, your elderly and your vulnerable and to have your basic needs met, food, shelter, water, warmth and love. Love is the elements of survival that in your society, you have forgotten. You have completely forgotten that love is a vital survival need of a human being. Just as it is for a baby, it continues to be throughout your life. This is what you need to re-introduce into your political and societal systems. Without love, your society will not work, there is no construct, there is nothing to galvanise you together and there will always be potential for corruption and control, when love is not the basis of of your societal constructs. 

In small groups, you are able to connect through your heart energies. All decisions need to be based on conscious awareness, no decisions should be made, no debates should be had, without first sitting and taking a few minutes to breathe and meditate and join together in a circle of light through the heart. Each member of any group, making decisions and choices, trying to work out new pathways, must always come together in a heart coherence practice before beginning. This will galvanise and bring coherence to your heart energies. Your heart energies are where you come together as a group and where your societal decisions can be best made and rooted from. Once you are connected through the heart, through visualisation, through breath work you can then open your eyes and begin to start healthy conversations and debates.

The way your system currently works, is that there is a great deal of shouting and arguing. Groups come together and they try to speak over each other, they are based on ego, they are based on a desire to be right, to be the loudest, to be heard. 

This needs to stop

In small groups you come together, connect through the heart, you then take it in respectful turns, to each speak up and say what you need to be heard when considering any particular option and before making any decisions. No one interrupts each other, it must be entirely respectful. All opinions are valid and it is understood that all opinions must be heard. 

Once that process has been taken and all opinions and thoughts on a decision have been heard, then that small group will begin to sift through all those feelings and opinions. Sifting through all the views, you will then come to narrow down exactly where it is that you are trying to head to, what is your goal, what are you trying to create, how are you trying to help. You will then slowly but surely sift through the emotions, sift through the egos and sift through the mind to find a root solution to every problem, whatever it may be. 

There is always a solution, once we get through those three layers, of ego, of emotion and of mind. Decisions are then made whilst taking a long look at whether choices are being made from Light. It’s very simple to make these decisions once you recognise what your ego is. Your ego wishes to be right and it has no interest in love, honesty or integrity. 

This is how your society will move forwards, small community groups.

What will then happen is, you will start to build these groups and re-connect into larger groups. You will run your society, you will run your country, by randomly selecting members of the community from all over your country. You can decide on your areas and how big you wish them to be and you will randomly select members from each community.  These members, do not ask to be included, they are picked completely randomly. They are not voted in, they do not ‘stand’, because that is how power and control begin to return into these groups, that are going to make these decisions. When someone wishes to be in a position of power and control, when someone wishes to make the decisions, they are already coming from their ego. By removing this option and making the selection from each community, completely random and through an entire cross-section of gender, race, religion social standing, monetary value, individual economic value, this way you will have groups making decisions, with no interest in power and no vested interest in control.

They will then be brought together and exactly the same process will continue, heart centred meditation to begin, visualisation through the heart, breath work, a circle energy, no one sitting higher than anyone else, no side, a circle.

One person or several people maybe chosen within that circle to oversee and handle, hold the energies and create motions and ritual-making opportunities 

The ethos of these circles will be to find ways through to help everyone survive, to have enough access to water, access to homes, warmth and the one missing part in your current world Love. These groups will find ways to make sure that abundance is shared, that resources are used and that everyone feels part of their community.

By the time these groups are being created, most of the division will be gone.

We are afraid that the next few years are going to be quite intense and bumpy for you, there is going to be a great deal breaking down, But this will bring you together, it will be frightening to see the power and control crumbling, because even though you have known that this has been toxic for many centuries and you have known all your lives, if you are living here on the planet now, then you will have witnessed the tightening of power and control and how more clear that tightening has become. But you have wrapped yourself up in denial, to stay comfortable and it will feel frightening to see this now falling apart. A little bit like a child who has lived their lives in an abusive family, when that abuse comes to an end, if that child is taken away and put into a different family where warmth and love are found, that child will still find it very difficult to let go of their parents. Its the same for you now, you are going to have to let go of some very abusive parents, collectively in your country. 

This is going to feel uncomfortable. Its important not to feel fear. You may feel scared that things are going to fall apart to a level where violence will prevail, or where you may not be able to provide for your family. You have been shown movies where, people start to steal from each other, people start to turn away from each other.

That is what you have been told will happen if these structures fall apart, that is a part of the lie and the falsehood, because that will not happen, it will be nothing like your disaster movies at all.

When the structures disappear and fall apart, you will begin to turn to one another and help. You are starting to see that a little bit just recently on your planet. On Earth there has been a direction towards coming together in the face of adversity, that community spirit, that galvanising of energies is beginning and it will continue, you must have trust and faith that your communities will come together  and no one will be left out, you will not leave people out.

