Retreat Info for St Nectans Glen


We are so excited to see you soon! Love Saira & Betsy x

What to bring

  • Its a good idea to wear loose comfortable clothing for yoga and meditation.
  • Earplugs are a must! You are all sharing rooms and there are peacocks roaming the venue who are renowned for making a beautiful sound – but often at night! I am sure you will be lulled to sleep by the gorgeous energies here but plugs are a good idea, even a sleep mask if you are like me!
  • It’s also beneficial to bring warm layers so you can strip down to a vest top or t-shirt in the class as you warm up. Bring thick socks for relaxation, perhaps a blanket although we have spares, you might prefer your own.
  • A hot water bottle can be a lovely edition to your packing list if you like one at night.
  • You must bring your own toiletries and if you need a hairdryer please bring one, I will take one we can share if needed.
  • We have a fully equipped yoga studio at the venue but if you like to bring any of your own things please feel free.
  • Bring wet weather gear and sturdy shoes for walks. We will do a long walk on Sat or Sun and will go whatever the weather so do bring good lightweight coats, good shoes for coast path walking (wet and mud likely!) and a rucksack to carry your lunch and water etc
  • Bring an extra  towel – the venue supply one towel each for indoor use only so bring one for waterfall and seaside etc
  • Extra layers for the fire circle in case it gets nippy
  • A retreat is a great chance to catch up on a good book, perhaps a spiritual book that you’ve been meaning to read?
  • A journal is a wonderful idea if you’d like to keep notes of your own feelings and experiences during the retreat and also jot down any guidance, mantras or yoga poses you enjoyed while with us.
  • Water bottle for off site activities and yoga
  • Your fav snacks if you are a squirrel like me! Nuts/oat cakes etc, we provide everything but if you are leaving the retreat its an idea to have some bits with you in case you get hungry whilst out and about.

What you don’t need!

The retreat offer:

  • Towels for indoor use

REMINDER it’s vital you arrive on Thursday by 2pm. Our bags are taken up by 4×4, you can go up with if you wish but its much nicer to walk up the river banks together to the retreat (approx 40min) tea and cake will be waiting! 

If for any reason you don’t make it by 2pm, we would have to arrange for you to be picked up and its costs £30 extra. No staff are available for pick ups once the waterfall is closed at 4.30pm. Do just take all of this into consideration when planning your journeys – think of it in the same mindset as catching a plane, you just have to be there!  Its much to far to walk with all your luggage.

Please note – after lots of cancellations and no recent bookings we only have 3-4 guests on this retreat, this number may go up over the next fortnight but for now, you are going to get so much space and attention from us!! xx

How to find the retreat:

For Sat Nav, please enter the post code PL34 0BE

If you are planning on coming via public transport please get in touch. Nearest station is Bodmin where you wil need to get a taxi to St Nectans Glen.

Venue website here for more details


I highly recommend taking the opportunity for a complete phone detox during your retreat! Its a beautiful experience to cut off completely from it all. You can give family this number for emergencies 07809 141815 (Sairas phone which will be on to co-ordinate the retreat)

You can hand phones to us for safe keeping or leave in your car etc, or leave at home and just bring a gadget for satnav etc.

If you don’t want to completely give up on the phone PLEASE follow these device rules over the weekend:

  • No phones anywhere in the retreat space – yoga space, communal areas etc
  • If you need to use your phone please go to the staff parking area  behind the retreat,  away from other guests
  • If you are sharing a room no phones at all in the room,
  • Please feel free to use your phones for photos etc but consider leaving any uploads to social media until after the retreat so you’re not sucked into checking.
  • Please keep phones on silent or airplane when keeping your phone with you for photos etc.
  • Think about bringing an alarm clock so you don’t need your phone to wake you up.
  • Consider buying a new sim card/new number for your current phone and wiping iCloud etc only giving the number to people in your life who have to have it?

Thanks, this will help keep the retreat space high vibe!


Please be sure you’ve had a good look at the schedule for the weekend so you know whats happening.

The general vibe of this retreat is to relax!! It’s a pure nature soul spa, surrounded by water crashing and woodland. We are going to go slow but there will be lots of activity so early mornings and later evenings with lots of time to rest in between.

Remind yourself of our schedule here 


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