Cannabis Essential Oil Aromatherapy Massage


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Enjoy this Cannabis Massage with Mugwort and Hemp. Using this essential oil blend made by Saira and take a 10ml bottle home with you to continue the magic!

Cannabis Essential Oil

Cannabis was once one of the most commonly used herbal remedies in England and around the world. This lovely treatment is magical as it combines with Mugwort, another widely used herb with similar qualities to Cannabis Sativa (also known as Hemp or Dirtweed). This weed has found itself with a bad reputation over the past century after being known as a healer for thousands of years.

Prior to the demonisation of Dirt Weed in the early 20th century, this common weed would have been a common component in any potion or remedy made to heal by herbalists and apothecaries. Its move to the ‘naughty step’ of indigenous plants in the UK, has created a view of this incredible plant as only used as a recreational drug, when in the past its healing qualities were well known and would have been as common as nettle or dandelion in any herbal remedy brew. Used in the right way, it has no psychoactive affects and prior to it becoming bred into a highly toxic and detrimental drug nowadays, it really was invaluable for its helpful healing qualities.

The essential oil I use in this treatment is grown in Norfolk, UK and is probably the only essential oil of its type being grown in this country. It is an amazing plant and needs no pesticides as it grows so fast and smothers any weeds that are growing near it. In 1995

The oil used in this massage contains no THC, so it has no psychoactive effects at all, it is also not the same in any way to CBD oil and does not have its medicinal qualities. If you are suffering with any condition, such as cancer or high anxiety, that would benefit from the medicinal use of these other forms of cannabis oil THC or CBD, please contact me to discuss your needs.

Cannabis essential oil, steamed distilled flowering heads of the plant,  has a lovely relaxing, sedative effect, it is calming to the nervous system and acts as an antidepressant and anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-microbial. This oil also helps insomnia, balances hormones and can improve heart health.

Mugwort Essential Oil

Mugwort essential oil is made in the same way as Cannabis oil, steam distilling the flowering tops of the plant. It grows natural in hedgerows all over the UK during the summer months and can easily be gathered and stored at home to make delicious teas and tinctures.

I use this oil in this magical massage for its beautiful healing qualities. Similar to cannabis it would have been and still is, a regular part of any potion for herbalists and healers. Mugwort has a magical feel to it, known for its ability to enhance dreaming and meditation, its association with ancient shamans and witches of Europe is well known. It also amazing to regulate the menstrual cycle, balance mood and calm the nervous system.

The healing benefits of this oil blend used in this massage, are many:

  • A tonic to boost energy
  • Lift mood and enhance spiritual connection and awakening
  • Find joy and happiness, lift mood and feel bliss
  • To regulate menstruation
  • Ease symptoms of the menopause
  • As a sedative, to help insomnia etc
  • As a liver tonic to aid elimation of toxins and help the body cleanse
  • In the treatment of  depression and anxiety
  • ME, Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue
  • To calm epilepsy, seizures
  • To help ease panic attacks
  • Pain relief
  • To help inflammation, arthritis etc

Cannabis/Hemp/Dirtweed Essential Oil

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