September Retreat Sunday Workshop

Accepting and Forgiving ourselves through Healing Meditation

Our next Stillness Retreat is coming up on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th September. Full details can be found on the Retreat Dates page of this website. Sunday Workshop with Saira at our next Stillness Retreat

On Sunday afternoon of the September Retreat, Saira will be running this workshop, it will be a gentle hour of guidance, mediation and relaxation for you to enjoy.

In times of sadness, stress or anger, we often find there is a deep inner voice of self-criticism, non-acceptance and lack of forgiveness towards ourselves. If we can connect with the deep wounds that create this voice, we can begin to unravel why we are so unaccepting of who we are and move towards a place of inner peace and unconditional loving kindness.

Sunday Workshop with Saira at MellulahDuring this workshop we will explore the ways in which we tend to criticise ourselves and how we can start to heal, coming closer to a deeper self-acceptance and for the life we have been given. Deeply surrendering to the flow of our life and where we find ourselves today, accepting that there is nothing wrong with us and we are not at fault for any past mistakes or current problems that may be causing us pain.

We will spend time talking, sharing and working with guided meditations and chants for deep healing within the heart and to lift the spirit. 

With Love Saira xxx

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