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 Facebook Lives – Online Angelic Light Distant Healing Meditations during lockdown#2

As we go back into Lockdown in the Uk and around the world, I wanted to offer something to help us through. Online healing is a lovely way to share and offer you support.

Throughout the week at 7pm! 20-30 mins each session.
7pm Tuesday
7pm Wednesday
7pm Friday
7pm Saturday
7pm Sunday


Its been beautiful to share Angelic Light Distant Healing Meditations with you here on Facebook regularly over the past 8 months and during lockdown I plan to offer Healing Meditations every day.

I will send healing and it will be received by you wherever you are, the session will be available to watch anytime and the healing intention will reach you whenever you watch.

Feel free to join my Healing Group the Angelic Light Daily Distant Healing group, your name is then added to my healing list. But joining me for these healing meditations will mean the healing will reach you.

Feel free to get in touch to request specific healing or to ask for it to reach friends and family.

The meditation will involve a short relaxation and pranayama breath work and then you can sit or lie and receive the healing vibes. I will also sometimes play my Crystal Singing bowls too.

Please make sure you like and follow my Mellulah Therapy & Yoga Retreats page to be notified when I go live each day

I hope you enjoy, please share with friends xxx


How to find me Live on Facebook!

Finding me on a desktop:

Make sure you like my Facebook.com/mellulahyoga page on Facebook see links above
Log into Facebook about 4.55pm, if you are connected to my Mellulah page you should get notified that I am going Live.Check the notifications bar
If you don’t get notified go to the navigation bar down the left hand side of your screen and click WATCH
If you still don’t see me broadcasting, use the search bar at the top left and search MELLULAH
It should then show you the Live broadcast from 5pm exactly!

Finding me on a mobile device:

Log into the Facebook app at 4.55pm
If you are already connected to my Facebook.com/mellulahyoga page you should get notified that I am going live, check the notifications bar, if not-
At the bottom of the app screen tap the bottom right 3 bars icon
Scroll down and click VIDEOS ON WATCH
Top left click LIVE
I should be there if it is 7pm exactly, if not-
Top right click the SEARCH icon and type MELLULAH

Hope to see you there!
Once I’m live I can’t help with any tech sorry but I hope these instructions will help you – also try this link:


online healing

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