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Please take a look at my Healing Light Meditations and Guidance videos on Youtube. I hope you enjoy my healing meditations and feel the benefit of them, you can ‘subscribe’ to my youtube channel, its completely free, and by subscribing you will be notified when I add a new video and be the first to see it. Do also feel free share the video healing meditations with anyone who you feel would benefit.

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I also send healing everyday at 4pm to anyone who wishes to receive, this is completely free and all you have to do is join the Facebook Group below. I regularly offer ‘live’ guided mediations on social media that you can join, so follow me on all the apps you use and you’ll be notified when I am doing the next healing share.

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You can also book in a 1-2-1 remote healing session with me anytime, donations are great or a £20 fee for 45-60 minutes. Find out more and book your angelic healing online.

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Sunday 5th July 7.30PM
Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Live & Free Light Healing Meditation on Facebook

I will be going ‘live’ on the Mellulah Therapy and Yoga Retreats page this Sunday evening at 7.30pm. Please like the page to be notified and reminded to join!

The energy this weekend with the very powerful once again as we move through the third Eclipse in a month. It is very important that we join together for collective healing at this time, the time to think of ourselves as just individual has gone and now we must feel the organic aliveness of being connected to a team consciousness of all humanity.

What is it you want to see change in the world today? What first comes to mind, can you envisage it? Do you need to clear out old set ways of thinking about how the world has to be? Does the world have to be full of war, destruction, hunger, poverty, violence, scarcity, injustice? Or have we just been conditioned into believing there is no other way? Are you able to think out of this narrow world view and feel and believe that peace is possible? That abundance for all, justice for all and happiness for all is a possibility? If you find it hard to work through your conditioning to be able to see a new world, its time to work hard this weekend.
Join me for this live healing, to work together to bring about a new world vision full of hope XX

This Live session will guide you into a deep healing meditation where I will send beautiful energy to you as well as guiding you into setting clear intentions for this powerful time, both individually and collectively we must work together to focus our awareness on Peace, Love, Light, Healing, Equality, Justice & Transformation. The time has come for us all to work in bringing about this Great Change.

Bring Yourself, your Light, your Spirit, your Presence and your Heart
I will also play you my Crystal Singing Bowl and lull you into rest to finish xx

I send healing daily at 4pm to everyone in the private FB group
Mellulah Angelic Light Daily Distant Healing Group
Please join the group if you’d like to.

I’d love you to join this Live session and sit with me if you can, the session will be available to watch anytime afterwards too.

Love Saira xx

Recent Channeled Messages

June 4th 2020

“I received a message this morning that the Light coming into our planet at the moment is more powerful than anything we’ve felt before, no human being on Earth will have felt it like this in their lives.
It is so strong it is literally burning into us, you might feel sensations in your body, particularly during meditation or the moments drifting into sleep.
It’s likely you’ll experience something like pushing, maybe around your temples, cheeks or upper chest. This is the Light energy reaching into you for deep healing, activating and awakening parts of you and easing long term suffering. This isn’t an overnight process and might just be the beginning of transformation for us.
They told me the Light energy coming to us now is stronger than any love a human can feel, stronger than any healer has shared, it is pure, celestial energy that is able to reach us now as never before.

If you find this process uncomfortable, breathe deeply, create an inner smile to banish fear, do yoga, eat well and rest and if you are troubled by what you feel, reach out to me and share”



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