Autumn Equinox Live & Free Online Healing


Live & Free Light Healing Meditation
on Facebook
Autumn Equinox 22nd September 7pm

I will be going ‘live’ on the Mellulah Therapy and Yoga Retreats page Tuesday 22nd in the evening at 7.00pm GMT. Please like the page to be notified and reminded to join!

The Autumn Equinox in the Uk is at 14.30pm on the 22nd

This healing meditation will help you to assimilate the energy of moving into Autumn, a time to reflect, consider and harvest the seeds sown at Spring Equinox on the 20th March, just after lockdown began the UK.
So much as happened in the past 6 months, our lives have been turned upside down, we adapted, we grew, we evolved, we are learning and we are awakening together as one.
The journey from Equinox to Winter Solstice in December is one of moving into the Darkness, the shadow, time to go deeper i and do the inner work that is needed now.

What have you learnt the past 6 months?
Are you and others around waking up?
Does the world seem like a different place than before?
Are you feeling the need to heal and soothe?
Do you need to remember to stay in the Light, in the Love and full of Hope for our planet and all humanity?

Join me for this live healing, to work together to bring about a new world vision full of hope, peace and joy XX

This Live session will guide you into a deep healing meditation where I will send beautiful energy to you as well as guiding you into setting clear intentions for this powerful time, both individually and collectively we must work together to focus our awareness on Peace, Love, Light, Healing, Equality, Justice & Transformation. The time has come for us all to work in bringing about this Great Change.
Bring Yourself, your Light, your Spirit, your Presence and your Heart

I will also play you my Crystal Singing Bowl and lull you into rest to finish xx

I send healing daily to everyone in the private FB group
Mellulah Angelic Light Daily Distant Healing Group
Please join the group if you’d like to.

I’d love you to join this Live session and sit with me if you can, the session will be available to watch anytime afterwards too.
Love Saira xx


How to find me Live on Facebook!

Finding me on a desktop:

Make sure you like my page on Facebook see links above
Log into Facebook about 6.55pm, if you are connected to my Mellulah page you should get notified that I am going Live.Check the notifications bar
If you don’t get notified go to the navigation bar down the left hand side of your screen and click WATCH
If you still don’t see me broadcasting, use the search bar at the top left and search MELLULAH
It should then show you the Live broadcast from 7pm exactly!

Finding me on a mobile device:

Log into the Facebook app at 6.55pm
If you are already connected to my page you should get notified that I am going live, check the notifications bar, if not-
At the bottom of the app screen tap the bottom right 3 bars icon
Scroll down and click VIDEOS ON WATCH
Top left click LIVE
I should be there if it is 7pm exactly, if not-
Top right click the SEARCH icon and type MELLULAH

Hope to see you there!
Once I’m live I can’t help with any tech sorry but I hope these instructions will help you – also try this link:


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