Ruth Jones enjoying yoga with Saira Francis

 Ruth Jones Yoga with Mellulah!

The lovely Ruth Jones, star of Gavin and Stacey and Stella,was on the BBC One Show last night, sharing how my yoga videos kept her going through lockdown!
Ruth has been joining my live streams and loving the YouTube videos and I feel so blessed that she gave me a mention last night. She was regularly doing the 20 minute yoga videos I’ve shared on my Youtube Channel and is now doing the zooms too.
Ruth was on the show, promoting her new book ‘Us Three’  which is available through Penguin and I look forward to having a read soon!
It was lovely hearing my name mentioned on prime time tv in front of millions of viewers, and lovely having Ruth and all of you, enjoy my yoga online.
Thanks Ruth, lots of love! xxx
Enjoy my yoga too!
Ruth Jones yoga

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