Manifesting Through Mindfulness

Yoga Retreat Day Afternoon Workshop with Saira Francis

Saturday 12th July 10 – 4 pm £40

Manifesting through Mindfulness with Saira Francis

Manifesting through Mindfulness?

How can we manifest and create positivity in our lives, how can we attract love, happiness, joy and abundance? Our mind, our thoughts and our actions form the day to day life that we lead, the relationships that we surround ourselves with, the work that we do and our connection to universal abundance. By thinking positively, using mindfulness, by re-training our thoughts and our minds to concentrate on the good things rather than the bad, positive instead of negative, we notice how the world around us starts to change. Subtle changes that bring us closer to our truth, to our destined pathway and closer to a happier, more joyful and loved filled existence.

Stress, anxiety, being too busy and never having a minute to stop and centre ourselves, feel grounded and connected to the present moment, can cause us to have little or no awareness of the thoughts we are having. By never checking in with our minds, with the well trodden pathways of negative thinking, repetitive patterns of worry and problem solving that the mind loves to distract us with day in, day out, we can lose sight of our truth and the path to wholeness and happiness that we might wish to create in our lives is lost.

Becoming mindful, having mindfulness, awareness of ourselves and our thinking, using meditation and coming home to our hearts, listening to our own inner guidance and wisdom can change all of this over time. By connecting once again, we can take stock of the way our mind is roaming and bring it gently and softly back to a more positive and optimistic way of being, moving out of ingrained negativity towards a new, fresh, enlivened road in which we are in charge, we control our destiny and slowly we begin to see the magic of manifesting our positive future through mindfulness.

During this workshop we will look at the areas of our lives that have become lost to negativity and harmful thinking, we will address some of the reasons for this through meditation exercises and begin to re-set old, outdated modes of thought into exciting, new ones. We will learn how manifesting through positive thinking can create beauty in our lives with very simple techniques and meditations that anyone can use, anywhere, anytime.

To book your place on this yoga day and take part in this workshop please call 01258 880505 or see our contact page to reserve your place.


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