November Daily Peace Meditation

Peace Meditation Join us for Peace Meditation during the whole of November 2016. We will be meditating each morning from 6-7am, you can join from anywhere in the world! A special month of synching hearts and souls, sharing love and peace ♥
Contact us for more details or let us know you are going to join in to create Pure Heart Coherence across Dorset, the UK and beyond!

Really looking forward to starting our dawn Peace Meditation this month. We thought it would be lovely if we were are practicing the same meditation, so have chosen The Blessing of the Centres by Dr Joe Dispenza. I’ve been doing this regularly since attending his workshop in London last week and its very powerful and transformative. Here is the link to the download for the guided mediation and you can also listen to his intro which offers guidance on how to use the meditation. Click on the link below to access the download.

Let us know how you get on and enjoy!

Please share with your friends xx

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