A brand new Aromatherapy Massage for you!

This is a magical herbal blend of Cannabis Sativa/Hemp Essential Oil plus Mugwort Oil in a base carrier oil of Hemp and Sweet Almond Oil.

This very relaxing and therapeutic Full Body Massage will also include Reiki Healing, Sound Therapy and Reflexology.




Cannabis oil, once known as Dirt Weed, has been used medicinally for many thousands of years. Now demonised as a recreational drug, it was once a regular part of herbal potions used by wise women and apothecaries across England and beyond. Growing in hedgerows it would have been as natural and commonplace in its use as nettle and dandelion.

The history of Cannabis & Hemp and its sad move to the ‘naughty step’ of indigenous plants to our land, is a fascinating one and one that I will write about more extensively soon!

Cannabis essential oil, has no THC in it (the bit that gets you high) I am using it in this massage purely for its healing qualities, it is also not the same as CBD oil which you can take internally and has powerful effects. If you are suffering with any serious medical condition, such as cancer or high anxiety and feel that THC or CBD oil would benefit you, please get in touch with me for more information.

The oil that I use in this massage is grown organically, as Cannabis has no need for any pesticides at all, in Norfolk UK from Norfolk Essential Oils  I also buy my Hemp Oil from the same growers as a base oil for this massage.

Cannabis Essential Oil has wonderful effects on the nervous system, it is very relaxing, sedative and is an anti-depressant.

Mugwort would have been used extensively in a similar way and luckily can still be found across the UK landscape, made into teas and tinctures with its magical, dreamy qualities.



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