Our Covid Policy


Our Covid Policy

At Mellulah we understand that there are many different views about Covid and how we best move forwards with our lives during 2021 an onwards.

It is our priority to ensure that our guests, clients and yogis all enjoy their time with us and leave us feeling that their wellbeing has been enhanced and relaxation achieved.

Therefore, we try to create an environment where the world can be ‘left behind’ and we can enjoy our time in peace, harmony and calm.

Many Covid restrictions during the pandemic have taken us into deep fear and high stress, this includes wearing of masks, tracking, isolating, invasive testing,  (temperature checks and lateral flowPCR tests etc) as well as those people who have had to make difficult decisions about vaccines. All of this has been impossible to get a break from over the past 18 months, particularly for anyone who chooses to watch mainstream media and news.

At Mellulah we do not require any checks, testing, masks, hand sanitising or social distancing at any of our venues, events, classes or treatment sessions. Customers and guests can choose to wear a mask and hand sanitise at any time if they wish and Saira will gladly wear a face shield during a treatment session if you wish her to.

Numbers in yoga classes and on retreats remain lower than pre-covid to ensure more space for all and all areas are kept super clean.

We would like to ensure you all, that at no point in the future will be ever require testing or proof of vaccination status to gain entry to anything we offer. We will never use a venue that requires any of the above.

Your comfort and wellbeing is our priority, we will always put you first and do everything we can to make sure you enjoy your time with us and can relax fully. We hope that when you join us, you can appreciate the environment we are trying to create and the much needed ‘time out’ from the world.

Our policy is in no way meant to diminish any stress or suffering anyone has felt over the past 18 months, but is meant as a way to create a true and real sanctuary from the panic and hysteria caused by the media around Covid and to help us all stay grounded and rooted in Love and enjoy the healing rays of the Universe.

In Peace x

Saira’s personal blog on Our Covid Policy:

Since summer 2020 I have been struggling to fully embrace the way that this pandemic has been handled and have had serious doubts about whether lockdowns and experimental vaccines really were the best way to deal with it. Having followed many scientists and experts in the field of virology and immunology, epidemiology, pathology and those from the pharmaceutical industry who have now literally been cancelled, deleted, discredited and completely censored from view, I have moved into complete distrust of all we are being told.

Its been very hard if not impossible to have a different viewpoint towards the mainstream narrative around the events of the past 18 months, here in the Uk and around the world. Free thinking seems to be something from the past, that is no longer recognised as a possibility, we are no longer ‘allowed’ to think something other than what we are told to think?

I do not have space here to go into everything that has caused me concern, but here are the main points I feel its important to share here on my website. As yoga teacher and spiritual teacher, authenticity is my priority, to keep quiet at a time when I fear we are moving into extreme danger or losing our freedoms to corrupt leaders and billionaires, it would be wrong of me not to share these points here:

  • Censorship – here in the UK I could never have imagine that we would be censored as extremely as we are now. Most people have no idea just how bad this censorship is, how can you know what you are not being told, if it has been removed from your view. I can assure you, vital information from experts is being censored. I myself have a ‘warning’ on my social media accounts for sharing information about cures for the virus that are being suppressed.
  • When in history have the good guys censored anything? Can we learn from the past? Who censors? Surely in a fair society all views are respected, not cancelled, deleted and discredited?
  • Google/Youtube etc are no longer fair places to find information, anything that does not fit the narrative is deleted and replaced with negative reporting, to find out the truth its important to dig deeper and find trusted sources of information. The BBC is no longer a valid or trusted source of impartial information.
  • I was part of a Facebook group called Stand In The Park with over 40K members, it was a freedom group of people who meet every Sunday in parks all over the UK at 10am each week, it was deleted, why?
  • Suppression of cures for Covid – is it possible to believe that simple, cheap medications that have been used for decades by billions all over the world, were found in 2020 to literally cure covid and are now being suppressed in the West and given no media attention at all, despite the fact that people can recover quickly with their use and they can be used as a preventative to stop transmission.
  • Why are cures for Covid being suppressed? Why are expensive, experimental drugs/vaccines being used when cheap, tried and tested medications are available? Why was I censored on Facebook for sharing credible information about such drugs?
  • Please research Tess Lawrie and Pierre Kory yourself to find out more.
  • Vaccine adverse effects – the WHO register of Vaccine Adverse Side Effects now has 1.5 million cases of serious side effects from around the globe, and 7,000 deaths! Is this being reported on MSM(mainstream media) Individual countries with their own VAERS (vaccine adverse effects registers) report much higher. US over 4,000, Europe over 8,000 and increasing all the time.
  • Did you know that only 1-10% of adverse effects and deaths are ever reported to VAERS because the majority of people do not know about the Yellow Card Reporting System?
  • There have been more adverse cases and deaths reported to VAERS in the US in 2021 than in the entire 15 years previously, since the register was first created, thats for all other vaccines available.
  • When the Swine Flu vaccine killed 50 people it was pulled, so why are we allowing thousands to die from this jab and continuing without discussion? And we are now planning to give this to children?
  • Protests – there are currently mass protests happening in Europe against the introduction of Vaccine passports that stop people from having access to transport, groceries, medical support etc, why is nothing being shown on MSM here in the Uk? London has seen mass protests of over a million marching against Vaccine passports and discrimination, here on our doorstep but nothing on the BBC, why?

To find out more about all that we are not being told, first try a TV detox and start tuning into the Divine energies for guidance. Then get in touch and perhaps join my Telegram group chat where many are sharing their ideas, views posts, videos and thoughts on all that we are not allowed to share in public and on social media anymore.

If you are struggling to deal with the way the world is going and finding it isolating to feel something is wrong but have no one to share with, please join the Telegram chat or get it in touch with me personally so I can support you and direct you to local groups of like minded souls in your area.





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