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Holistic Therapies available in Milton Abbas, Dorset, with easy access from both Dorchester and Blandford.

Archangel Healing Initial Consultation & Treatment (90 mins) £45

Follow Up (1 hr) £40

Saira is working with guides and angelsSaira has been working closely with the angels for many years and after having many spiritual encounters with angels Saira went on to attend Archangel Healing Workshops with Denise Brown in Wells, Somerset over several years. This led to Saira being awarded a Diploma in Archangel Healing.

The angels help us to learn, heal and clear the blocks that we have in our Karma throughout this and all our lives on earth. There are many Karmic lessons that a soul must learn along its way, we could see the earth like a school for the soul, coming here time after time to repeat our souls lessons until they have been learnt and healed. We must also re-connect with souls with whom we have a Karmic connection, or a soul who has come to help us to learn a particular lesson, and this can often feel joyful and magical but sometimes very painful and we can suffer from these kind of intense Karmic relationships within families, romantic bonds and with our friends.

Saira has worked with many of the sacred lessons and the Archangels that work with each one, learning and using essential oils and crystals to help connect with the energy of the lesson and draw down the angelic healing light. Saira will work with you to help discover which angels can help you to move onwards in life, letting go where needed, opening the heart, cleansing the soul and many more ways the angels can help us.

An Archangel Healing is experienced lying down, Saira will place her hands gently on the chakras of the body and any other areas that need healing energy. She will use essential oils and crystals, you need simply lie peacefully, fully relaxed and absorb the healing light energy that will surround you during a session.

Saira does not always pass messages from the angelic realms, she prefers to empower you to find your own deep inner connection with the angels. Our Karmic lessons change many times during a life and it is important to remember we can only ever be shown the next step and that the future is constantly changing and morphing before us. If you wish to receive messages from spirit or angels, Saira can recommend physics and readers who will be able to help you.

After your Archangel Healing appointment we recommend you rest if possible, drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol.

 To book your appointment call Saira on 01258 880505 or use our enquiry form

Saira has a Diploma in Aromatherapy with IFPA (International Ferderation of Aromatherapists), Reflexology with IFR (International Federation of Reflexologists), Holistic Massage with ITEC , Archangel Healing with Denise Brown and is a Reiki Master Teacher, she is also a fully insured member of the CThA (Complementary Therapists Association).

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