A Long Way Round

Read Part One – A Spiritual Journey & Part Two – A Spiritual Awakening. Part Three Sometimes we decide to take a Long Way Round I’d love to start this third part of this insight into my spiritual journey, with something about how as I awakened, life just became a fairytale overnight and I never

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Mellulah - Residential Retreat - Middle Piccadilly

August Changes & Updates for Yoga

Yoga Class Schedule Update I am making a small change to the yoga class schedule from the week starting Monday 10th August. As Saturdays are now not such a popular slot for the live streams and now I am back to being super busy in my treatment and healing room, offering massage and reiki etc, plus teaching

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Yoga Portal Special Offer July 2020

 HELPING YOU TO AWAKEN & HEAL THROUGH THE ANCIENT PRACTICE OF YOGA I believe that yoga can heal your life, yoga can help you to spiritually awaken, yoga can relieve your suffering and yoga can bring you to a place of peace. It is my only personal experience and so I wish to share that experience with you all.

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A Spiritual Awakening

Read Part One here if you like xx What is a Spiritual Awakening? Part Two A spiritual awakening can be gentle or fierce, sudden or slow burning, its different for everyone and there aren’t any rules on how it should or could happen to you. An awakening is a releasing of the ego, a time

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My Spiritual Journey

A Spiritual Adventure! Part One Outing myself and my Spirit Guides! Many of you will have known me for many years for my yoga teaching and retreats, some will have come to me for therapies and healing in the past, but I haven’t always been quite so open about my true spiritual connection. Recently, events around the

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Angelic Healing Meditations, 121’s & Distant Healing Group

Watch the latest Full moon healing meditation on my Facebook page    A Cellular Healing Channeled Meditation July 2020 Healing Meditations and Guidance Please take a look at my Healing Light Meditations and Guidance videos on Youtube. I hope you enjoy my healing meditations and feel the benefit of them, you can ‘subscribe’ to my

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