Coranavirus Update


All classes are continuing until/if we have to close.

Here is what I/we can all do to continue practising yoga during these difficult times:

ASAP I will be offering online live streamed classes via ZOOM. You might wish to download the APP and become familiar with ZOOM in ready-ness for these classes being available within the next few days. Classes will be pay per view and you can use your existing credits to book or buy a one off option  to watch these classes, once paid for you will be sent a password to access the live class from your home! Yay! (teenagers are great at this stuff if you are not tech-savvy, I cannot offer tech support during a live class so best to get this sorted sooner rather than later) xx

In the meantime watch my free youtube videos here if you can’t make a class.

Here is what we will be doing at Mellulah:

  • Please do not come to yoga, a retreat or for a therapy if you are ill. No one wants to catch your bug especially now. You can cancel yoga up to 12 hours before the class, a therapy 24 hours before, a day retreat 7 days or a residential 6 weeks before the date and you will get full refunds. After these times I’m afraid we can’t refund unless we fill your space (please don’t ask xx) See our Ts&Cs 
  • All classes will now run on reduced class capacity to give you space so you are not too close to each other, book early to avoid disappointment, Milborne classes will now be full at 13 rather than 17 etc.
  • If you need to cancel long term due to a consequence of this situation (you are high risk, you have elderly relatives, you are isolating etc) please contact me for an extension to your credits. I can extend them to a ‘no-time-limit’ pack for which I ask for a top up, as if you paid for drop ins, £20 for a 10 pack, £5 for a 5 pack, this extra time will help you to not lose your credits and the top up payment will help me to stay afloat. If you do not have the financial means to make the top up payment please let me know and I will support you with that.
  • Do not come to any class/appointment or event if you have been to one of the high risk areas around the globe but stay home until your 14 day self isolation is over, or one of the moderate areas if you have any, even very mild, symptoms for the full 14 days
  • When coming into a class etc, please immediately wash your hands.
  • I will no longer be handing out eye bags or blankets so please bring your own or buy one of ours here 
  • Please buy your own mat to use in classes and on retreats, if you wish I can loan you one of my mats with a £10 cash deposit that will be refunded on return of the mat when this is over, clean and washed thank you.
  • I will no longer be giving hands on adjustments during classes and on retreats.
  • Read Government Guidelines if you are unsure about any of the above
  • I really appreciate you continuing to join yoga classes and support me as a very small local business, but also appreciate all of our health and wellbeing is more important than the economic crash this is causing for many of us xxxx

Most importantly, relax, take your immune system supporting supplements, loads of Vitamin C etc and stay chilled as stress is the number one factor for all of us, in reducing our ability to fight lurgies.