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You can enjoy yoga with me anytime, anywhere by subscribing to my Unlimited Yoga Video Online Portal!

From just £22 a month you get nearly 100 Yoga Videos from 10-90 minutes for all abilities to watch when it works best for you.

And if you prefer to have a scheduled class booked in so you don’t find an excuse to skip it!! For £39 a month you can have UNLIMITED LIVE STREAMS with me via Zoom each month PLUS all the Videos on the Portal too.

There will never be a reason to miss getting on your yoga mat, ever again!

Grab your mat whenever you feel you need a good stretch, to calm down if you have had a hard day or to build up your strength if you’re feeling you want to get fit. Whether you are feeling the need for a physical boost, a emotional release, or a spiritual connection, my yoga style of teaching has something for each!




Get a 3 DAY FREE TRIAL to scroll through and check up some of the videos to ensure you like my teaching style and that Vinyasa Flow Yoga is for you. I add 2-4 new videos each week so you will never run out of practices to try!

The Portal is password protected, sign up via Paypal or with a monthly standing order to receive a password and get started straight away.



A list of all the yoga videos currently on the portal – all yours if you sign up today!

Shorter Exclusive Videos:

Beginners Videos
Yoga to help symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis
Yoga for the Rainy Day Blues!
Yoga For Back Pain
Yoga for the Menopause
Ease it all out – stretch and flow
Shake out the Fight or Flight
Zazen Meditation
Yoga to feel Calm & Empowered
Help with Insomnia & Associated Back/Neck Problems
Manipura – Removing Excess Energy from the Solar Plexus Chakra
Anahata – Heart Healing
Embracing Your Wobble!
Slo-Flo Sun Salutations
Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep) Guided Meditation

Mixed Ability Videos
Yoga for Deep Wound Healing and Worry
Power Up Yoga Burn!
25 Day Vinyasa Challenge!
Gratitude Flow on a Beautiful Sunny Day
Manipura – Removing Excess Energy from the
Solar Plexus Chakra II
Fast Fire Up
Muladhara Chakra – Grounding into our root
Morning Get Up and Go Flow

High Quality Full Length Yoga Practices for All  Abilities:

Up the Tempo!
Healing Yoga Flow
Yoga for Digital Overwhelm!
Somatic Movement for Conscious Release
Letting Go Deeply Inside and Out
Freeing ourselves by removing stress and
all its limitations
Vin & Yin Six
Full Spectrum Yoga Flow
Vin & Yin Five
Teaching ourselves to ‘Self-Soothe’
Body Connection Flow

Live Replays from Saira’s weekly Zoom classes

Beginners Level Classes

Yoga for Heart Healing
Chandra Namaskar/Mandala Flow
Yoga for Loneliness
Somatic Movement for Conscious Release
Thursday night Beginners Live Recording 18/9
Ease back in…
Full Spectrum Flow (gentler version)
New Moon Yoga Flow
VIN & YIN Four
Feeling gratitude & honouring our bodies! Appreciating our health & wellbeing
VIN & YIN Three
Vin & Yin Two!
Vin & Yin One!
Surrender & Gratitude Flow
Slow, Stretch & Release
Strengthening Flow
Soothing Flow to Ease & Release
Co-creating with the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon
Morning Wake Up & Go
Vinyasa & Mindful Meditation
Mental Wellbeing is as vital as Physical Wellbeing
Energise & Balance Out
Get your Prana Juice Flowing I
Vinyasa Flow with Restorative Yin
Vin & Yin – Yoga & Restorative Yoga
Yoga for Immune Strength

Mixed Level Classes

Stronger Yoga Flow!
Chandra Namaskar/Mandala Flow Intermediate
Cultivating an Energy of Kindness
Friday morning Mixed Ability 19/9
Ease back in…..with a bit more Oomph!
Seated Ashtanga Focus
Should you let go in those shoulders?!
Getting Deeper into those Hips & Thighs!
Modified Ashtanga & Yin
A Bit of a Burn Up!
Soulful Vinyasa Flow
Deep Hatha Flow
Get your Prana Juice Flowing II
The Practice of Gratitude
Fuelling the Fire Deep Core Practice
Moon Salutations/Chandra Namaskar
Dynamic Yoga Flow

The Forward Bend Series
The Balance & Wobble Series
The Arm Support Series
The Twist & Detox Series
The Hip Opener Series
The Back Bend Series





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