ZOOM Clearing Narcissistic Abuse From Your Karmic Energy Field with Saira 19/7/23

Clearing Narcissistic Abuse

Clearing Narcissistic Abuse from your
Karmic Energy Field


Clearing meditation and distant healing narcissistic abuse. To bring cleansing and energy field releasing, For anyone who has suffered abuse and bullying from a narcissist, clearing the toxic imprints and thought forms this can leave in a person and releasing all karmic cords and contracts or agreements that you might have with this person/people.
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Zoom replays go out straight away you’ll then a link to a private youtube replay that will last forever.
Many souls who have come to Earth at this time, to help our transition from the 3D old world reality into a new 5D brighter more heart centred dimensional space, have had to learn very difficult lessons during their lifetimes, by being in relationship with people who suffer with narcissism.
These relationships, have been a source of great insight and an opportunity for deep shadow work and karmic release for many of these people who are Empaths and are here to hold and carry Light.
There has also been a great damage done to these souls, who carry a lot of self blame and shame as they tend to lack strong boundaries and tend to want to rescue others, stay loyal to others despite mis-treatment and are very susceptible to taking on and blaming themselves for others abuse of them and making excuses rather than asking for accountability for another poor treatment of them.
Calling on the Lemurian Christ Healing Rays we will bring in Light healing to activate a deep soul healing for all who attend this meditation, asking that the abusers energy imprint is released from your energy field and that all negativity is cleansed and transmuted.
This meditation will leave you feeling lighter and more able to move on from these relationships, this healing will work well for anyone who is doing deep work to release themselves – Creating stronger boundaries, listening more closely to ‘red flags’ releasing all imprints of self-sacrifice, rescuing and misguided loyalty by releasing childhood traumas, self enquiry, psychotherapy, shadow work as well as energy healing and trauma recovery.


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More about this Clearing Narcissistic Abuse Healing

I will send distant healing and it will be received by you wherever you are, the session will be available to watch anytime and the healing intention will reach you whenever you watch.
I’ve been working with healing since 2004 and have recently been introduced to the Lemurians and their Christ Healing Rays, that came through on 11th January 2023 as the comet drew closer to Earth and brought this blessing of Light with it.
These new codes are very beautiful, extremely simple to work with and release deep karmic wounds and shadow energies that might be interfering with your life in this current dimensional space here on Earth.
Since starting these zoom online healings April 2020, I have had so many wonderful stories of how they have helped you and as each one is recorded and you can watch again anytime, I know many of you watch over and over again when one has resonated with you deeply.

Archangel Metatron has  also been guiding me for some time now, sharing ways to help you all with new techniques and tools to bring you greater and more abundant healing at this time.

This is a deep, pure, intense vibrational work, using Sacred Geometry and working through multi-dimensions to bring you healing on many frequency levels, clearing past life traumas, blocks, contracts, entities, cords and anything that is standing in the way of you releasing and being able to feel lighter, more free, peaceful and ultimately, I hope, happy.

Each of you will be brought in and held in Light, I will then process through the Healing Rays and you are very likely to feel energy moving through you as you sit or lie to enjoy the session.

I have shared all the previous Distant healing meditations recordings on my Youtube, please check them out the healing will be received by you whenever you watch/listen, enjoy!

All are welcome, all are freely and abundantly held in Light.

Please feel free to get in touch to let me know any specific needs for healing light each week.


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The Lemurian Christ Healing Rays Distant Healing Group on Facebook,

Feel free to join my Healing Group the Lemurian Christ Healing Rays Distant Healing Group where your name is then added to my healing list, I send most days.

Please also listen to some previous meditations where the healing is received whenever you listen here 

Feel free to get in touch to request specific healing or to ask for it to reach friends and family.

Clearing Narcissistic Abuse



Some of what others have said after joining me for a distant healing guided meditation

Here’s what some of those who joined the last healing on 30th March 2023 said straight after the healing came to a close on zoom:

Manjeet –  That was so beautiful. Thank you! 🙏❤️🤗
Pam – Thank you Saira!
Angela – Thanks so much xx
Shivani – That was awesome! thank you so much Saira x
Sammy – thank you xx
Jo – Thank you xxx
Tania – Many thanks, this was so powerful x
Katie – Thank you Saira xx
Debs – Wonderful, thank you so much 💓
Marina -Thank you Saira 🥰
Kelly – Thank you so much, that was beautiful. Lots of love and thanks xxx
Sara -Thank you Saira … much love xx
Sarah – Beautiful! Thank you Saira 🙂
Penny – Thank you, so beautiful x
Patricia – Thank you sooo much, Beautiful!!✨
Jacqueline -Thank you 💕💕💕🌸🌸🌸
Janet’s -Thanks so much, Saira xx
Beccy – Thank you, it was beautiful. The colours of blue I saw were amazing. xxx
Sara – Good night everyone … sleep well.  Yes my dogs enjoyed the healing too. xx

More feedback from my distant healings:

Thank you so much for yesterday’s wonderful session. You created such a beautiful healing space, I am going through quite a lot at the moment and it was exactly the calm that I needed. 🌈 It was lovely to meet you and really looking forward to joining future sessions. Thank you for the beautiful healing 🙏 “Kat

“Many thanks for this healing offering tonight. It was beautiful and full of love! I do hope to meet you soon in person x” Tania

Wow saira-that hit me straight away, I could feel my throat tighten and my tears building. I needed to hear that, I needed to feel that-I felt like I was really stretching out for it. This for me is one of your absolute best and I think it will be the place I keep going back too. Thank you for such amazing words Saira and a place I need to be now showing me faith! I feel so emotional xxx” Emma,

“Wow! So powerful. Can’t remember the last time I sobbed so much. A much needed release indeed.  Thank you for sharing this xx” Rob

“Hi. I just wanted to thank you for your recent angelic meditation recording. I saved it a while ago but only just had some quiet time today to listen to it. It was absolutely beautiful and even though I didn’t realise it before, I needed it so badly. I had tears rolling down my cheeks during it. Thank you so much” Anon 

“I just wanted to thank you and Annabelle for the healing last night. I have been in pain for a few days now. After the meditation, which I actually slept through, my pains have all disappeared! See you again soon! xxxAnt 

Clearing Narcissistic Abuse


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