Ever thought of a juice cleanse?

Juice Cleanse

Spring is the perfect time of year to start thinking about a Juice Cleanse

If its something you have considered now could be a great time to give it a go. At Mellulah Yoga Retreats we often include a morning juice as part of a residential retreat diet, juices are a fantastic way to boost energy, cleanse the digestive system, remove toxins and bring healing to the body. Just one healthy green juice a day can transform your health and the best way to enjoy the benefits of juicing is to begin with juice cleanse for anything from one to five days to start.

Juicing isn’t for everyone, its best to work alongside a juice therapist or health professional if you have any concerns about whether a juice cleanse is for you.

So why start a juice cleanse?

Our diets can contain too much processed food, sugars and salt. Saturated fats, refined carbohydrates, caffeine and alcohol play havoc with our bodies and it is difficult to get enough fruit and vegetables into our daily diets. Not eating well can give us digestive problems that make us feel sluggish, irritable, gives us skin problems and other health conditions. Juicing can help to counteract all of these problems by giving us the enzymes and antioxidants we need, green juice particularly is full of goodness that can transform the way we feel inside and out.

What to watch out for on a juice cleanse.Juice Cleanse

The first problem you might encounter on a cleanse is some withdrawal system. Its a great idea to cut down on caffeine before you start cleansing. Try cutting down for one to two weeks before cutting caffeine out completely. Its normal to get a headache during your first cleanse, but stick with it, get plenty of rest, exercise and do yoga to help reduce the negative symptoms. Hunger can of course be a huge issue, drink five juices spread out throughout the day. Choose the right time to start your cleanse, weekends are best as juicing whilst working can be an added problem and avoid holidays, birthdays, social events. Plan ahead and you will manage much more easily.

What to juice?

There are so many resources now online, in books and in magazines to help you find juice recipes that you will love and enjoy. Try to avoid too much fruit as this can be too much for the liver, stick to green vegetables as much as possible and just use fruit to give a little sweetness, apples are great for this.

Heres a fantastic recipe that we often use on our retreats, to get you started:

1 stick of celery
1 courgette
2 apples
a handful of kale
half a lemon

Juice the ingredients together and enjoy x

Juice Cleanse


We are running a Yoga & Juice Cleanse Retreat Weekend at Middle Piccadilly 26th – 29th April 2019 

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