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I wanted to give you an opportunity to join my Membership Video Channel with full access to all the videos 24/7/365 for just £12 a month! The cost is usually £15.99 month! 

Get a 2 week FREE TRIAL to see if you like the channel! No obligation to pay after 2 weeks, just cancel! 

This offer is exclusive to you, it is only open to very few previous members and retreat guests. I hope that £12 is tempting and might encourage you to do a little bit of online yoga now and then, as well as any real life classes you are attending with me or your own local teacher.

This web page is not available to the public and you have received an exclusive link that no one else can see!! Kind of secret!!!

If you would like to sign up for this exclusive offer, please go ahead and use the PayPal app below. You will be charged £12 a month via Paypal and you will to get any password changes and Membership newsletters sent to you unless you decide to cancel. Cancel anytime!

I hope you decide to join the channel! Once you are set up you will receive log in info in an email with a few hours.

Don’t do Paypal? Just set up a Standing Order for £12 a month to Mellulah 82611963 51-81-01 to receive log in info by email today!

Sending huge love and gratitude, Saira XXX

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