Centring, Opening & Cleansing the Heart

Stillness Yoga Weekend Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th November £100.

Sunday Afternoon Workshop with Saira

Centring, Opening and Cleansing the Heart

The heart chakra is an energy centre, the most powerful of all the seven chakras, when we are closed in the heart, we arePebble heart at Mellulah cutting ourselves off from the rich and everlasting peace, love and harmony that emanates from the universe.

We will begin this workshop by centring ourselves, we do this by becoming connected, both within and without, connecting with our consciousness, our core, inner selves and with our bodies, the space around us, the Earth beneath, grounded and fully present.

Once in a present moment state we can move past the ego and the shadow part of ourselves that veils the true light in our hearts. We can isolate the inner voices that come from our shadow side and ask them to quieten while we listen more deeply to the truth. We can learn so much from listening to our shadow voice, we can comfort and nourish our inner child, from whom our shadow descends and begin to release the strong hold that this childish, often fearful, disconnected part of us has on our consciousness, our hearts and our minds.

Often at this point in the journey into the heart, we find pain. But it is here that we stay present and connected, allowing the pain to rise up, to feel the heartbreaks of the past, the suffering of the child and the longing that is a part of being a human, the longing to end the feeling of separateness and to know the wholeness of being one with everything. The Sanskrit word for all of the pain we hold inside from past experiences is ‘Samskara’. These are impressions left on the heart from past events that cause blockages, this happens when we suppress pain and these Samskaras can build up during this life and past lives, the only way to release them is to face them, allow them through and let them go. Closing to the pain simply causes us to lock ourselves away, cut off and withdrawn. We will work with meditation exercises and yoga to help to begin to release through the heart, however difficult this might be, it is the way to freedom and peace.

Finally we will cleanse the heart, bringing in light and joy with chants, meditations and pranayama breathing exercises to bring a softness, a gentleness. Forgiveness, gratitude and compassion, these are the ways to move through suffering and pain in the heart chakra, these are the ways to bring healing and to stay fully connected with our truth and to cleanse and release, so we are free to move peacefully on with our souls journey.

For more information see the Retreat Schedule or to book please call Saira on 01258 880505 / email wellbeing@mellulah.co.uk .

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