Lammas & Lions Gate Portal Celebration Sound Healing 8/8/24

Join me for a beautiful way to celebrate with Lammas & The Lions Gate Portal with Sound Healing!

Thursday 8th August 2024 7-9pm £18pp
Moreton Village Hall, Dorset DT2 8RE

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Lammas and Lions Gate is a portal for manifestation,
lets come together in our community and share together

The Wheel of the Year turns at Lammas and Lions Gate is a portal for manifestation , lets come together in our community and share together
Celebrate the Wheel of the Year turning once again to bring us to Lammas on 1st August and the Lions Gate which is a portal of opportunity open from 28th July – 12th August, peaking on 8th August It takes place when the sun is in Leo, the Earth, Orion’s Belt and the star Sirius are lined up, which is activated by the rising of the star Sirius.
Since the event happens when the sun is Leo season (the sign known for strength and determination), thus the name Lion’s Gate Portal.
Enjoy a blissfully relaxing and deeply healing Beltane sound healing immersion with 7 Chakra Singing Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls and the Gong.
Meditations, poetry and chants to help us connect to the traditional ways of ritual and ceremony to honour the cosmos.
Ending the evening with delicious vegan cakes and chai tea. A beautiful way to come together and share space in our amazing Dorset community.
Join us for a magical evening, we will throw open the lovely big doors here that open onto the field and spend time bare foot outside meditating and setting our energetic intentions and release to the skies.

Schedule for the evening:

6.45pm Arrive at Moreton Village hall
7pm Opening meditation and mantra chanting
7.15pm Tibetan & 7 Chakra Sonic Crystal Bowls followed by Gong Bath
8.30pm Herbal Chais & teas and cakes
9pm Evening ends

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The Soul Spa @DorsetFest 22/6/24


Join Saira and a team of amazing local teachers and therapists at DorsetFest!
Saturday 22nd June 2024 – All day!

Dorsetfest has been a long running community festival event in Dorset for many years. Saira and others have teamed together to create a Holistic Zone many times and its been wonderful to meet and connect with so many of you there.

This year we are expanding! Expect day long yoga classes and sound healing as well a tent full of incredible therapists offering you 15 – 30 minute therapies to a backdrop of more sound healing!

Just buy your tickets for Dorsetfest below from £15pp, camping Friday – Sunday is available and then come along and find us on the day!

Saturday starts at 9.30am with a Yoga for Family/Everyone class with Saira, then great classes happening all day, see the flier above.

No need to pre-book we’d love to know you are joining so drop Saira a message here  otherwise just turn up.

Sessions are £5pp or just £15pp for an all day pass, come and see us all day! Therapies are extra and start at £10 a session.



Summer Solstice Celebration Sound Healing & Gong 27th June 2024

summer solstice sound healing

Join me for a beautiful way to celebrate with a Summer Solstice Sound Healing!

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The midway point of the Wheel of the Year is here, lets come together in our community and share the height of light together

Thursday 27th June 2024 7-9pm £18pp
Moreton Village Hall, Dorset DT2 8RE

Celebrate the Wheel of the Year turning once again to bring us to Summer Solstice. Enjoy a blissfully relaxing and deeply healing Beltane sound healing immersion with 7 Chakra Singing Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls and the Gong.

Meditations, poetry and chants to help us connect to the traditional ways of ritual and ceremony to honour this midway point and to celebrate fertility of mother earth and growth to renewal.

Ending the evening with delicious vegan cakes and chai tea. A beautiful way to come together and share space in our amazing Dorset community.

Join us for a magical evening, we will throw open the lovely big doors here that open onto the field and spend time bare foot outside meditating and setting our energetic intentions and release to the skies.
Schedule for the evening:

6.45pm Arrive at Moreton Village hall
7pm Opening meditation and mantra chanting
7.15pm Tibetan & Crystal Bowls followed by Gong Bath
8.30pm Herbal Chais & teas and cakes
9pm Evening ends

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summer solstice sound healing

Reiki Share Evening in Dorchester 31/5/24

Join Saira for an evening of Reiki Healing!Friday 31st May 6.30-8.30pm £10 (£5 concessions)

Everyone is welcome if you have learnt at least Reiki Level I, you do not need to have been taught by me everyone is welcome this will be a lovely community evening of reiki healing for all.


