Begin Your Journey with a Reiki Healing Workshop in Dorset

Reiki Healing Workshop in Dorset

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I am so excited to be back to teaching Reiki Healing Workshops in Dorset after a long 5 year break! I stopped teaching back in 2015 as I just felt so busy running retreats that I didn’t feel I had the energy to offer enough to the Reiki teaching. One of my students who trained with me then, asked me about a year ago if I would teach her the next level Reiki II, I said absolutely no! “I’m too busy and its been too long, I just can’t fit it in anywhere” I said, over and over again. But Jessie wore me down and flattered me with lovely compliments until I said ok just this once!

We booked a date in for January 2020 and I said a prayer to the universe. “If I am meant to start teaching again, then send me the students and I promise I will take it seriously and begin to share the healing energy whole heartedly once more”, of course what happened?! January was full with the maximum I would teach at the moment, 4 lovely students very keen to take their Reiki journeys further. Since then I have been adding in and filling up dates over the coming months.

So that is the story of how I am back to teaching, I surrender to whatever I am meant to be offering others, in full and humble service to the healing Light and wherever it takes me, always listening to guidance and trusting that I am being shown where and how I can serve best.

Enough about me!

Reiki Healing Workshops in Dorset

I would love to share the wonder and excitement of finding Reiki Healing and bringing it into your life, with you. I would also be honoured if you chose to begin or extend your Reiki journey with me. I offer Reiki Healing workshops  in Dorset, in just one full day, its a long day with lots to pack in but its works for anyone who like me, hasn’t got a lot of time and as all courses are on Wednesdays it works well for those of you who need to keep your weekends preciously free.

All Reiki Healing Workshops in Dorset are based at my home in Milton Abbas DT11 0BE for a very limited number of students.

Reiki Healing Workshops in Dorset


All workshops take place at my home West Luccombe Cottage, DT11 0BE in Milton Abbas. We are blessed to live in a very tranquil and beautiful spot away from traffic and noise. I do have cats and a small dog so please let me know in advance if either are a problem for you (if you have allergies etc)

We will spend the day together in my home, cosy and comfortable. Bring a packed lunch and I will provide vegan cakes and lots of tea! Wear comfortable clothes and be prepared to switch off the phone and only check it at lunchtime if possible. The day is very busy but also fun and relaxed, be prepared to possibly over run a few minutes and try to ensure that you have nothing much to do that evening, if possible the next day too! Its normal to feel tired after a Reiki workshop as you assimilate all the lovely energy so try to plan as best you can, as a Mum of 3 I know how hard this can be though!

Reiki Healing Workshops in Dorset


How to book!

Wonderful, you’ve decided to book a Reiki Course with me, amazing!! So now you just need to confirm your space and place a deposit to be sure of your spot. I am more than happy to accept payment in whichever form suits you best, cash, debit or credit card or BACS. I ask for a 50% deposit to book and then the remainder can be paid on the day or whenever suits you best.

Book now by contacting me via email, text or telephone.

You can drop cash to my home address, I can send you a link for online card payments or you can BACS to Mellulah 82611963 51-81-01. If you prefer to pay in instalments that is fine, take all the time you need.

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