Mellulah Wins Yet More Tourism Awards!!

Its been another incredible year for Mellulah at the Tourism Awards here in the South West of England.

We have won GOLD AGAIN in Dorset! That is the 3rd year running and we are delighted, over the moon in fact!
We then got through to the Finals at the South West Tourism Awards which really is the shining lights of this very competitive part of the Uk and won BRONZE again after winning BRONZE last year and a lovely glittery SILVER the year before that!

Here are some pics of us all glammed up and out of our yoga pants for the awards night at Exeter Cathedral which was wonderful. Some of you will recognise my daughters Betsy and Mimi who help out on the retreats and who joined for the special night which felt perfect.

I’ve decided we won’t be entering the awards again this year, its time for a break! I really think a hat trick is enough for me for a while and I can not thank the Tourism Awards team for giving us the recognition they have over these past miraculous years. I might enter again in a few years but for now I have quite a collection of awards in my house and some wonderful memories of excitement and pure delight to keep us going a while. Watch this space  maybe in 2021 when we might have another go! XxX


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