We will gather have some circle sharing time then we will move to therapy couches to  share healing together in small groups . Each person will receive 10-15 minutes of healing depending on many of us join on the night.
We’ll then have nice tea and some biscuits to end if you would like to stay after the share.
I’ll also share some sound healing with crystal singing bowls for you all too!
To book please get in touch and then just turn up with £10 cash for the evening.
I am a Reiki Master Teacher and have been working with energy for over 20 years. I teach workshops to 100’s of students each year and offer courses regularly, Reiki, Third Eye Awakening & Akashic Records.
Hope to see you soon!

Are you in a narcissistic relationship? Podcast with Saira

I am passionate about opening up the conversation on narcissistic relationships and toxic abuse.

Last week, Sarah Chave invited me onto her inspiring New Earth Podcast to discuss this topic. Are you in a Narcissistic Relationship?

We talked about the signs that indicate you might be in a narcissistic relationship, how it can affect you, and how the micro of our one-to-one toxic connections reflects the macro of toxic corruption and dark energy in the wider world.

I also shared my insights into how many are awakening to the truth about our world just as many are realising they are in narcissistic or toxic relationships. The two phenomena seem to mirror each other and are part of us all waking up to the trauma we hold, both individually and collectively, in our society.

We then discussed how we can transform this toxicity and darkness into light. I shared my thoughts on how unity consciousness, New Earth vibrations, and building our communities could, I believe, shine light and heal narcissism and controlling bullying in our world. Although we cannot reach the top-down structures of government, industry, and the powerful—and often feel helpless about that—we can reach our friends, neighbours, and colleagues and support them in their healing.

Recognising that “I do not consent”, standing up for ourselves, having strong boundaries, and saying “no” to bullying behaviour, mistreatment, cruelty, and narcissism is vital if we are to heal humanity. The place to start is exactly where we are, in our own direct lives.

I also shared my work with the vagus nerve and how we can use vagus resets to heal from the anxiety and trauma often left after an experience with a narcissist or toxic person.

Watch the video on YouTube here.

In this week’s enthralling episode, Sarah will be speaking with Saira Francis about narcissistic relationships and how to identify bullying or narcissistic traits.

Saira endured a tumultuous 25-year cycle of narcissistic and toxic abuse, resulting in a diagnosis of Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD). Rather than succumbing to this trauma, she has dedicated the past two years to seeking healing. Through a deep dive into the study of the Vagus Nerve, practical methods to support the nervous system, and various other modalities, she’s embarked on a journey of recovery.

Please enjoy and share.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, love Saira x

What is the vagus nerve and why does it need resetting?


What is the vagus nerve?

The vagus nerve is a vital part of our nervous system; it connects the brain stem to the digestive system and is key to bringing us out of the fight-flight response into rest and digest, where we can begin to relax, let go, and chill out.

Stress, anxiety, and trauma disorders are something a lot of us have to deal with and heal at some point in our lives. So much is now being discovered to help us find ways to release these issues in our bodies, and looking into how to help reset the vagus nerve is just one of many techniques that can have a powerful effect on how we feel, ultimately bringing us all to a place where we can feel better.

This nerve runs from the brain stem down to the tongue, vocal cords in the back of the throat, through the lungs, diaphragm, liver, spleen, large intestine, small intestine, pancreas, kidneys, ending as a ball of nerve endings in the stomach.

On its way down through the organs, it picks up signals from the body that can help it either encourage rest and digest responses or fight-flight. For example, if we are breathing slow and deep, that will send a signal that we are relaxed and all is well; if the breathing is shallow and quick, the signal will be read very differently.

