Beat the back to school blues offer!

If, like me, you are a parent of school children, by this time in September we are all pretty exhausted. If the summer holidays haven’t completely worn you out, then getting the children up and ready for school, back into the routine and over any emotional upsets about the end of summer, with all the pressures and worries that children often have, certainly takes its toll on Mums and Dads!

We thought it would be a great time to give you a special offer on a Aromatherapy treatment here at Mellulah. Come for a full treatment any time between now and the 10th October for just £30, usual price is £40 (please add £5 for first consultation appointments). Aromatherapy is a very balancing and harmonising therapy, you will unwind and de-stress after all your hard work of recent weeks, and you really do deserve it!

Being a working parent is extra hard in the summer with all the juggling of children and childcare. As a self employed, lone parent I found it hard to keep working and keep my three children happy and entertained, when all I really wanted to do was spend time with them, and I love my job! The summer holidays can bring on a lot of guilt for parents who wish they could spend time as a family rather than having to keep sending the children to clubs, friends or grandparents.  The aromatherapy oil Black Pepper is wonderful for those days when we feel exhausted and over burdened. It gives us a lift of energy and on an emotional level can feel like the big hug of moral support that we often need when we are tired and stressed. Mixed with Roman Chamomile it is perfect in a bath at the end of a long day or rubbed into the feet before bed for a little ‘do-it-yourself’ Aromatherapy treat.

Aromatherapy oils can also really help our children settle back in to the school routine. Lavender on a child’s pillow at night can help them settle if they are struggling to sleep at night, having nightmares or worrying about being back at school and away from the comfort of the nest at home. Vetiver is wonderful for a child with very intense emotional problems, again rub the oil into the feet with a carrier such as Sweet Almond or Calendula, last thing at night and before setting off to school to help calm an upset little one down. It works for all ages, my children are aged from 7 to 14 years old and I don’t know how I’d manage  without my box of Aromatherapy oils and bed time Reflexology to calm them down on the, frequent, evenings that one of them has something that is bothering them.

And never forget the wonderful Bach Flower Remedies that can work pure magic on us all! The famous Rescue Remedy is a must for all worn out parents and I often sneak a couple of drops into the children water bottles before school so they are sipping it throughout the day….try it and see the difference when they come out of school, the squabbling might even seem to have chilled out a little!

Enjoy being back to the routine and contact me on 01258 880505 if you would like to make the most of our Aromatherapy offer.





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