Fertility Yoga – Saira on ITV’s This Morning

Fertility yoga with Saira on ITV's This Morning
Saira was  recently featured on ITV’s This Morning, along with the fantastic team of therapists at Middle Piccadilly Rural Retreat.  This Mornings Fertility Expert, Dr Larissa Corda brought three couples to Middle Piccadilly, where they enjoyed fertility yoga with Saira, ate delicious nutritious food and felt transformation through the retreat centres amazing array of Spiritual Therapies.
This was part of a four part series that Dr Larissa has made for This Morning, trying to help these three young couples who are struggling to conceive and sharing her unique wisdom on how looking to alternative therapies, yoga and lifestyle changes can really help them to have a baby.
Fertility yoga can really help couples to conceive. Its important to be able to relax and vital to try to stay positive. Yoga helps us reconnect with our bodies which can be hard for a woman when she is struggling to have a baby. Having fertility problems can be devastating and women can cut themselves off from there reproductive organs and there lower part of their body as it frustrates and upsets them. Practising fertility yoga can help to prepare the body for conception and help a woman enjoy and accept her body as it is.
It is also very important to stay positive, positive thinking can have a profound effect on conception. Its so hard but couples do need to try to create positive thoughts and affirmations every day about having a baby.
Try these:
  • I am opening up to create space of new ideas and projects
  • My life is full of abundance in all areas, health, wealth, success, my family and I am surrounded by love
  • I trust that all will be well, I don’t know where my life is taking me, but I know its the right way
  • I have faith in the creative flow of all life and feel held and loved by the universe
  • Everything is going to be ok!
  • My heart is open and let go of all feelings of fear and doubt

Repeat these mantras everyday as many times as you can and particularly when your mind becomes full of dark and negative thoughts. X


Fertility yoga with Saira Francis on ITV's This Morning

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