The vagus nerve regulates the internal organs’ function, digestion, heart and respiratory rate, and more. Stimulating your vagus nerve can send a chemical message to your body that it’s time to de-stress and relax after periods of stress.

The vagus nerve is so important to our health and wellbeing. It sends signals to all our internal organs and if it’s functioning well and balanced, it can be intrinsic and encouraging our fight-flight response to calm and allow us to deeply rest.

Life is stressful for the majority of us, in one way or another; stress triggers are a natural part of life, but it’s about being able to rebalance after an event or situation that caused our levels to increase. The vagal nerve needs to be well-toned and functioning in order for us to be able to return to our balance point each time we are set off into stress.

If you suffer from any kind of anxiety or trauma disorder, it’s very likely your vagus nerve will be struggling. With these types of conditions, such as complex PTSD, PTSD, panic attacks, etc., you cannot get back to your balance point and remain in a ‘survival’, ’emergency’ nervous system stress state most of the time. For you, resetting the vagus nerve could bring powerful healing over time and be a part of your healing, recovery journey.

Watch Saira’s vagus nerve reset video on YouTube here.



How can we help the vagus nerve reset?


Yoga really helps to reset this nerve, just by practising a good, all round yoga class will be helping you to relax and aid the balancing out of the nervous system, so vital to our health.

There are particular ways of practising poses and movements in yoga that can stimulate this more deeply though, these are poses that work particularly around the neck, throat, chest and heart as this is where the nerve runs past on its way from the brain to the gut.


Anything that stimulates the back of the throat, helps the vagus nerve. Slow deep breathing, Ujyayi breath, Brahmari (humming bee) breath are just a couple that can help.

Chanting and Singing

Stimulating the vocal chords brings balance to the vagus, in the same way as deep breathing, chanting OM repeatedly, its super simple to chant on your own or singing along to any tune, joining a choir or Kirtan group could help greatly. Singing loudly is the key!

Cold Therapy

The benefits of cold water are many, but the practice really helps to stimulate the vagus nerve. Check out Wim Hof to be inspired about the cold. Cold showers, sea swimming, ice baths (under supervision) or just splashing your face with cold water, all help to stimulate this nerve and bring greater to balance and wellbeing.

Other practices include, meditation, yoga nidra, yin yoga and restorative yoga, mindfulness and practicing mudra (hand gestures that are often part of a yoga practice)

If you want to dive deeper into the vague nerve, take a look at our brand new Vagus Nerve Reset and Healing residential yoga retreat in Charmouth, Dorset. I’m so excited to bring this new retreat to you.

Learn to reset your nervous system and discover ways to heal yourself through:

  • Yoga and sound healing
  • Breathwork and guided meditation
  • Wild swimming, nature bathing, vegan meals and using the indoor pool.

There are still some spaces available to join us on the summer solstice – Tuesday 18th – Thursday 20th June. Learn more here. 

The retreat will be held at: Bonhays Farm, Whitchurch Canonicorum, Dorset, DT6 6RF

Book your space.

Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens – Tranquility Yoga Day Retreats 2024

Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens, Dorset
Tranquility Yoga & Sound Healing Day Retreats
Simply one of the most stunning gardens in the South West

abbotsbury gardens

Join Saira here at this beautiful Subtropical Paradise
Spring/Summer 2024

A special day to reset your nervous system and restore your wellbeing

Wednesday 3rd July go on the waiting list
Wednesday 25th September book now
10-4pm from £88pp


A beautiful and extra special yoga retreat day at Abbotsbury Gardens in Dorset, a subtropical paradise for a really blissful day for you!

There are times in life when we need a reset. My retreats have become a haven for those searching for a place to rest and heal. Whether its burn out, overwhelm, nervous system and vagus nerve reset or just a blissful day to relax and recharge, I can guarantee you a day retreat at Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens in Dorset with me, is going to give you just what you need.

We are absolutely delighted to have been able to run some day retreats here this year, Abbotsbury is a stunning place to spend time so to have the opportunity to also add in a blissful spiritual practice whilst there is a dream come true!

