We won the Muddy Stiletto Award – BEST YOGA STUDIO!!



Absolutely over the moon to have WON BEST YOGA STUDIO in the Muddy Stiletto Award For Dorset & Somerset this summer!!

THANK YOU all so much for voting for Mellulah, it was all down to whoever nominated me and then all of you for taking the time to vote in both rounds.

Its such a delight to have such great news after such a difficult year for Mellulah and all businesses, particularly the rural ones. Its amazing to have been able to keep the business going online as we did and I really did enjoy all the offerings I shared with you during each lockdown. It was wonderful to be able to share the zoom yoga and the healing meditations. I’m so grateful to you all for continuing your practice with me and for coming back now that everything is up and running again.

Its wonderful to see yoga classes packed, the treatment diary chocker and all the retreats fully booked weeks, sometimes months ahead! I just wish I had more time and a few more of me, to have more room for you all to come and chill, its hard having to turn you away now its all gone so busy. Clearly, we are all so much more in need, so much more in tune with how much our wellbeing is a priority and so much more keen to share energy and space together, rather than on our own at home!

Thanks again so much to all my lovely yogis and clients for voting, what would I do without you! Just so glad you all love the yoga and healing as much as I do!

Some amazing Rural Businesses won in this years Muddy Stiletto Award and you can see the full list here 

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