New Aromatic Blends

Our range of Aromatic Aura Sprays have been really popular with our clients and retreat guests and we have now updated the range to include 5 beautiful aromatherapy blends for you to use on yourself, around the house or anyway you like!

Mellulah Aromatic Products - Aromatic Aura Spray

Prana Flow is an energizing blend of oils including May Chang and citrus oils to give you an energy boost just when you need it.

Sensual Balance is perfect for couples or for anyone who wants to open their heart to love, with Sandalwood oil, a classic essential oil that reaches deep in to our heart chakra and helps open to giving and receiving love.

Chill Out, does just that! Calming Petitgrain oil is blended to give you a sense of peace and serenity, just spray and feel the stress easing away in no time.

Space Cleanse is a blend designed to de-toxify your aura and help to banish negative vibes. Use it in your home whenever you feel a need for a little extra positivity, on yourself to clear your energy at work or keep it in the car for those stressy school runs!

Sacred Flame is an exotic blend with Cinnamon oil, lovely and comforting, instilling a deep sense of warmth, security and love, use it indulgently.

All our Aromatic Aura Sprays are available direct to Mellulah clients and guests at £8 each.
» See our Holistic Therapy page for more details.

Autumn Reiki Dates

We have 2 new dates booked for Autumn Reiki Workshops in November.

Reiki Level I on Saturday 16th November and Reiki Level II on Saturday 30th November. Both workshops will be held at Mellulah, Luccombe Farm, Milton Abbas and will run from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm. The maximum group size is 4 people so can be sure to gain as much from the day as possible and receive Saira’s personal attention as you work through the attunements.

The cost for Level I is £135 and Level II is £170.

We also have a Level II course running on Saturday 7th September with places still available.





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