A day of yoga, meditation, and sound healing to reset you! 

Our retreat day will include all you need to nourish and restore your nervous system and recharge your soul.

Breathwork for the Vagus Nerve and Nervous System Reset, Vinyasa Flow yoga for all abilities.

Beginners-  Local yogi and teacher Charlotte Bentley will be joining us to support anyone who is a beginner or needs a gentler flow, she will be demonstrating a lighter vinyasa flow and we’ll be arranging the yoga space so anyone needing that slow flow can follow Charlotte and me and feel super comfortable!

A vegan lunch from Feed the Soul Cafe in Dorchester, will nourish our bodies before we set off on a walk, exploring all corners of the garden.

The day will finish with a profound sound healing session, with the resonant frequencies of seven chakra crystal singing bowls and gong, before we end with lovely vegan cake and chai tea – a perfect ending to a perfect day.

Plenty of time to take in this peaceful place, stay locally and enjoy the area, beaches and perhaps visit the Swannery too, or just come along for the day.


abbotsbury gardens

Wednesday 3rd July fully booked go on the wait list here

Wednesday 25th September £88

Abbotsbury Gardens Day Retreat Schedule:

10am Arrive at Abbotsbury Gardens and take the gorgeous walk to the marquee on the lawns
10.30am Breathwork, Meditation & Vinyasa Flow Yoga for Mixed Ability
12.30pm Delicious Vegan Lunch inside or on the lawn if weather allows
1.30pm Walk and chats around the Sub-Tropical Garden Paradise
2.15pm Sound Healing with 7 Chakra Crystal Singing Bowls & Gong Bath
3.30pm Vegan Cake & Chai Tea
4pm Day ends!

Wednesday 3rd July go on the waiting list

Book  September Tranquility Yoga Day Retreat Now

Take a look at Abbotsbury Gardens website
Abbotsbury Youtube for some gorgeous videos of the gardens in bloom 

abbotsbury gardens

Beltane Celebration Sound Healing & Gong 3rd May 2024

beltane sound healing

Join me for a beautiful way to celebrate with a Beltane Sound Healing, the Festival of Fire! The midway point between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice.
Traditionally a festival of fertility renewal and birthing of new!

Friday 3rd May 2024 7-9pm £18pp
Beltane Celebration Gong Bath with Saira
Moreton Village Hall, Dorset DT2 8RE


Celebrate the Wheel of the Year turning once again to bring us to Beltane. Enjoy a blissfully relaxing and deeply healing Beltane sound healing immersion with 7 Chakra Singing Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls and the Gong.

Meditations, poetry and chants to help us connect to the traditional ways of ritual and ceremony to honour this midway point and to celebrate fertility of mother earth and growth to renewal.

Here we stand midpoint between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice!

Ending the evening with delicious vegan cakes and chai tea. A beautiful way to come together and share space in our amazing Dorset community.

Book This Beltane Celebration Now 

Save the date! Thursday 27th June 2024 7-9pm for Summer Solstice Sound Healing with Saira! Bookings open soon X

beltane sound healing


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Discover Your Starseed Superpower! Online Zoom 25/4/24

Join Saira Francis online via Zoom to Discover Your Starseed Superpower
Thursday 25th April 2024 7-8.30pm £6

Access And Read Your Akashic Records to discover your superpower
Bring Cleansing Healing to your Karmic Energy Field & Soul Plasma Body to fully embrace your Soul Mission here on Earth at this profound transitionary time.

Replay available to watch forever sent to you straight after the live zoom.


Many souls have come to Earth at this time to support us through what the Hopi’s have called The Great Purification as we move through the 26,000 & 13,000 year cycles of the Precession of the Equinoxes.
We move from the Kingdom of the World/Individual Consciousness to the Kingdom of Heaven/Unity Consciousness, from the Kali Yuga/Age of Darkness to the Satya Yuga/Age of Truth.