That is the old ways, that leaving out of segments of your community. Your society has been encouraged, if someone is different in some way, if someone is not financially stable they are frowned upon, they are looked down upon and they are not included, this will change.

You will begin to slowly recognise the importance
of being a tribe

There is great importance of allowing in all and perhaps those people in your community who have been awkward, aggressive, even violent, they will realise that in order to be part of the tribe, in order to be part of a community, those kind of energies and reactions will not tolerated and they will adjust their behaviour, as they realise it is for their best and their highest good, to be included in your group. 

You will find that communities will harmonise and balance out. People will begin to behave in ways that will benefit the group, because they wish to be a part of the group. This has been discouraged in your society, community, small family, village, town, city, group energies have been discouraged, because division has been preferable for those in power.

You have nothing to fear. You will come together and galvanise your energies, you will find coherence, you will find ways through very easily. You have many resources, once you have begun to find ways to make decisions, through your small groups, in your communities and through your larger circle, heart centred groups, for your country, you will then be able to use the resources that you have to look after each other.

You must remember that in order for harmony and balance to occur for everyone, everyones opinions and views must be considered. Making others wrong must end, you must listen and you must hear, you must try to understand. What you will then find, is that those views and opinions will stop polarising and you will find a middle ground. 

The problem in your society has been, for a long time, that you refuse to listen to each other

You push each other away when someone does not agree with you, that has been encouraged, because that dismantles society at a low community level. 

You frown upon each other and you remove members of your community, who do not agree or who ruffle the feathers of others, by simply turning your backs on them. They feel ostracised, they feel that they can not become part of the groups that exist in your communities at the moment, but this will change

You may find in your communities at the moment, that those who do take power, councils, in your current village and town groups, are those who wish to take power and control, this will end. This will end, when you no longer allow people to stand for those positions of power and control, instead choosing them at random, when you allow them in, no matter what. 

This may seem hard and strange at first, but this is how you remove ego and control from all groups. Groups are going to be vital to reclaiming and rebuilding your society. Groups can not work when you push others out. You can allow everyone to know that certain behaviours will not be tolerated, violence, aggression and low frequency energies. But if someone wishes to speak in a way that is not felt to be conducive to the rest of the group, that must be allowed, they must be heard, everyone must be heard and decisions are based on the opinions of all.

Love is the component to your surviving as a species, that, you have forgotten.

The Earth is going to remind you how important this vital component is to your survival on Earth. It is going to become clearer and clearer to you all very soon, that you can not exist without it.

Everything is in hand, you can trust that it is all in hand. 

You will come together in groups and make decisions, you will then work together to use the abundant resources that you have, the tools, the land, the help, the offerings of which there will be many. You will find that in your community, your village or your town, you have everything that you need. You will be surprised at how, when you come together and start to hear and listen to what others have to offer and the resources and skills, the tools, the offerings, the support, you will find that you will be able to create everything you need. 

You will be able to build homes, you will be able to grow food, you will able to source water, you will be able to care for your children, you will be able to educate your children and each other, for is it now too late to think that your education finished at school, because you must all reeducate yourself completely.

There will be people in your community who will be willing to find ways to educate your children and adults in new ways, you will have those teachers who are already skilled in teaching the fundamentals and then you will have teachers who are able to share stories on spirituality and love and on working with the heart. You will have those who are skilled in growing food and how to work with the earth, you will have those who are skilled in health and healing, you will have those who are skilled in caring for the elderly, the mentally ill, although mental illness will become far less of an issue in this New Earth that we will create with you in these groups.

And you will have those in your community who will be able to tune into us, who will be able to channel and give advice, who will be able to work with the Stars as well as the Earth, who will be able to give you all the information you need. 

Light is information, what we are telling you now is information. 

There will be abundant information to help you, you do not need to feel alone. From now on you must only listen to the guidance of Source, you will all learn how to tune in. You all have an ability to channel, you are all telepathic, you can all listen to your dreams, this will become the norm and you will find that as you all grow and evolve and as you start to honour what you receive from Source, that you are all receiving the same information ,you are all tuning into the same source, Light. 

There will slowly and surely be less and less reason to argue over what is right or wrong, because you will be taking your wisdom from Source, and that Source will be giving you all the same wisdom. You will begin to be very clear of what is coming from Source and any remaining ego threads from the old days, you will be very good at recognising those threads in yourself and in others and you will help and support each other, to listen to the Light.

This is going to be a transitionary time, but have you have everything you need already there, you won’t need a miracle, you won’t need God or Angels to come down from the heavens and show you the way, you know the way and we are here, we are here for you. 

Trust that all will be well

Channeled from the Galactic Committee of Star People, November 2020

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