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Give Vinyasa Flow Yoga in Dorset a try and experience all of its amazing benefits! Join classes where you will feel comfortable, welcome and nurtured.

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Find a sense of inner peace, serenity and calm with Holistic Therapy in Milton Abbas, Dorset. Discover a new, exciting path to health, vitality and wellbeing.

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You will love our retreats: we bring you a perfect balance of yoga, sound healing & meditation that will chill you and plant based meals that will inspire you.

A beautiful and uniquely inspired collection of yoga related items for the conscious consumer.

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Mellulah - Saira - Yoga teacher

Saira Francis is the founder of Mellulah Therapy & Retreats.

Her own journey with yoga, meditation, healing and therapies began many years ago and she now runs yoga retreats around Rural Dorset, teaches Vinyasa Flow classes and sees clients for Holistic Therapy.

I am blessed to be running Mellulah Therapy & Yoga Retreats, I don’t consider what I do to be a job, it is my passion and I love every day that I am working with yoga and therapies. In my own, sometimes complicated life, I found that yoga, retreats and using healing therapies have helped me transform my life in ways I could never have imagined.

I believe that yoga, meditation, therapies and taking time to retreat are a way to stay centred and balanced. This belief has led me to the spiritual path I am now on, which I like to share with you. It would be lovely to meet you and guide you to find peace during our retreats, workshops, yoga classes and also on the therapy couch.

Saira Francis