As we travel through a part of the cosmos called the ‘Galactic Sheet’ or ‘Photon Belt’ we are being transformed by rays of abundant high frequency Light (photons are high frequency light particles, photons = knowledge) We are being awakened to our true wisdom and many are rapidly gaining great understandings about who we are, why we are here, where we came from and where we might be heading.

Although much of our human existence remains a mystery and will for a long time to come, as we unravel the falsehoods that we’ve been given about our origins and begin the journey to discover our true identity, there is much to explore and if anything is known for sure, it is that until now we have known very little.

Think of us, like toads in a well, as they look up all they see is a small section of the blue sky above, lift them out of the well and our world is a complete wonder to them. We are currently like the toads, stepping out of the well and the very cusp of discovering all of the wonders of our humanness and the cosmos around us.

Starseeds, are souls who have volunteered to come back to the Earth plane to help this great transition into Light.

Each of us has a Starseed Superpower!

What might yours be?

Are you a healer, a herbalist, a speaker or leader, musician or singer? Sound healer or movement teacher? Are you here to write a book, a song, make a film or documentary? Perhaps you are here to grow a garden or a forest, travel or search the Earth for ancient mysteries and lost civilisations? Could you be a prophet, a mystic or an illuminary? Are you an astrologer, photographer, explorer or a psychic? Do you read cards or plant trees or can you do an awesome massage?!

The list of possible Starseed Superpower is endless, we need everybody and every type to help to rebuild our civilisation back the right way, heart centred, honest, community led and in unity consciousness.

How do we find out our Starseed Superpower?

The Akashic Records are a cosmic database, or library of everything that has ever happened to you, in any lifetime right back to your souls first incarnation, in all dimensions and planes of existence. Everyone has the ability to access their own Akashic Records and find out anything they wish to know!

All you need is a sincere heart, a pure intention to explore the records for your healing and for the highest and greatest good of your soul.

During this online meditation I will guide you to access your own Akashic Records and ask your Akashic Masters to show you your Starseed Superpower, you can then bring that sacred knowledge back and begin to work with you Guides and Angels to help manifest this opportunity to be of Service to Light in this dimension here and now.

If you can’t make the day or time, book anyway and you’ll get a replay straight after the live zoom and then a permanent online link to watch on demand forever whenever you like x

We will cleanse and heal anything that is blocking your pathway to truly stepping into your Superpower, clearing in the Goddess Waterfall that we find outside of your Akashic Temple, leaving your Akashic Records intact and not interfering with them in anyway. The gentle flow of the waterfall will purify your Soul Plasma Body of anything within your Karma from past lives that might be holding you back or causing you to feel afraid to truly enter your soul purpose here in this lifetime.

I hope you can join me! Much love Saira


Join the Facebook Event for this meditation for
more info and to stay in touch 


The Lemurian Christ Healing Rays Distant Healing Group on Facebook,

Feel free to join my Healing Group the Lemurian Christ Healing Rays Distant Healing Group where your name is then added to my healing list, I send most days.

Please also listen to some previous meditations where the healing is received whenever you listen here 

Feel free to get in touch to request specific healing or to ask for it to reach friends and family.

Some of what others have said after joining me for a distant healing guided meditation

Here’s what some of those who joined a healing in 2023 straight after the healing came to a close on zoom:

Manjeet –  That was so beautiful. Thank you! 🙏❤️🤗
Pam – Thank you Saira!
Angela – Thanks so much xx
Shivani – That was awesome! thank you so much Saira x
Sammy – thank you xx
Jo – Thank you xxx
Tania – Many thanks, this was so powerful x
Katie – Thank you Saira xx
Debs – Wonderful, thank you so much 💓
Marina -Thank you Saira 🥰
Kelly – Thank you so much, that was beautiful. Lots of love and thanks xxx
Sara -Thank you Saira … much love xx
Sarah – Beautiful! Thank you Saira 🙂
Penny – Thank you, so beautiful x
Patricia – Thank you sooo much, Beautiful!!✨
Jacqueline -Thank you 💕💕💕🌸🌸🌸
Janet’s -Thanks so much, Saira xx
Beccy – Thank you, it was beautiful. The colours of blue I saw were amazing. xxx
Sara – Good night everyone … sleep well.  Yes my dogs enjoyed the healing too. xx

