Changes at Mellulah Retreats

 I know a lot of our past guests will be disappointed to hear I will no longer be running residential retreats here at Luccombe Farm, but a new energy is coming in for me, which means I feel I can work better without the planning and organisation that the retreats entail.

I long to spend time building lovely yoga sessions, guided meditation and workshops and the retreats just don’t give me that space at the moment, I feel I can give more love and light without all of the more practical administration that goes on before and during our weekends.

Also when I started them 3 1/2 yrs ago I had a lot of free time whilst my children where away with my ex-husband, but this doesn’t happen anymore, I’m a full time single Mum and I am adjusting to this change in space, time and energy.

Its not a sad change, its a healthy, exciting new change and I hope to have an awful lot more to give on the retreat days than I have had on the weekends, my desire is to give, to share and to nurture those that come here and by changing the format of the retreats I hope to have more love and light to pass on.

Most of the retreat days will run Saturday and Sundays, so you can still book in to stay here at Luccombe via or we can help you find a local B&B.

I will be updating the website this week with new dates and schedules for the next 6 months.

With much love and many blessings, Saira xx

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