More feedback from my distant healings:

Thank you so much for yesterday’s wonderful session. You created such a beautiful healing space, I am going through quite a lot at the moment and it was exactly the calm that I needed. 🌈 It was lovely to meet you and really looking forward to joining future sessions. Thank you for the beautiful healing 🙏 “Kat

“Many thanks for this healing offering tonight. It was beautiful and full of love! I do hope to meet you soon in person x” Tania

Wow saira-that hit me straight away, I could feel my throat tighten and my tears building. I needed to hear that, I needed to feel that-I felt like I was really stretching out for it. This for me is one of your absolute best and I think it will be the place I keep going back too. Thank you for such amazing words Saira and a place I need to be now showing me faith! I feel so emotional xxx” Emma,

“Wow! So powerful. Can’t remember the last time I sobbed so much. A much needed release indeed.  Thank you for sharing this xx” Rob

“Hi. I just wanted to thank you for your recent angelic meditation recording. I saved it a while ago but only just had some quiet time today to listen to it. It was absolutely beautiful and even though I didn’t realise it before, I needed it so badly. I had tears rolling down my cheeks during it. Thank you so much” Anon 

“I just wanted to thank you for the healing last night. I have been in pain for a few days now. After the meditation, which I actually slept through, my pains have all disappeared! See you again soon! xxxAnt 

Young woman meditating with her eyes closed, practicing Yoga with hands in prayer position.

International Women’s Day 8th March

International Women’s Day 8th March 2024

This women’s day I wanted to highlight two incredible women who are doing incredible work and have a connection to Mellulah.

Firstly, a retreat guest of mine Gowree Hampapur is taking her passion for women’s rights to Mysore in India to support Yoga Stops Traffick with 108 Sun Salutations, please support Gowree by making a donation to her Just Giving page here

Secondly, as Mellulah has had a connection with Morocco and I am about to head out to Morocco to check a yoga retreat venue that I’ll be running in November 2024, I wanted to highlight an award won by an incredible Moroccan mother, Rabha El Mayhar fighting for the rights of her child and recognised by the International Women of Courage Award

My dear friend Amanda McGregor, who will be wit me on the November retreat nr Tagazhout in Morocco edited the film made about Rabha called ‘Bastards’ and available to view via this link  

The charity working with families with children of unmarried mothers, completely unrecognised by Moroccan family laws and ostracised by society, is based just a few miles from our retreat in Agadir, so with all these connections it feels only right to remember the privilege of being a single mother here in the UK and the rights we take for granted.
Supporting other women is dear to my heart as many of you know, so please do take a moment to help raise awareness of Moroccan women and forward this on to others thank you.


Rabha El Haymar – Morocco
“Rabha El Haymar is a courageous Moroccan woman who successfully navigated her country’s legal system and fought to obtain, through a recourse provided by Morocco’s family code reform of 2004, recognition of her traditional marriage to spare her daughter a life of marginalization and discrimination as an undocumented child.  Ms. Haymar’s story became more than a personal triumph when she crossed paths with British film-maker Deborah Perkin and agreed for her story to be told in a documentary entitled “Bastards.”  Shown on Moroccan national television and film festivals around the world, “Bastards” raises awareness about the plight of mothers of undocumented children, and the Moroccan family laws allowing women like Ms. Haymar to seek justice.  Despite the heavy reputational cost of publicly sharing her story, Ms. Haymar believes doing so can encourage other women and lead to change. As King Mohammed VI calls for a new review of Morocco’s family code, Ms. Haymar’s case is now more relevant than ever.  She hopes that new reforms “will protect the rights of all women and children and empower them as full and equal citizens.”

Finally, I was grateful to be featured in Dorset Magazine’s yearly round up of Leading Ladies again this year and hope to continue sharing healing and love to you all again throughout 2024

Much love, Saira xx

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